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John Holledauer

John Holledauer

Since John Holledauer is the translator, he is solely responsible for the English language of the Academy Germanische Heilkunde.

As a native Austrian, I attended the first Germanische Heilkunde seminar in 1997. Germanische Heilkunde study became an integral part of my life and has accompanied me ever since.

The GHK Academy commissioned him in August 2020 to translate the homepage, which is firmly established in the German language, and all existing seminar programs from the German original into the English language in their entirety. Since that time, this task has become a true vocation to him.

Due to the complexity of the homepage and the different languages, the number of visitors has increased enormously, which is why it became necessary to establish a separate homepage for each language and a head office in the United States.

GHK Academy offers for the first time in English the complete seminar program of Dr. Hamer as a digital download product. Each seminar tutorial consists of a seminar video (VOD), between one and two hours in length, an e-book, and an MP3 audiobook. In addition, online study groups are available to our students.

Since I am the sole responsible for the English language, I will continue to personally manage and maintain the homepage, social media, webinars, and online study groups.

Posts from John

PHA-Interview John Holledauer

May 30, 2023 The PHA is very proud to interview John Halledauer about GHK (Germanische Heilkunde) The GHK system has the potential to return health independence and sovereignty to...

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