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Lips Cracked for 30 years – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Here is my Testimonial about a 30-year separation conflict and Lips Cracked

Lips cracked for 30 years
Lips cracked for 30 years

For 30 years, I had sore lips several times a day. Since elementary school, I needed different ointments or lip balm to eliminate the unpleasant burning of my lips. Of course, as a man, it is quite unpleasant to need lip balm (Labello med, Lavera Sensitive) to lubricate my lips in company. Plus I had to do it  several times within a few minutes. It did not concern my entire lips, only the outer edge burned.

About five weeks ago I decided that I no longer wanted to use lip balms, regardless of whether my lips burned, because I wanted to get to the original DHS. For two weeks I had uncomfortably dry, burning lips every day. The same burning you get when, as kids, we twisted each others forearms in opposite directions to annoy each other.

After these two weeks I drove a longer way back to Berlin with my girlfriend. During the trip I thought intensively about what the original DHS could have been. I kept thinking: “Separation conflict on the lips, kiss separation… Kiss goodbye, etc.” Suddenly, a flash of inspiration struck me, and I saw it in my mind’s eye as a picture. I was saying goodbye to my sweetheart on a winter vacation with my parents about 30 years ago in Oberhof. During the vacation, I had met a girl there in the hotel, and I had a little crush on her. We played and ran around the hotel a lot.

However, after two weeks, our vacation was over, and we had to say goodbye. I remember that I was sad. And that I would have liked to kiss her goodbye, but didn’t dare. I had the exact image in my mind’s eye: the hotel with the glass front and distinctive pointed roof, my vacation sweetheart and her parents waving goodbye in front of it. I remembered how we drove away in the car, and during the whole journey, I thought of nothing except the goodbye kiss that I hadn’t dared attempt.

Since then, I often had sore lips after and before a goodbye, after dinner (I had met her while eating and watching the neighbouring table), while kissing, while driving, etc. From that time on, I often had the desire, when I was in a relationship, to get a goodbye kiss when I went out the front door, but I had rarely expressed this desire ( =compulsive thinking).

After finding this separation conflict during the car ride back to Berlin the other day, I realised that this situation with this girl, from back then, cannot happen again, and I got into the absence after 30 minutes. Driving became very exhausting, and sometimes I could not remember where I had just driven 5 or 10 minutes beforehand. Also, I could no longer listen attentively to my girlfriend. She also noticed my strong absence. I drove home slowly and carefully and everything went well. The absence and diminished short-term memory lasted for about 2 hrs.  At this time my lips were still just under two weeks crusty, and that soon disappeared.

Since this discovery, my lips are no longer burning me.

Attached is a picture of my lips, documented by time.

Comment from GHK Academy

Great testimonial. This is an excellent track example. It often works just like this as a teenager, a young child, or even before birth. We suffer a DHS, and a track imprints itself along with it. The content of these conflicts determines, on the one hand, our psyche, our preferences, and aversions, but also our physical symptomatology. As long as we do not become aware of these conflicts, they remain active and merciless throughout our lives.

The author of these lines knows the GHK well, yet even that does not always mean that you can find and solve your conflicts. Often one must specifically search for the original DHS of a particular symptom, and with some luck, one even finds it.
With the DHS, one often recognises that the conflict has become meaningless in the meantime so that the tracks are immediately erased, one has a last intensive healing spurt and health is restored, even after decades.

If one is unaware of the GHK, one often suffers from such childhood conflicts for the rest of one’s life.   Therefore, learn GHK, and make it your hobby; in this way, no doctor and no lip balm will stand between you and your health again.

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