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Germanische Heilkunde (GHk) International Academy

A paradigm shift in medicine through biological natural laws as founded by dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer


Psyche - Brain - Organ

An individual heals himself by addressing the cause: the DHS - the conflict shock


Germanische Heilkunde® was discovered and founded by a true genius and pioneer Dr. Med. Ryke Geerd Hamer in 1981. GHK is a natural science with 5 biological laws that describe the connection of the 3 levels  psyche, brain, and organ that always function as a unit.

Why should you learn Germanische Heilkunde?

Why should you learn Germanishe Heilkunde?

In order to learn Germanische Heilkunde (GHk), you have to learn how to think biologically. To think biologically, you have to have a good understanding of the basics of GHk. The basics are, first and foremost, about learning to think biologically.

It is primordial to have a solid understanding of the basic program of GHk to learn advanced concepts such as constellations, psychoses, and special programs.

In GHk, it is not necessary to understand all the chemical processes, latin names, so-called diseases, drugs, and diagnoses; maybe this is crucial for a doctor, therapist, or geneticist, but not for thinking biologically.

At GHk International Academy, we do not train doctors or therapists because we would need universities and access to laboratories and medical facilities, and none of this is available to us. The current system does not allow us to practice and teach medical carers openly.

At GHk International Academy, we teach healthy and interested people how to think biologically, so that they understand the fundamental laws of nature. In this way, these people can apply this knowledge to their bodies without fear or panic.

For example, a mother does not need to know Latin or recognize the microbes by their latin name. All she needs is to be able to think biologically to act and make biologically correct decisions for her child. She needs to understand spontaneously:

  • what Special Program is present in her child;
  • what phase, and what symptoms she has to expect;
  • what event triggered the DHS in question in her child;
  • how to help her child resolve these conflicts in a real way, and
  • how to avoid tracks if necessary.

She can do all of this by learning the basics of GHk.

Dr. Hamer did not write books just for physicians or scientists; he taught how to think biologically so that anyone can learn it for themselves. This knowledge allows everyone to be responsible for their health and not rely on conventional medicine, which is not concerned with the health of individuals but exists solely to make money.


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