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The immune system in Germanische Heilkunde®

The immune system in Germanische Heilkunde®

According to prevailing conventional medicine, “illness” is commonly considered a “mistake of nature”

… as a breakdown of the so-called “immune system” as something “malignant” that tries to destroy the organism. Therefore, all available means of a medical-military strategy must be fought and eradicated. Thus, it was also believed that, in the development of cancer, the “immune system” (whatever one imagined by it) in any case as a kind of defense army of the body, which was weakened, so that the evil little cancer cells or microbes could find a gap to penetrate the tissue and spread. And so, it would come down to mobilizing our body’s defense army. The so-called “immune system” against the malicious attacking army of microbes or even cancer cells that wanted to destroy us.

Germanische Heilkunde®, on the other hand, has found that there are no “diseases” in the sense we believed so far. But that the symptoms, which we have called so-called “diseases” so far, are two phases of a” Sensible Biological Special Programs” of nature, of which the supposed “disease” represents only one phase at a time. All so-called illnesses of the whole medicine proceed in these two phases.

Earlier, in ignorance of these correlations, we saw roughly 1000 diseases. 500 of them were cold diseases, where the patient had narrowed skin vessels, was pale, and lost weight. The others were 500 so-called hot diseases, with fever, dilated vessels, good appetite, but great tiredness. All these supposed diseases were considered to be “diseases” in their own right. They were described in our textbooks, and we had to memorize them for the state exam. Now we know that all this was not true. They were only half of the diseases. Consequently, we know now only roughly 500 Sensible Biological Special Programs (SBS), which are biphasic: The 1st phase is always the cold, conflict-active, sympathicotonic stress phase. The 2nd phase, if conflict resolution happens, is always a hot, conflict-relieved, vagotonic healing phase.

According to the germ layers, the 4th law of nature classifies all so-called diseases, which are already formed at the beginning of the embryo’s development. The inner, the middle, and the outer germ layer. Each cell or organ of the body can be assigned not only to one of these so-called germ layers but to each of these germ layers also belong, developmentally, to a specific brain part, a specific type of conflict content, a specific localization in the brain, very specific histology and also specific germ layer-related microbes. Also, each SBS has a unique biological sense.


Each infection is a healing phase symptom.

So far, we have understood the microbes only in such a way that they would cause the so-called infectious diseases. And this view seemed to be evident because we always found these microbes in the so-called infectious diseases. But we had forgotten or overlooked only this first phase of these alleged infectious diseases. Because a conflict-active phase always preceded these alleged infectious diseases. And only with conflict resolution are these microbes allowed to become active. So, they are not our enemies, but they help us. They work on our command, on the command of our organism, directed by our brain.

Let’s think of microbes as three kinds of workers:

Such, which must clear garbage (garbage men), the mycobacterium tuberculosis, which clears, e.g., the intestinal tumors (of the inner germ layer) in the healing phase (only cell degradation!). Here we want to mention right away that the mycobacteria – in the same rhythm as the tumors of the old-brain-controlled organs of the endoderm and (old) mesoderm – multiply already during the conflict-active phase but do their work only in the conflict-relieved phase.

Such always work only in defects (osteolysis, necroses) of the middle germ layer organs. The bacteria, which are most comparable to excavator workers, excavate a rubble place to build a new house; speak so that the organism can fill the defect properly again (cell dismantling and cell construction!). But here, the multiplication of the bacteria occurs exclusively in the healing phase or after injuries, where bacteria are always present.

Suppose no “special microbes” are present. In that case, the healing phase will, of course, still proceed, but not in a biologically optimal way, e.g., non-A, non-B, non-C hepatitis. In the case of the hepatic ducts, which are also lined with squamous epithelium and undergo ulcerative changes during the biological conflict of the territorial aggressor, the bile outflow is improved by a larger diameter (= biological sense); these very hepatic ducts close due to swelling. Consequence: The bile accumulates and can no longer flow out. Suppose many hepatic bile ducts are affected simultaneously. In that case, the patient turns yellow: icterus, jaundice, brown urine, light yellow discolored stool due to lack of bile pigment. But it is not the viruses (if they exist) that cause hepatitis, as we intelligent physicians had believed in our simplicity. Still, our organism makes use of them, if there are any, to optimize the healing process.

However, our brain always determines which kind of microbes are allowed to help us with which work, when, and only a certain kind that our brain allows to work there. Similarly, on the command of our brain, the supposedly pathogenic microbes become benign again, apathogenic microbes, which withdraw to someplace of our organism, where they do not disturb but where they can be reactivated at any time if they are needed again. And since we had not known this before, we had not only seen all supposed so-called diseases (SBS) wrongly, but of course, we had never been able to treat a single patient causally correctly.

Now, what is the immune system supposed to be?

But if the microbes were not armies of enemies, but armies of friends supervised and planned by the organism. As symbionts, then what was the so-called “immune system” – an army of “killer cells,” phagocytes, T-lymphocyte cells, etc., supported by a squadron of serum reactions? Or asked differently: What remains of the so-called “immune system”? Answer: Only the facts, not the supposed system. Because of the “immune system,” – this spongy, undefined term is applied everywhere. Indiscriminately in the conflict-active and the conflict-resolved phases with cancer, sarcomas, leukemia, or AIDS, throughout the bank with all so-called “infectious diseases” – do not exist at all in a sense believed so far.

