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PHA-Interview John Holledauer

May 30, 2023

The PHA is very proud to interview John Halledauer about GHK (Germanische Heilkunde)

The GHK system has the potential to return health independence and sovereignty to all people. Perhaps it is for this reason that GHK has been so staunchly opposed and suppressed by the medical establishment. We hope that you will be intrigued and inspired to learn more!)

John Holledauer
John Holledauer

José Lacey: 

On behalf of the People’s Health Alliance, welcome, John! I’m delighted to be able to ask you a few questions about Germanische Heilkunde (German New Medicine), as I don’t believe enough people are aware of its benefits. I also suspect that it will become a crucial aspect of healthcare before too long.

You are the translator of the core material from German to English. How did you become involved and what was it about GHK that you initially found compelling?

John Holledauer:

In 1997 I read a book that outlined the discoveries of Dr. Hamer. This was the first time that I learned something about medicine and biology that I could understand. I didn’t have to trust and believe what Dr. Hamer was saying because Germanische Heilkunde is logical – it is bio-logical.

There are no contradictions nor dogmas in GHK and everyone can experience the GHK in their daily lives, in their own body.

After reading Dr. Hamer’s book in 1997, I attended my first lecture by Helmut Pilhar in Vienna. Since that time, the GHK has played a major role in my life. When I met my wife 13 years ago, she had a variety of allergies and chronic diseases. We set out to get to the bottom of each of her symptoms according to the rules of GHK, and many of them led back to childhood experiences with her grandmother as a track (a sort of trigger). My wife resolved all her allergies shortly thereafter and then went on to learn the GHK faster than I did!!! We attended every one of Helmut’s seminars and lived according to these biological laws of nature. Helmut Pilhar was a close friend for 25 years, and he was aware of what Natalie and me were capable of regarding GHK.

Since learning and live according to the GHK, we also afford ourselves the luxury of not having health insurance. Maintaining our family’s health is our responsibility.

In August 2020, Helmut Pilhar planned to translate the entire knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde and the complete seminar program from German into other languages. Therefore, he asked us if we would be interested in helping to translate the website and the complete seminar program into English and other languages, as part of a joint project. This decision meant that we were committing ourselves to years of unpaid work, every day, and uncounted hours.

JL: It seems that GHK was born out of tragic circumstances. Can you tell us a little about its origins?

JH: Dr. Hamer’s son, Dirk, was asleep in a boat in a harbour in Naples, Italy in 1979, when a stray bullet hit him. Four months later, he died in the arms of his father. The shooter was Prince Victor Emanuel of Savoy, the son of the last Italian king. Despite his admission of guilt, he was acquitted, which Dr. Hamer refused to accept. He insisted on a conviction and thus made very powerful enemies for the first time.

Dr. Hamer fell ill with testicular cancer (loss conflict) because of the loss of his son. He concluded that the tragic death of his son Dirk was connected to his own testicular cancer. At the University Hospital in Tübingen, he had the opportunity to verify his theory by questioning many other testicular cancer patients. From that point on, it was not difficult for him to determine the respective cause of all other cancers.

On October 4th, 1981, Dr. Hamer published his discovery, which he called the “Iron Rule of Cancer,” at the University in Tübingen in the form of a post-doctoral thesis. The professors of the university realised very quickly that these irrefutable laws of nature would initiate the end of their business model, and everything they had taught and practiced over the years would have to be relabelled as cruel torture! The University of Tübingen refused to conduct an official verification of his discovery, although this could have been done within three days.

Two court verdicts obligated the University of Tübingen to carry out this simple verification. Yet the University of Tübingen and other universities worldwide have refused for 42 years to officially verify the five simple biological laws of nature that Dr. Hamer outlined in his post-doctoral thesis. The only exception was in September 1999, when the official verification was conducted at the University of Trnava (Slovakia). This verification is positioning Germanische Heilkunde as the state of the art of science worldwide, however, this verification is consistently ignored and the medical industry pretends that it never happened.

JL: The PHA, as well as wanting to support people through their healing processes, is also keen to encourage people to take charge of their own wellbeing – responsibility for one’s mind/body/spirit vehicle is an element of true sovereignty, after all. How do you think GHK might align with this?

JH: The cause of everything we call disease including cancer, allergies, psychoses, etc., always stems from or is a reaction to a biological conflict shock (DHS). Each conflict shock initiates a special biological program that redirects the whole organism toward resolving the initial conflict and this happens simultaneously on three levels, the psyche, the organ, and the brain. This is what we could call the therapy of nature; this therapy actively helps us to find a real resolution to our conflicts. When we use the word ‘conflict’ in the GHK we are referring to an experience shock that is a very severe, highly acute-dramatic, and isolative.

