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Skin Rashes That Itch in 8-Year-Old Right-Handed Girl

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Conflict content: Separation conflict and skin rash that itch because of the deceased guinea pig.

My friend’s daughter received her long-awaited rabbit for her 8th birthday in April 2020. So that the rabbit didn’t have to grow up alone, her parents allowed her to choose a second pet. A guinea pig moved in with them a short time later. To their astonishment, the parents soon realized that their daughter was much more interested in the guinea pig than the rabbit. Of course, she also loved her rabbit, but she developed a special bond with her guinea pig. One possible reason for this – her father reasoned – was that the rabbit had grown too quickly and could no longer keep up with the much smaller, cute guinea pig.

The parents noticed that their daughter spent most of her free time with her guinea pig during the summer vacation. When she went to check on her two pets on the evening of November 5th, she found her guinea pig dead in its cage. At the time, she was alone at the scene and suffered – as her father initially suspected – a DHS. But which one?
That evening, when her father came home from work, she immediately told him about it and how sad she was, as the guinea pig always climbed into her neckline and cuddled with her. She also immediately asked if she could get a new guinea pig.

The father agreed in principle but said they would first bury their guinea pig on the weekend. For this transitional period, his daughter put her beloved pet in a shoebox with a little blanket and kept looking at it and stroking it. On Saturday afternoon, November 7th, she and her father built a small box and lined the inside with doilies. She then placed her guinea pig in the crate, kissed it a few more times, looked at it briefly, covered it up, and said goodbye. After hammering the last nail into the “coffin lid” herself, she laid her guinea pig in the ground and buried it. The following day, November 8, the girl’s mother discovered a sudden skin rash on her daughter’s neckline and asked her husband to take a look at it.

He described the skin rashes that itch as follows:
“When I came in, I was really surprised. My daughter had lots of red spots from her neckline to her forearm, but only on the right side of her body, her partner’s side.” He thought about it and calculated that if the funeral had initiated the conflict solution the day before, the skin rash would last until Monday or Tuesday. As his wife believes in conventional medicine, he told her that the Skin rash was not a problem and would certainly disappear soon. But on Tuesday, the red spots were still visible, and his wife decided that she would take her daughter to the doctor on Wednesday morning.
When my friend woke his daughter up on Wednesday morning, he asked her to show him her skin rash, and – oh, wonder – there was nothing left. There was not a single red dot left! He told me later: “I have only been involved with Germanische Heilkunde for less than a year now, and although I now understand the connections, I am still amazed at the exact precision with which these special biological programs work!”

Marcin’s comment

The day following the burial, the girl’s mother discovered her daughter’s skin rash, which was the healing phase of a (as it soon turned out) resolved separation conflict (HH in the sensory cortex on the left), caused by the death of the guinea pig. Fortunately, the healing phase did not last an additional day; otherwise, the girl would have been taken for a medical examination.

Many thanks to the father for his kind permission to publish his daughter’s report.

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