Tracks – Allergies – are warning signals in Germanische Heilkunde

Tracks – Allergies – are warning signals – Synchronicity psyche-brain-organ

In Germanische Heilkunde®, the thought would be absurd to ask whether psychic processes could “trigger” physical processes. In Germanische Heilkunde®, a psychic process is synonymous with a parallel and synchronous cerebral process and synchronous with a physical/organic process. Thus, it differs fundamentally from all previous medical directions, especially the so-called conventional medicine. It is based on five biological laws, which can be applied to each case of a so-called disease in humans and mammals.

The cause

All these new possibilities of recognizing and being able to heal are derived from the understanding of the IRON RULE OF CANCER (ERC) and the so-called DHS, which, in the meantime, have become fixed medical terms.

Hardly anyone can therefore imagine how much the IRON RULE OF CANCER will change our entire medicine. But the pivot of the ERC is the DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome)! Because the second of the DHS decides where the patient associates his conflict shock.

The DHS is a severe, highly acute-dramatic, and isolative conflict experience shock that catches the individual “on the wrong foot.” The unsuspected nature of the impact is greater than the “psychological content evaluation” of the conflict. It is also always a conflictual experience, not a stroke of fate or an event that the patient could not have changed anyway.

Psychologists always looked for such conflicts that seemed psychologically relevant, latent conflicts that had been building up for a long time, mostly dating back to childhood and adolescence. They had always not included the moment of “not-expecting.” Therefore, all the statistics of a psychosomatic nature that they made up were nonsensical or pointless because they had not learned to “think biologically.” This came, among other things, from the fact that the psychosomatics drifted too much into the fairway of the psychologists instead of standing on the firmer ground of biology and behavioral and primate research. There was endless discussion about stress potentials or stress research, without realizing that stress was only a consequence of the DHS, a symptom of the conflict-active phase.

The conflict shock (DHS)

When such a tremendous conflict shock hits us, a DHS, which at the same time still reaches us in psychological isolation, then at the moment of the DHS not only the conflict itself is anagrammed, but at this second also a Hamer Focus (HH) is formed, which marks a particular place in the brain. For each kind of conflict shock, which we call a biological conflict, a very special area of our brain is responsible and, at the same time, a very special organ area.

Man and animal “notice, however, in the second of the DHS; without that, they are conscious of it, also the accompanying circumstances of the DHS. These accompanying circumstances later result in the so-called tracks (allergy).

A professor of allergology once, when he had understood it, expressed it somewhat casually like this: If you suffer a DHS with a biological separation conflict at the farewell, and a cow just runs by, then you subsequently have a “low allergy,” if you have just bitten into an orange, then you get an “orange allergy.” It’s a bit flippant, but in principle, it’s true.

The track

If one of these concomitant circumstances occurs again later, then the whole conflict can be a so-called recurrence. The picture is that one always drives up from such a side-track to the whole track.


In Germanische Heilkunde®, we regarded the tracks as very interesting, not unimportant, but not as central processes. This has changed thoroughly since we have recognized better and better which elementary central function the DHS has. Because the DHS has an exceptional and concrete quality compared to other times of life or moments of life: The individual remembers not only the smallest details at the moment of the DHS – like a flashlight snapshot – but also sounds or noises, smells, sensations of all kinds and tastes and – the individual keeps these records practically for life. From this, we can see that they are qualitative and different from those we usually experience and remember.

In the past, first love almost always took place in the hay. Often complications or small catastrophes occur during this first intimate act of love. If this disaster was a DHS, the hay’s smell usually went as a” track” into the conflict complex. Every time the person later got the smell of hay in his nose, he got back on the “track even without thinking about it. ” Usually, the person had suffered a biological conflict of it stinks to me” the first time. In the recurrences, which we call allergies, which we can test with our patches, the patient then regularly gets his “hay fever” during the healing phase. This hay fever (without hay), of course, the patient could have gotten in the same way (in the healing) if he had suffered, for example, with the same or another woman in the same way again, a comparable disaster in intimate intercourse.

The allergy is an early warning system!

This is a perfect, very alert warning system for the organism. If the individual has already gone through a DHS in the same or similar matter earlier, the organism is more alert against such biological conflicts. Negatively, we can say: that the patient keeps falling into the old trap. Positively we can say: The patient pays attention like hell, and reacts immediately with a special program.

There is no such thing as an allergy in the way we previously imagined. Allergies that we can detect with our allergy tests are always “second track strands” connected with a DHS.

That is why we need to get a new understanding of so-called allergies.

The allergies are warning signals of our organism, for instance, in a sense: “Stop, in such a situation a DHS happened at that time, be careful that you are not caught on the wrong foot again”!

Especially for the animals, these “allergies” are essential warning signals according to the understanding of the Germanische Heilkunde® in survival.

We must realize our ancestors and the animals in the wild, which have no lockable apartment, bed, full refrigerator, and telephone but must be on guard day and night against the various enemies, predators, competitors, etc. And suppose now an animal has suffered a DHS because it had overheard the birds’ warning calls, and only by luck and with last strength escaped from the claws of a leopard, then in the future. In that case, all these accompanying tracks of the DHS are helpful warning signals: “Caution, at that time the birds had also emitted such warning calls … and shortly afterward the leopard was on the spot”!

We humans constantly strive to eliminate these warning signals, i.e., instinctive behavior. This is wrong. Certainly, biologically there are some possibilities to trick the organism as we know it, e.g., from the so-called “desensitization.” In this case, the organism is artificially signaled that the former danger no longer exists. But basically, the desensitization was tried to be applied without sense and without knowledge of the actual conflict. It often worked symptomatically, but then it was biologically nonsensical. Because most of the symptoms, which we understand as allergies, like skin exanthema, and allergic rhinitis, are always already in the healing phase after a short-term conflict relapse.

From these examples, you can see how important it is to always go back to DHS to visualize precisely the situation that existed at that second of DHS.

This completely contrasts traditional so-called modern medicine, which considers diseases as evil enemies directed against humans, similar to microbes, fleas, lice, and the like.

According to traditional medicine, cancer is a cell gone wild, which multiplies haphazardly and tries to destroy the organism, first destroying the immune system, then “eating up” the entire organism—biological predator stories without sense and reason.

If our brain is the computer of our organism, then it is also for everything. It makes no sense to imagine that some processes of this organism would happen “past the computer.”

Actually, it is strange why nobody ever thought that the brain, as the computer of our organism, could also be responsible for all so-called “diseases.”

The whole medicine must change fundamentally!