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What are the Causes of Brain Tumor? – German New Medicine Explanation

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Since nerves cannot divide after birth, there can be no actual brain tumors. After this video, you will understand what is actually sold to us as “brain tumors.”

Brain surgery is always medical malpractice!

Today’s Topic: What are the Causes of Brain Tumor, or more specifically, what exactly are brain tumors?

The term “tumor” actually means swelling, lump, or growth.

For example, if you hit your thumb with a hammer, the body immediately starts to heal this injury, and it does so with the help of edema storage.

So, the thumb becomes thick. However, this swelling of the thumb is usually not called a tumor.

However, the swelling in colon cancer or breast cancer is completely different. Real cell division is present here, whereby colon cancer or breast cancer becomes larger and larger.

Now there are three different groups of special programs. One group is the glandular tissue. It makes cell division in the active phase, just like colon and breast cancer.

The second group is connective tissue and squamous epithelium. It makes cell division in the healing phase, like lymph nodes or milk ducts. The third group makes neither, but a loss of function, such as diabetes.

Nerve cells, on the other hand, cannot divide at all after birth. Nerves do neither cell proliferation nor cell loss.

They can only cause functional failures, such as paralysis or painful rheumatism of the periosteum.

But what about the so-called brain tumor?

In the brain, we have tens of billions of nerve cells, and just as many Glia cells, with a total weight of approximately 53 OZ.

Glia is a special connective tissue directly at the nerves. Now, in a DHS the Hamer focus arises instantaneously in the brain relay associated with the conflict content.

If one has a morsel conflict, this Hamer focus is in the brain stem. If one has a care conflict about one’s child, then the Hamer focus is in the cerebellum.

If one has a self-esteem conflict, it is in the cerebral medulla.

If one has a separation or territorial conflict, it is in the cerebral cortex.

In the conflict-active phase, this Humer focus is disc-shaped and sharp-edged. What exactly causes this ring structure? Nobody knows. But you can photograph it with computed tomography.

As surgical nurses report, one can also see this Hamer focus on the open brain with the naked eye.

Now, when this conflict is resolved, this brain relay deposits edema. We know this process from our example with the thumb.

This edema deposit is now called a brain tumor in conventional medicine, knowing full well that this cannot be a case of nerve cell division, since, as it is well known, nerves can no longer divide after birth.

This edema deposit is space-demanding and causes corresponding symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, etc.

In rare cases, it can lead to dangerous intracranial hypertension, which may then have to be relieved with cortisone, or the skull bone may have to be lifted off, to relieve the pressure.

What you must not do, however is, cut into the brain.  That would be like ripping out a chip in a computer. So, removing a supposed brain tumor is medical malpractice!

More and more of this edema is stored until the crisis, about in the middle of the healing phase. The task of this crisis is to stop this edema storage, and to squeeze it out.

The crisis also marks the beginning of the so-called urinary flood phase, in which the previously stored water is peed out again.

The cause for the diagnosis of a brain tumor with subsequent brain surgery is epileptic seizure, which is the crisis following a resolved motor conflict.

Shortly after the seizure, one often still sees quite impressive this edema deposit in the motor cortex center, and cuts out this brain relays without further ado.

Transferred to automotive engineering, this procedure would be equivalent to removing the flashing oil control lamp.

In the second part of the healing phase after this crisis, glia is now stored in this brain relay, which is scar tissue. This scarring remains at the end of the healing phase, just as any scarring on the organ remains.

However, the brain is completely functional again, and one is also completely healthy. In the future, it is important to protect the patient from recurrences.

If you now have a brain CT in front of you of a completely unknown patient with a supposed brain tumor, you can – if you can read brain CTs – say immediately that this person has solved his conflict, otherwise, he would not have this edema deposit. And depending on where exactly this edema is located, one can say which conflict he must have solved. But one knows not only his psyche, one also knows with which SBS he is in healing on the organ level. So one can also name his healing phase symptoms.

To the point of brain tumor!

Every so-called brain tumor is a healing phase symptom. In the rarest cases, emergency medical intervention is necessary.

Attention! Simply doing nothing does not mean practicing Germanische Heilkunde!

Sometimes it is necessary to intervene medicinally, or by lifting the skull bone. Here we would need emergency medicine!

Help to spread the Germanische Heilkunde! Because it must become a kind of popular medicine.

This knowledge belongs to general education anyway.


See you in the following video!

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