A person experiences this sort of conflict alone and it is the responsibility of that person to resolve the conflict. No therapist, no oncologist, not even Dr. Hamer can solve someone else’s conflicts for them because nobody can live our life for us. We are, and will always be, responsible for our own lives. Main stream society has bought into the illusion that it is possible to delegate this self-responsibility to others. If we were lucky, we only had to pay for this illusion with a lot of money, however some pay for it with their lives.

Germanische Heilkunde is the medicine of freedom, because there is no freedom without self-responsibility. The doctor or therapist of the Germanische Heilkunde can only be a consultant and companion, and only the patient can heal him or herself. Only we can solve our conflict. No one can do the work for us, and only we can go through the healing phase symptoms ourself.

JL: Have you had the opportunity to use this knowledge where your own healing is concerned?

JH: Yes of course. GHK is an integral part of my life, it is like asking a fish about the meaning of water in its life. It is the most determining element in my life, without which I cannot even imagine my life.

Everyone expects reports about spectacular healing successes of cancers without conventional medical therapy. And yes, this exists in my case as well. In 1999 I had Osteosarcoma, with leukemia in the blood work, and in 2017 I had an edema in the brain that the radiologist diagnosed as a brain tumour.

However, it is important to remember the thousand minor experiences that happen each day that you barely notice and may not even pay any attention to it. For example if my baby had a slight rash on his face. I would have to remember that two hours ago, while waiting to checkout at the supermarket, he really wanted to suckle at his mother’s breast, which was impossible at that moment. After finally being put on the breast at home, his separation conflict was resolved, hence the healing phase symptoms in the place where my baby associated the separation from his mother’s breast, around the mouth.

Germanische Heilkunde is for people who genuinely want to understand our biological natures. It is the determining element of life. I have a hard time imagining how people can live and survive without this knowledge.

JL: Do you think this is the kind of knowledge that could, if delivered correctly, be taught in school so that everyone has a basic grasp of it by the time they reach adulthood?

JH: Absolutely. Germanische Heilkunde should be as natural for children as their mother language. Germanische Heilkunde should be part of the general education curriculum and of course it should be taught in kindergarten. Every mother should be aware of how she can help her child with eczema! Children wouldn’t have had to endure facial masks or fake PCR tests if the GHK were general knowledge.

Children can understand why they have diarrhea again, why their knee hurts, or why they have dandruff. If a boy received a public rejection from the most beautiful girl in school (conflict shock), and since then, he is on the track with a separation conflict every time he sees this girl (hanging active) .

JL: In my view, anything that returns health and freedom to the men and women of the world is a wonderful thing. However, I understand that you’ve recently encountered resistance whilst making GHK available to a wider audience. What form did this resistance take and why do you think anyone would want to supress such liberating knowledge?

JH: For ordinary people, it is unimaginable that this most significant discovery in the history of humanity is systematically suppressed and withheld from us. But this systematic and global suppression of knowledge has occurred since October 4th, 1981 when Dr Hamer presented the 5 biological laws of nature.

You have to understand that if GHK was common knowledge then the medical and pharmaceutical industry would have no clients. Can you imagine what would happen to the global economy! If GHK was common knowledge universities, the media, the courts, the government and the church would be faced with individuals who were responsible for their own lives and who no longer needed someone else to govern them. It would be the collapse of the current mainstream society that aims to control individuals and mentally enslave them.

Dr. Hamer’s sworn opponents did not disappear after his death in August 2017, instead they are even more active today than ever before. Plus there are those that will do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo and keep individuals dependent on the system. Dr. Hamer’s work is being systematically suppressed, however access to his legacy and the knowledge about the five simple biological laws of nature is growing.

For anyone who wants to learn Dr. Hamer’s legacy, the totality of it is available in German. However, I would like to be very clear about this, GHK is not about training therapists because to do so we would need access to university clinics, and this is just not possible yet. The available information on GHK is incomparably higher in German than in any other language. The gatekeepers of the Deep State have taken great care to ensure that only fragments of this entire knowledge ever overcome the language barrier into other languages. And to top it off, deliberately misconstrued and erroneous versions that are beyond recognition of Dr. Hamers legacy are spread and allowed into the mainstream.

When Helmut Pilhar started the GHK Academy project with us translators and future teachers, some lobbies sounded the alarm. They spread fake and thus worthless versions of Dr. Hamer’s legacy, and they engage in a never-ending smear campaigns with fake accusations and emotionally charged lies. Never do they address a technical or relevant topic.

My constantly repeated recommendation is to reach for the original versions only, when it comes to Dr. Hamer. The deliberate omissions and falsifications are not recognized by anyone who has not learned Germanische Heilkunde in the original German language.

Until recently, this was not possible, and you had to use what was available in English. The original homepage and entire seminar program are now available in English for the first time. After years of translating the original work of Dr. Hamer the webinar training program of the GHK International Academy is now available.

