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What is the Cause of Eczema? German New Medicine Explanation

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A man has suffered from eczema on both hands for 27 years, and suddenly he gets well. No doctor and no therapy could help him.
What was the cause? And what changed that he spontaneously became healthy, all by itself?
After watching this video, you will know how it works.

What is the Cause of Eczema? And how can it disappear spontaneously after 27 years?

In this video, I will be talking about tracks, and more specifically I will illustrate how subtle tracks can be. Tracks are usually our allergies.

This testimonial is about a 55-year-old man who had eczema on both palms. He had this eczema occasionally and chronically for about 30 years. And suddenly, overnight, this eczema disappeared.

Eczema is, after all, the healing of a separation conflict. The many different symptoms of the skin are explained in detail in the two seminar tutorials, Outer Skin Part One and Part Two.

As the eczema is on his palms, the inside of the hand, this means that the man does not want to be separated. If the eczema was on the back of the hand, this would mean that the man wants to be separated, so it is always a matter of separation. We speak of a hanging healing if a healing phase does not disappear. Or if the symptoms are only occasional and, or have a polycyclic occurrence. And the recurrences that have to occur in a hanging healing or polycyclic course occur via the tracks.

The conflict in the 55yr old man was the separation from a dog, a sausage dog.

The dog belonged to his mother-in-law, however she did not want this dog. Somehow the man had developed a special relationship with this dog. When the dog was sick, he went to the vet, along with his wife and mother-in-law. One day he alone had taken the dog to the vet and when he returned to pick it up, the vet told him that they had already put the dog to sleep. This was now his conflict.

Highly-acutely traumatic, caught on the wrong foot, and isolative.

Twenty-seven years later, the man bought a house where there was a cat. The previous owners of the house moved just a few houses away, but the cat stayed in the old house. And the man loved this cat, and kept it for three years until today. Now he has an animal that he can pet, just like 27 years ago. The cat was now the solution to the conflict.

The eczema on his hands has disappeared. A so-called spontaneous healing.

What was the conflict solution? The man never had a pet, because professionally he could not take the responsibility for leaving a dog or cat alone at home for long periods.

However, he inherited this independent tomcat that knows how to survive on its own. The man could stroke the cat, which was the conflict solution with the separation from the sausage dog, and the eczema disappeared. But what was the track up to now?

The track was every animal he had petted during those 27 years. It unconsciously reminded him of his sausage dog. The track always triggers the unconscious, not the conscious.
So when he went to friends who had a dog, being a very animal-loving person, he would pet the animal and subsequently have a recurrence, because the unconscious reminded him of his conflict.

So, now think for yourself.

If you have had eczema for 27 years, and you want to get rid of the conflict, then finding the very subtle tracks is almost impossible, if you don’t know the conflict.

In Germanische Heilkunde, the conflict is the linchpin. Only when I know the conflict do I know what to do.

Let’s assume that this 55-year-old had run to a therapist of Germanische Heilkunde and that he had found the conflict after some skilled detective work – The Sausage Dog.

The royal art in Germanische Heilkunde is to give wise advice to the patient. This advice would have been to get a sausage dog again. Only it was not possible for him, because of his professional situation.

But a cat that can survive without him for 3 or 4 days, was the ideal solution. This should have been recommended to him, but you must come up with this wise advice first.

That’s the subtlety of the tracks. Whether it’s breast cancer, MS, epilepsy, or diabetes, the cause is always the shock, and the rest is the track. That’s true for all chronic courses.

Of course, breast cancer has a different conflict; it is not a separation but a “worry-argument.” MS is a motor conflict, and Crohn’s disease is an anger conflict. Also, the tracks are always different.
One has a track on milk, the other has a track on partners. He just had a track on animals he wants to pet, and that’s what you have to figure out.

Let’s return again to the subtlety of the tracks.

The man goes to friends who have an animal; he pets it. So, consciously he’s not aware of the conflict. But his unconscious remembers his original conflict, and the organ level reacts immediately. And as a result, he then had eczema on his hands.

So beware, everything that is chronic always runs on tracks. No matter what this program is called. With the skin, there is no dangerous situation; not much can happen there. However, the clock is ticking if it’s chronically the intestines, the chest, or the lungs.

So, I get into a healing phase, and I’m happy, yippee, but until the cause is definitely solved, it’s just a matter of time before I get back on track and have another recurrence.

Therefore, attention. With the chronic courses, we must always find the conflict and also the tracks.
And the conflict is resolved when it can no longer happen, or when the issue no longer bothers me because I absolutely don’t care. Then the tracks dissolve. But as long as I do care about the subject, as long as the tracks work, even if I stand on my head!!

I don’t want to know what the 55-year-old has done for the last 27 years to get rid of his eczema. The solution is the biological solution, the tomcat.

Make the Germanische Heilkunde your hobby. To have therapeutic success, one must build on natural biological laws. If we act against natural biological laws, then we suffer.

Bye, and have fun with your further study of Germanische Heilkunde.

Until the following video

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