5th Biological Natural Law

The 5th biological law of nature describes the biological sense of every special program. Mother nature makes nothing evil, but only sensible!

The law of understanding each so-called disease as a part of a (developmentally understandable) Sensible Biological Special Program of Nature.

When I discovered the “iron rule of cancer” and the two-phase nature of the disease in 1981, I submitted it as a habilitation to the University of Tübingen in October 1981. I thought I had discovered the interrelationships of cancer.
Two years later, in further research, I noticed that carcinoma diseases and all other diseases obviously proceed according to these two biological laws.
In 1987, based on embryology and behavioral research, I found the third and fourth biological regularities. To my surprise, I found that all diseases of the whole medicine can be explained according to these four biological regularities. They can be reproduced in every single case. Through this biological view, I reached, almost by necessity, a breathtaking consequence:
When I looked at the individual germ layers’ diseases separately, I found that there was obviously a biological sense. I realized that the so-called diseases are not foolish mistakes of nature, which must be fought, but each disease is a sensible event. I was literally forced to ask for each one: How did this “disease” develop? What biological sense does it have?
It turned out for me that we can understand the biological sense of many diseases only from embryology. It further emerged that we must include the biological-social context in this biological understanding of the sense. Finally, the question arose for me whether our previous understanding of diseases’ nature with the concept of “disease” per se was not wrong. Because we just were not aware of the biological sense of “diseases.”
I succeeded in proving that the biological sense of the so-called diseases depends on the germ layer. This is tremendously important and even one of the central pillars for understanding the whole Germanischen Heilkunde® (former German New Medicine). This resulted in me in an entirely new nosological understanding of the former concept of disease. For this reason, we must actually no longer speak of disease in the former sense but of a sensible special program of nature. The beginning of this special program, the DHS, is already a sensible process to switch on this Sensible Biological Special Program (SBS).
Since we understand the supposed “diseases” no more as “malignancies,” mishaps of nature or punishment of God. But as parts or single phase of our Sensible Special Biological Programs of nature, the biological sense contained in each SBS naturally comes to decisive importance. Thus, the SBS has a sensible biological purpose: something sensible or sensible biologically necessary is to be achieved with the SBS. However, as we have seen (schematic), the biological purpose is at one time in the conflict-active phase and at another time in the conflict-resolved phase. Here Mother Nature has simply taken the liberty of realizing both, but quite correctly, in different germ layer groups. Although the old-brain-controlled organs and the cerebral-cortex-controlled organs are otherwise diametrically opposed in their behavior:
The old-brain-controlled organs do cell proliferation in the ca-phase, the cerebral cortex-controlled organs make cell loss in the ca-phase. But regarding their biological sense, we must not forget that Mother Nature (see fungi and mycobacteria) already has the pcl-phase in mind from the DHS on. The mycobacteria (TBC) multiply from the DHS on. Still, they only come into action with the conflictolysis, i.e., accordingly, only as many mycobacteria are “reproduced” as are necessary later to clear the tumor.
If a morsel, which was devoured too greedily so that the competitor should not get it, is stuck in the intestine because it is too large, the individual suffers colic. With this colic, which in this case is the DHS, a Sensible Biological Special Program now switches on, i.e., a colon cancer now grows proximally, i.e., upwards or mouthward. This means rapid cell proliferation
(conventional medicine: strongly mitotically growing, highly malignant)! Simultaneously, mycobacteria multiply just as rapidly (if the individual had at least one of a kind in stock). The biological sense is: that intestinal cancer consists of millions of particularly strong digestive juice-producing “disposable” cells for one-time use. Liter after liter of digestive juice is produced. With it, the too-large morsel is digested, reduced in size, and eventually, it is small enough and slips through. This is conflictolysis.
From this moment on, the mycobacteria work, controlled by the brain, and know themselves from many millions of years of experience. Which (disposable) cells are allowed to break down in a caseative manner and which not – and clear away exclusively the disposable cells, i.e., the tumor again. The whole thing happens under intense typical night sweats towards morning and high, later subfebrile (slight) temperature. Thus, only the newly formed cells are degraded by cassation, leaving behind a scar plate later on.
