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Scabies Symptoms and Skin Parasite Rash – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

✍️ This is an excellent real-life example and observation concerning the presence of ‘skin parasite rash’ and scabies symptoms in hanging healing of the epidermis.

The following is my experience of SBS on the epidermis with scabies mites.

My mother suffers from dementia and constantly wants to go home to her parents. I look after her around the clock, but in June last year, we had to put her in a care facility for a month. I called my mother daily, talked to her, and visited her regularly. According to the nursing staff, my mother called for me at night.

After we brought my mother back home in August, I noticed that she had a rash mainly on her left side: left thigh, left abdomen, lower back. And it was itchy, and she was constantly scratching. At first, I suspected a reaction to her throw-away underwear, sweating, or allergies. Then, it dawned on me that it was a resolved separation conflict. The rash on the left side indicated a separation conflict with me as her daughter (my mother is right-handed).

The rash was accompanied by pyoderma (purulent foci on the body, between the fingers, mainly on the left hand). The dermatologist diagnosed scabies symptoms (in conventional medicine scabies symptoms is believed to be a contagious skin disease marked by itching and small raised red spots, caused by the itch mite), which was a complete surprise to me.

Without fear of contagion, I treated my mother according to the doctor’s advice (however, the dosage was specified for children). I changed all her underwear as usual, but I didn’t do any additional treatment, no disinfecting, no boiling. As it was only my mother’s separation conflicts, I explained the facts to my family and referred to the affected mother-child side as evidence.

At first, the skin parasite rash subsided after treatment, and the pustules disappeared, but the itching all over her body remained. This is typical of scabies, so I waited for it to pass by simply moisturizing and softening my mother’s skin.

But three weeks later, in September, when the same symptoms reappeared on my mother’s skin, my husband and I also developed itching. I examined myself and my husband and found individual spots of scabies. I lost faith. This shattered all my self-confidence and my understanding of Germanische Heilkunde. I didn’t understand how this could be.

But after searching and collecting information in the Telegram chatroom, I concluded that ‘parasites’ don’t just happen. However, subconsciously, the theory of parasitic infection still seemed to be real to me. Infection by scabies mites did not fit into the 4th biological law of nature. Although the example of the Drosophila flies was obvious.

We didn’t have time to think about it (we had a big family gathering coming up at the end of September with lots of people invited). When I realized I was failing to explain my mother’s separation conflict, we quickly started to disinfect ourselves and all surfaces in the house. Surfaces, floors, counters, doors, upholstery, etc., boiling laundry, steam ironing, spraying acaricides, and on and on. Including and prophylactically also my teenage son, although he had no scabies symptoms.

At the same time, there were the preparations for the festivities, lots of things that had to be done, and all this with my mother constantly demanding my presence.

In my mind, I said hello to my already hypertrophied (overwhelmed) left myocardium (I’m left-handed). A few days before the family gathering, an appointment with the dermatologist revealed that the scabies had disappeared. What remained was ‘post-scabies dermatitis.’

I breathed a sigh of relief! Our family gathering could go on. But our luck didn’t last. After another three weeks, in October, the same symptoms started to appear in my mother and also in me and my husband. Only now it was no longer itchy spots like the first time, but a rash-like insect bites.

We had unbearable localized itching day and night, and then small nodules appeared directly under the fingers, often in pairs. I no longer knew what to do. What was the DHS, both mine and my husband’s?

The responsibility and fear for my mother depressed me. I read that some people struggle with scabies symptoms for many years. They set up support groups to share their experiences and use various methods to fight it. In older people, an absurd disease like scabies can even be fatal due to polyorgan failure. People changed doctors, programs, and medications and even went to the vet, but no success lasted more than a few weeks. I was afraid that our mites had adapted to everything, like cockroaches.

I tried to connect with my mother to resolve her hanging separation conflicts by hugging her. But when I put moisturizer all over her body daily, she screamed and fought back.

