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of Germanische Heilkunde®

50% Commission for new customers

Help us to make Germanische Heilkunde better known and earn money with it at the same time! You will receive 50% of the net shopping cart value for each new customer generated through your affiliate link.

For each additional purchase of the new customer, you will receive a 25% commission for life!


Affiliate systems are based on the principle of brokerage commission. The technical basis is the affiliate link. Such an affiliate link contains a unique code that uniquely identifies the affiliate to the merchant. In simplified terms, the link with the affiliate code enables the merchant to recognize who sent the customer. The affiliate partner interfaces merchants and potential customers but does not have to buy any products himself or make any advance payments.

Advantages for our Affiliate-Partners

50% Commission for new customers

You promote the digital products in our store, and we pay you a 50% commission for each new customer generated through your affiliate link.

For example, if the customer buys the complete bundle of 13 Basics Seminar Video-Tutorials for 259.95US$, we will pay you 129.98US$ as a referral commission.

Get started right away – no costs for you!

When you register as an affiliate partner, you can start promoting our products immediately. There is no initial investment for you.

25% Commission for subsequent purchase

If a new customer you generate makes further purchases, you will receive a 25% commission on each purchase, based on the net shopping cart value. This applies to all subsequent purchases, without any time limit, i.e., for the entire customer lifetime journey.

Real-time statistics for full transparency

In your personal affiliate area, you will find all statistics about the traffic generated by you. Moreover, a lot of data about your sales and payouts will be displayed.

Marketing Material & Guidance

We provide you with all marketing material (banners, videos, images). You can then share them on your website or social media channels to draw visitors’ attention to our products.

Scalable online income

Make yourself independent by building a scalable income with our affiliate system. The more intensively you promote the links to our products on the Internet, the higher your monthly income will be.

Which products can be advertised?

We will pay you the commissions mentioned above if the customer was generated through your affiliate link for all the following products.
This applies to the following products:

Products Bundle (VOD, MP3 & PDF)
e-books (PDF)


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