Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Periosteum left

Cerebral cortex = New Brain = Outer Germ Layer = Ectoderm

Hamer compass
Periosteum left – Diagnostic Chart


  • Brutal separation conflict is triggered by the pain one has inflicted on another.
  • Brutal separation conflict is caused by pain that one has suffered oneself on the periosteum.

  • for the right-handed person concerning mother or child
  • for the left-handed person concerning partner


Hamer Focus:

HH parieto-occipital right, crossed from brain to organ: postsensory cortex center.

Aktive phase:

Numbness affects the part of the periosteum used to inflict pain on another or where the pain had been inflicted (associatively) on the victim. In bone healing edema with periosteal distension pain (DHS), local sensitivity paralysis may result. In periosteal involvement, so-called cold feet: periosteum responsible for trophic innervation of vessels in cooperation with the limiting cord of the sympaticus.


Strong hyperesthesia, flowing pain, which gave the disease “rheumatism” (has nothing to do with this) its name (rheumatism = greek: flowing). Severe, flowing pain at the periosteum – without or with only very slight swelling – because the former squamous tissue is missing. ATTENTION: Amplification of the so-called rheumatic pains by the syndrome. (see gout)



Biological Sense:

To feel less the punch against the bone.


Periosteal paralysis, sensory paralysis in the skeleton’s left side = phantom squamous ulcers in the developmentally formerly squamous coating of the periosteum.

Note by H. Pilhar

This diagnostic chart is from the year 2006. The periosteum belongs to the pharyngeal-mucosal scheme, is painful in the active phase, and numb in the healing phase. The biological sense is the active phase, severely impaired short-term memory. Rheumatism is conflict active.
Chart Cerebral Cortex-Ectoderm

Right brain side



Functional Failure

Left brain side



Functional Failure