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Dirk Hamer – eldest son of Dr. Hamer


Dirk Hamer’s hobby was painting. As his father reported, his son was also very caring about animals.

Dirk Hamer was sleeping in a boat when he was hit by a rifle bullet of a mad running prince (Savoyen, Italy) on Aug.18th, 1978. After agonizing months, multiple surgeries, and amputation of one leg, Dirk died in his father’s arms on Dec.7th, 1978. Dr. Hamer declared that this was his most challenging day! As a result, he fell ill with testicular cancer and discovered Germanische Heilkunde.

  • Through Dirk Hamer’s death, Germanische Heilkunde was discovered!
  • Through Olivia Pilhar, Germanische Heilkunde became known worldwide!

It is the children who convict this Deep State!

The Birth of a New Medicine:

The discovery of Germanische Heilkunde® began for Doctor Hamer with a terrible loss-conflict for his 19-year-old son Dirk in 1978, who was fatally killed with a rifle shot by an Italian king’s son who had gone mad.
A short time later, Dr. Hamer fell ill with testicular cancer.
As an internist, he was immediately convinced that his cancer must have been related to the horrible death of his beloved son. This was the birth of Germanische Heilkunde® (Germanic New Medicine).
In 1981, he submitted his discovery in a postdoctoral thesis to the University of Tübingen. However, the initial enthusiasm of the university professors to finally have a logical explanation of cancer formation in front of them quickly turned into a strangely narrow-minded rejection.
Until today, they refuse a correct scientific verification on the next best case. In their breach of law, this University of Tübingen is supported by the mainstream media, ruling politics, and judiciary.
The Deep State has intervened in this matter from the beginning.
As tragic as the discovery of Germanische Heilkunde® started, as tragic is the dispute about the legal application of this wonderful discovery for many cancer patients until today. To date, it is not officially recognized and cannot be legally practiced. Therapists are forbidden to help patients with this discovery.

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