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Germanische Heilkunde, Dr. Hamer and his Opponents

Video Blogs of GHk International Academy

Many are eagerly awaiting our GHK Academy Webinar, which we will launch on April 7th.
I will start the Webinar by reading some excerpts from Dr. Hamer’s book: “One against All.”
To understand Germanische Heilkunde, it is essential to know the man Ryke Geerd Hamer, his character, and his extraordinary genius.

Unfortunately, the content of this valuable book has never made its way into the English language. Otherwise, we would easily recognize who is playing on whose team. Who is loyal to Dr. Hamer, and who is playing a false game. And Dr. Hamer calls names in this book that you all know, even in the English language, and most have fallen for these gatekeepers of the Deep State.
But more relevant are the patterns the Deep State has constantly followed against Dr. Hamer and how deliberately fake and worthless versions of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries have been propagated.
The faces and the names are different in English, but the patterns are the same. Once you recognize the patterns, you recognize the game.
I learned something yesterday that not even I would have thought possible. That just blew my mind. That’s why I made this video for you. Make sure you watch it.

Helmut Pilhar und seine Übersetzer der Akademie
Übersetzung auf Deutsch
traducción al español

One against All – Dr. Hamer and his Opponents

Dear friends of Germanische Heilkunde!
Dear friends of Dr. Hamer!

Andi Locke Mears' written confession
Andi Locke Mears’ written confession

After Helmut Pilhar announced in a public telegram group that he would steal my English language homepage and my seminar tutorial to give them to Nick Capetanis. (see screenshots below)
I directly asked Andi Locke Mears about her involvement in the jointly planned and initiated theft of my property.
I expected her to try to talk her way out of it, but no. She wrote a fully contented confession to me on Telegram. (see the screenshot to the right)

She justified her criminal energy and theft planning by saying, she had to protect GHK from my poor English.
When she accuses me of poor English, she means I would not submit to the politically correct language diktat that all left-wing radicals, WOKEs, and LGBTQ+ supporters have submitted to.
Her life-denying, reality-denying ideology is not compatible with biological thinking, the 5 biological laws of nature, and everything Dr. Hamer and Helmut Pilhar taught us. According to Andi Locke Mears, men can get pregnant, and children have to be confronted with Trans and Dragqueens already in kindergarten.
Andi Locke Mears doesn’t even try to understand Germanische Heilkunde. Her only endeavor is to contaminate Dr. Hamer’s legacy, everything he has left to all people of the world, with her life-denying ideology, and thus to destroy Germanische Heilkunde irrevocably.
I’ve had countless arguments with Andi Locke Mears about her extreme feminist ideology and my constant refusal to turn over Dr. Hamers legacy.
This is what she criticizes when she says that my English is not acceptable to any American.

This was Andis’s response. A fully content confession in writing:











Helmut Pilhar: I'm out
Helmut Pilhar: I’m out


Helmut Pilhar: I’m out

After Helmut Pilhar trying unsuccessfully for weeks to lure us into a legal trap with his franchise contracts to cheat all translators out of our contractually assured property rights to our years of work, he has moved on to open threats and blackmail. As a result, we all agreed unanimously that we would never sign his contracts. Helmut ended the meeting, and this message followed a few minutes later via Skype.


Erika Pilhar: Your products
Erika Pilhar: Your products

Erika Pilhar: Your products

We have asked Erika Pilhar to commit to our existing agreements and contracts. Since Erika has never commented on this, it means she has never joined the Academy as a director.
Erika, however, sent me this message on Telegram.
Notice here that she explicitly states that she will continue to sell MY PRODUCTS through her homepage.
Of course, she knows that the translations, the homepage, seminar tutorials, and videos are the property of the respective translator. Even if she now claims otherwise. (lies)

Helmut Pilhar: Your new site
Helmut Pilhar: Your new site


Helmut Pilhar: Your page

Helmut asked us all to make our own homepage, find our own company, and set up the payment processing ourselves. From September 1st, he would shut down his homepage.

Casper completed the new English language homepage much faster than Helmut expected. Following the online launch of my new English homepage, I received the following email from Helmut:

Also, visible in this message is that he sees himself as a franchise giver and us translators as franchisees, which would have been the status of an affiliate partner. Helmut wouldn’t let it go, even though none of us would have accepted that.
Helmut Pilhar wanted to own everything, no matter what contracts or agreements we had, he didn’t care. That’s what made everything fall apart.
Helmut had other plans with Nick and Andi, so he didn’t need us anymore because we were almost finished with the translations? However, he needed our property, our homepages, and our teaching videos.