AIDS – a giant hoax

Also, in the so-called “immunodeficiency disease AIDS,” viruses (if they exist) and the T-lymphocytes are supposed to be significantly involved. HIV viruses (if they exist) themselves are never found in AIDS patients. Nobody has ever observed obligatory symptomatology after so-called HIV infection, as one is used to with measles or rubella. It is also bizarre that “AIDS” as a presumed viral disease should behave utterly differently from all other viral diseases because these are always considered to be over when the antibody test has become positive, i.e., when the “disease” is already over. It goes without saying that such obvious symptoms are invariably accompanied by a whole series of blood and serum reactions. But since there is no specific “AIDS” symptomatology” at all. The door is naturally opened to medical-diagnostic arbitrariness:

If a person does not have a positive HIV test, and if he falls ill with, e.g., cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoma, pneumonia, diarrhea, dementia, fungal disease, tuberculosis, fever, herpes, or all kinds of neurological symptoms or failures, then these are all quite normal common so-called diseases according to the previous ideas. But suppose the same person has a positive HIV test. In that case, these are all immediately malignant “AIDS symptoms,” almost one would like to say “AIDS-metastases,” which point to the soon agonizing death of the unfortunate “AIDS”-patient.

Under HIV-virus, which does not exist (the alleged discoverer of AIDS, Mr. Montagnier, affirmed in an interview with a Spanish newspaper in 1995, that he had never seen an AIDS virus!). One understood mainly that the “from the deadly plague AIDS” affected finally perished from cachexia and a Panmyelophtise. Thus, no more blood could produce.

We find the same bone cancer process or better bone atrophy cancer, i.e., osteolysis in the skeletal system, which is always accompanied by pan myelophthisis (anemia) and whose associated conflict – depending on the localization of the affected part of the skeleton – is a unique self-devaluation conflict. The healing of such a self-devaluation conflict would be the callus new formation of bone osteolysis (recalcification) with leukemia signs. But only those who know that he is HIV-positive or who believes it of himself fall ill with “AIDS”!

Strangely, no one has yet investigated this very astonishing phenomenon. The whole thing must have something to do with the psyche. To be more precise: If people get sick only when they are told that they are HIV-positive, then it is high time to imagine what is going on in the psyche of such a patient who is told such a devastating diagnosis with a 50% mortality prognosis!

Just as we were always made afraid of cancer because it was “malignant,” we were also always afraid of “malignant microbes.”

Even if the fear is not entirely unfounded in epidemics, this is not because of the microbes but because of civilization – and here again, because of the many errors of our civilization.

Does our body know the microbes, or does it not know them?

Basically, there are two possibilities with microbes: Either the microbes (each for a region) are all endemic, that is, everybody has them, nobody can get “new” microbes, because he already has all, which one can have in the region; or: one prevents by “hygiene,” separation and inoculations that humans suffer the microbes or their consequences as toxins, etc. This is the way our so-called civilization tries. In nature, with the animals or with the primitive peoples, such a thing practically does not occur.

As far as the so-called “danger of infection” is concerned, especially with exotic microbes, we can say: Just as our organism or our computer brain has no program for cars, airplanes, or television, our computer brain is not equipped for a change of location of thousands of kilometers within a few hours, especially in entirely different climatic zones with different microbes. What is entirely normal for the inhabitants living there because they have lived there since childhood and are adapted, is by no means typical for us visitors.

One example is measles, which is harmless to us and which we usually go through as children. When measles was brought to America, many thousands of adult Indians died miserably – but not a single child. Every European doctor knows that a first “infection” with measles in an adult can be fatal, even in our country. In children, on the other hand, it is always harmless. The virus (if it exists) is transmitted, but only the person or the child who has previously gone through the corresponding conflict and is now in the healing phase falls ill. In the measles case, this means a conflict involving the mouth or sinuses (e.g., “it stinks to me”).

Our organism turns on the SBS and the microbes when necessary.

The so-called immune system, which we had imagined as a kind of army of our body that would destroy the “malignant” cancer cells and the “malignant” microbes, as in a great battle, does not exist in this sense. It corresponds to the previous complete ignorance about the nature of the “diseases” and the complete inability to correctly evaluate and classify the multitude of facts and symptoms from the serological and hematological fields.

With its countless unproven and unprovable hypotheses, our current conventional medicine is a single error, and a brutal one at that. In conventional medicine, we found correct examination facts, such as blood count, laboratory parameters, changes in hematopoiesis, etc., or CT scans. Still, the conclusions we had drawn from them and the therapy we had made thereupon were utterly wrong. Accordingly, our therapy mortality rate for cancer, for example, was 95% after five years. In Germanische Heilkunde®, it is precisely the other way around; there, the survival rate is 95%!

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a “disease” in the sense we used to be taught at our universities. We had assumed mistakes of “mother nature” in what we had called “diseases,” that the assumed “immune system” (though as the defense army of our organism) had become too weak. “Mother Nature,” however, does not make mistakes, except deliberate, apparent mistakes, which also have a purpose, even if for an individual sometimes with negative concomitants, but in favor of the welfare of the larger group.

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