I turned to Natalie, my teacher and mentor, and also to Oleg for help. We were clearly on the wrong track, and the only way to resolve the separation conflicts was through increased physical contact. But that seemed ineffective to me, as my mother, with her dementia, only ever visited us and always wanted to go back home to her parents.

Starting with myself didn’t work either. When was the DHS – the separation conflict? Maybe it concerned my mom’s diagnosis or the repeated situations, such as hygiene procedures with my mom, that I sometimes had to do against her will.

My husband was also worried about me because he saw my nervous state. Then, I consciously wanted to separate myself from these mites. I tried to negotiate with them, saying, “Thank you for your work; you can return to your original form” if it really was a case of pleomorphism.

The house looked like a train station where things were hermetically packed in big bags that would last until the mites died off. But it turned out that the ‘wicked’ mites caused none of this.

If it is hanging healing in my mother after the separation conflict with me, then it is necessary to resolve this separation conflict in real terms and not to make any jokes about it. Even if my mother wants to go home to her parents constantly, her separation conflict is not with her parents but with me.

The beginning of our epos started with my mother, and so I began with her. I dropped everything and picked a time when my mother was quiet and watching a Soviet comedy on TV. I sat down next to her, pressed myself tightly against her left (mother/child) side, and sat like that for half a day. I stroked her, squeezed her, hugged her, kissed her, and lightly massaged her legs, arms, and back.

Of course, I had hugged and sat with my mother before, but not as frequently as this, and at regular intervals. But here, I deliberately gave her back this contact, which she had been deprived of for a month in the summer. I only noticed in the evening that my mother had no itching and no new signs of scabies on her skin. For my mother, this was the real solution to her separation conflict.

The next day, it was clear that we no longer had scabies symptoms. No itching, no new skin parasite rash, and the old rashes had subsided. For my husband and I, the resolution of the conflict somehow happened automatically after my mother.

My husband still had dermatitis for a while, but definitely no more scabies. During the time of our mania to disinfect the house, there was an incident where he wore the same pants after showering that I hadn’t washed and ironed before. I reacted hysterically that my superhuman efforts might have been in vain. However, he resolved his conflict once we had returned to everyday life.

But there was also a moment of “buckling,” a relapse after all the symptoms had disappeared. After a week without symptoms, I sat on the sofa with my mother and put my arm around her shoulders.
Suddenly, the thought occurred to me: “What if she still had a few parasite larvae on her dressing gown?” But I immediately remembered better, and after just a few minutes, this arm itched, and I discovered two itchy nodules between my elbow and wrist. I thought, “here we go again.”
But then it dawned on me that this was just the healing phase after a minute-long relapse; I had triggered my track with thoughts of mites on my bathrobe and wanting to get rid of them. This realization made me laugh at myself, and soon, these skin symptoms disappeared.

As we have had regular relapses since the summer, I decided to wait a while for the sake of the purity of the experiment and only send you this report now.

Maybe our story will help someone – ❤️

Comment by Natalie

Thanks for sharing and for having the courage to put theory into practice.

Comment by GHK Academy

Many thanks for this detailed report. It’s hard to imagine living through a family epidemic like this. As you describe, you can easily fall from faith when the parasites suddenly affect other family members. But even with parasites, there is no symptom without a DHS. If there is a symptom, then there always has to have been a corresponding conflict that went into resolution and – as in the present case – is kept in a hanging course via tracks. No medication and no self-help group can help if the underlying conflict is not resolved, and without knowledge of the causal context, without the GHK, such chronic symptoms are often treated for life.

In a situation like the one described here, believing that the GHK is correct is not enough because one quickly loses faith and gives in to all kinds of conventional medical psychotherapy. One really needs to have solid GHK knowledge in order to stand firm and finally find a real solution to the underlying separation conflict.
Therefore, learn the GHK while you are healthy. Faith comes quickly, but real knowledge only comes from years of personal experience, which takes time.

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