Helmut Pilhar: Homepage is online again
Helmut Pilhar: Homepage is online again

Helmut Pilhar: Homepage is online again

After Helmut tried to change our passwords to lock out all translators from our homepages on June 21st, Casper restarted the server and made a new password.
The homepage was back online after three hours. On June 21st, I received an email from Helmut confirming that his site is now online again.


Helmut Pilhar: Steal your side for Nick
Helmut Pilhar: Steal your site for Nick

Nick is already looking forward to my homepage.

Helmut then attempted to move the homepage to another server, to which only he had access. Finally, he wanted to secure it from our and especially Casper’s access. Still, he made a mistake that made the whole homepage impossible for Helmut or Casper to rebuild.

Helmut got his old website back online (which was his site), but it was offline for 18 months and had neither updates nor licenses for the plug-ins. That’s why this site was working very limited for quite some time.

In full knowledge of all these facts, Helmut, Erika, Nick, and Andi claimed that I (John) had destroyed Helmuts site and stolen the English part of it.
Nobody ever said anything about the other languages. They were not interested in them at all. Nick and Andi were primarily interested in my English homepage.

It is remarkable that Helmut emphasizes that it is my homepage and he wants to steal it from me in order to give it to Nick.
Moreover, Helmut had appointed himself captain (living in a landlocked country)
Because there is only one authority over a captain on his ship, and that is God.
According to Maritime law, a captain on his ship is an unlimited ruler and master over life and death on the ship.
He attempted to convey this status to us when he declared himself to be the captain. He wasn’t interested in our contracts at all. He is the only one who determines what a contract is and what it is not. He determines over all others without limitation.

Helmut Pilhar: E-Mail to Provoke
Helmut Pilhar: E-Mail to Provoke

Again, there is a reference to Nick as his accomplice.














Helmut Pilhar: Shitstorm is coming
Helmut Pilhar: Shitstorm is coming

One email of many. To mock

There are numerous such emails. We received them every half an hour.
I don’t want anyone to have to read all of them.
Despite everything, each of us tried to talk to Helmut to resolve the matter reasonably and according to our original contracts and agreements, even after everything that had already happened.






Offer for talks to Helmut Pilhar
Offer for talks to Helmut Pilhar

That was one attempt of mine:

Helmut Pilhar has consistently blocked all our attempts to establish a conversation.

For Explanation:

Helmut Pilhar had suffered a severe conflict with his beloved daughter Olivia in December 2021, when she informed him that he was no longer allowed to say the father of Olivia.

It was always only Olivia for whom Helmut had fought his whole life to get Germanische Heilkunde legal. No other child should ever suffer this fate again.

With Olivia’s statements, the world collapsed for Helmut. He wanted to take the homepage offline, retire, and only care for his vegetable garden.

In March 2022, a credit card payment processor froze his account. Because of the loss, Helmut had a starvation conflict. Suddenly, everything was centered around money. Helmut and Erika continuously attempted to pass this financial loss of about €18,000 onto us translators.

After that, his daughter Olivia became pregnant for the second time, this time from a Corona-vaccinated father. Helmut was devastated by the thought of becoming the grandfather of a genetically modified child.

We could only watch as Helmut, who had extreme schizophrenia, destroyed everything we had built together over the years. We had all had our conflicts and were all chronically ill. The only one beaming with joy and happiness in this situation was Nick.

He saw his chance to take everything that Helmut was about to steal from all of us, and he knew exactly which buttons to push on Helmut.

I have called Helmut Pilhar my friend for 25 years, and I don’t blame him. No one suffered his conflicts voluntarily, and Helmut was unable to resolve them.

Everyone saw the cliff the Academy was heading towards, and we didn’t know how we could have saved what we had built together.

The accusation is against Nick and Andi. They used Helmut’s schizophrenia to grab what never was theirs and for which they had never done anything.

Due to the devastating conflicts during the last seven months of his life, Helmut Pilhar was not the man I called my friend for 25 years, from whom I learned everything I knew about Germanische Heilkunde.

I have always admired him for his courage and unrelenting will to get Germanische Heilungkunde legal, no matter how overwhelming the enemy. He had the whole Deep State against him.

Helmut Pilhar, rest in peace.

We, translators, will continue what you started with us as translators and future teachers in August 2020.

The vultures of the Deep State will not achieve their goal of destroying Germanische Heilkunde.


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