The patient must now learn to understand how to transfer this. With us, this “ugly indigestible conflict” is usually no longer a food morsel because of the “indigestible morsel” but an “indigestible morsel in the figurative sense.” A car, a house, an inheritance, a burst business, or a lost lawsuit. But we react biologically-“archaically.” Still in such a way as if it were still the indigestible food morsel. This had made us the “ugly indigestible conflict.”
Comparable happens in the female breast: (biological sense: in the ca-phase).
Suppose a right-handed woman suffers a mother/child conflict. In that case, an adenoid mammary gland cancer grows in her left breast, i.e., the mammary gland tissue multiplies. The biological purpose is clearly to help the infant, who is now going through a developmental disorder, e.g., due to an accident, by giving him more breast milk. In this way, the mother’s organism tries to compensate for the damage that has occurred. Thus, the so-called mammary gland tumor grows as long as the conflict continues. In other words: milk reproduction continues.
Only when the infant is completely well again is the conflict resolved, i.e., the mammary gland growth stops. What remains later is a cavern. This can be either a total cavity, more or less filled with fluid, or a kind of thinned-out area, like a sponge or a Swiss cheese. In either case, the breast pretty much returns to the appearance it had before. It is also fully intact functionally in terms of current and future breastfeeding ability. Of course, these processes usually occur outside of the breastfeeding period for women in so-called civilized countries.
Suppose a woman in civilization gets a mother/child conflict while she is no longer breastfeeding. In that case, such a mammary gland tumor grows and imitates the purpose of wanting to give more milk to the infant, which is present as a child but mostly no longer as an infant.
Differently from the water and liquid conflict (cerebrum mesoderm), we see in the conflict-active phase necrosis in the kidney tissue. At the same time, the blood pressure is always increased, which, however, has the sense to compensate functionally for the hole in the kidney tissue formed by the necrosis so that sufficient urine and urea can be excreted. In the pcl phase, a protrusion filled with fluid forms from the necrosis of the kidney. This is what we call a renal cyst. Inside the cyst, a robust cell proliferation now takes place. At the end of which, 9 months later, a concrete cell tissue is built with its own blood vessel system instead of the fluid. During this time, the cyst has “grown” all over the surrounding area. Still, later, when it has indurated (become solid), it detaches by itself. Here the biological sense is in the pcl-phase, i.e., with a permanent enlargement, both parenchymatous and functional at the end of the healing phase. We can’t quite understand why Mother Nature handles it this way here. It is possible that a real parenchymatous and functional organ enlargement grows, which is supposed to be permanent. It is not possible “in a hurry,” as is the case with the rapid mitosis of the “disposable cells,” because it does not really matter anyway. After all, these cells are only planned for a short time and will be degraded afterward anyway.
In the case of cerebral cortex-controlled carcinomas, the biological sense is again in the ca-phase. Still, in contrast to the cell proliferation in the old-brain-controlled organs, here, just the opposite is achieved, namely by cell depletion of the squamous mucosa, which is then rebuilt in the healing phase.
But since nobody knew anything until now, the restitutions or the refilling of the necroses and ulcers in the pcl-phase were also called cancer or sarcoma because of cell proliferation (mitoses). Large cells and large nuclei also take place in the process – but for the purpose of healing. Now we can also understand why we could never understand the development of cancer. As long as we have not understood these connections and, above all, the development-historical mechanism of origin of our biological conflict programs. La medicina sagrada (as the Spanish say) has turned everything upside down. Nothing is real anymore except the facts.
But not only every sensible biological special program has its biological sense. Also, the combination of such SBS in the sense of a schizophrenic constellation has, in turn, an exceptional biological sense, quasi a “super sense.” This does not mean anything transcendental, ideological, or spiritual. The fact that Mother Nature obviously has the possibility, or has practiced, to open up new dimensions in seemingly hopeless situations (e.g., psychoses). With this, the individual still has a chance to master this difficult situation again. Here, too, Germanische Heilkunde® opens up new dimensions of reasonable therapeutic care.
With the 5th Law of Nature, Germanische Heilkunde® has finally become complete. It is the quintessence of the Quinta Esencia. We humans can now, in all humility, see and even understand for the first time, that not only is the whole of nature in the best of order but that every single process in nature is sensible, even within the framework of the whole. The processes we had called “diseases” until now were not senseless disturbances that had to be repaired by sorcerers’ apprentices. But we see full of astonishment that all this was nothing senseless, malicious, or pathological at all.