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Dear Friends of Dr. Hamer!

I created these videos in order to give an easy understanding of Dr. Hamer’s legacy.

If possible, always study Dr. Hamer in the original.

I hope you achieve great success in your studies and ask that you share these videos with all your friends.

Thank you

John Holledauer

What Causes Baldness in Males?

What Causes Baldness in Males?

What causes baldness in males, and what can you do to regrow the hair? Most often, it is men who sometimes get suddenly bald, even at a very young age, but it can also affect

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How to Treat Neurodermatitis in Young Children

What distinguishes neurodermatitis in young children from neurodermatitis in adults? Neurodermatitis in young children works, of course, like neurodermatitis in adults. However, there is still some difference. In the adult, there are a lot of

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meaning pain

Meaning Pain in Germanische Heilkunde

Does pain mean the beginning of the end? This meaning Pain is not always a sign of the healing phase. In some special programs, pain is a symptom of the conflict-active phase. In Germanische Heilkunde,

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what causes Crohn's disease

What Causes Crohn’s Disease?

Knowing what causes Crohn’s disease. In Crohn’s disease, the small intestine is in what is called hanging healing of an indigestible anger conflict, with the aspect of starvation. Indigestible means either a morsel is stuck

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