JL: What does GHK have to say about vaccination and vaccine injury?

JH: In order to answer your question I have to explain a little of history. The foundation of vaccination comes from Louis Pasteur, who claimed, 150 years ago, that microbes and bacteria are the cause of illness. Pasteur thus caused a global fear of microbes that continues to this day. Rockefeller built a gigantic business model based on this global phobia. Approximately 100 years ago this business model, built on Pasteur’s theory, was about to collapse, because it became increasingly difficult to suppress the fact that we are always in contact with microbes, externally and internally, without being sick. In fact we would not be able to live at all without microbes. Today, every child knows that digestion takes place thanks to microbes (Pro-Biotica).

So in order to maintain their business model based on Pasteur’s theory, in 1930 they invented an additional hypothesis that gave birth to the infamous immune system that battles against the evil microbes and bacteria. This hypothesis accepts that we have microbes, however we also have an army in our bodies that fights these evil microbes when they step out of line!

The battle of the Old Testament, the eternal war between good and evil. This concept of good versus evil is rooted in religious dogmatism; nature does not know this principle. In nature, everything makes biological sense for the survival of the individual and, above all, the species, but never with a purpose to destroy life (auto-immune).

The vaccination process can be very conflicting. Try to imagine yourself in the position of a small baby whose mother takes it to an unpleasant environment where it smells of disinfectant and strangers walk around in white coats. The mother means the entire world to the baby. The only protection the baby has is its mother. The mother hands the child over to a stranger who hurts him/her with a needle. The child tries to resist but cannot, and thus suffers a DHS, a motor conflict with the musculature of ‘cannot defend’, a paralysis of the transversely striated musculature (in lay terms this means that at the moment of vaccination the child can suffer a conflict shock affecting specific muscle tissue, it can take days or decades to resolve the conflict shock).

If the child resolves this conflict at home then according to the 5 biological laws the child will get into a crisis which results in an epileptic seizure. The mother panics and rushes the child back to the clinic, putting the child back on track. This reactivates the solved conflict shock.

After going back and forth from the clinic the child’s condition becomes chronic, and the child will be branded epileptic, polio, or MS. As you can see this does not concern the poison in the vaccine, the vaccination process itself is already enough to create a conflict shock, even with a sterile needle containing a saline solution.

I wont discuss the fact that vaccinations contain heavy metals like mercury, and the amount of the metals are increasing yearly, because this is the subject of toxicology, not Germanische Heilkunde.

If you look at the 1st Biological Law of Nature in GHK which describes the causes of those diseases that arise by themselves; for example cancer, chronic diseases, allergies, and psychoses. It does not apply to poisoning, injury, and extreme malnutrition. The contents of vaccinations would fall into the poisoning category.

JL: What can those injured by the Covid 19 vaccines do from a GHK perspective?

JH: I would advise those who have been injured by the C-19 to study GHK and take responsibility for their health. By studying GHK they will understand the laws of nature so that they will no longer look to a multinational pharmaceutical company to rescue them from a virus that doesn’t even exist!

There are no miracle cures for C-19 injuries, however it can be the start of a new perspective on health, life and the future.

Only the developers can make reliable statements to respond to what the C-19 genetic manipulation actually is and how it works. C-19 is a military project, and only the developers of this weapon themselves, the military, know how advanced this weapon is and the desired effects. It might be possible that they are not even sure of what the effects are and are simply using the human race as guinea pigs for their New World Order!

JL: Finally, John, what does the future hold for you and what hopes do you have for the future of GNM?

JH: Dr. Hamer had very few ways to share his discoveries other than through his books and seminars. However, today the Internet offers us opportunities to communicate efficiently and effectively, in German, English, Russian, etc. The original seminar program of Dr. Hamer and Helmut Pilhar has now been translated and the GHK Academy English website is now available for free to everyone around the world.

The GHK Academy website has everything necessary to study and understand biological knowledge for all family members. There are seminars, tutorials and webinars for all levels from introductory to advanced.

My greatest hope and my motivation to work 12-16 hours a day is to make Dr. Hamer’s knowledge available to as many people as possible. As this knowledge becomes known throughout the world our society will have to change because people will take more responsibility for their own well-being and will not be fooled by the lies and deception of the ruling elite.

We spend a lifetime living in our bodies and yet we know very little about how it functions. My primary objective is to change this by getting Germanische Heilkunde legal globally. We will be able to achieve this goal when people actively choose self responsibility and choose to receive this knowledge.

I would like to clear up any confusion that some people might have between GNM and GHK. GNM stands for German New Medicine and GHK stands for Germanische Heilkunde. Dr. Hamer originally called his work GNM, however when he saw that his opponents were creating parallel therapies and calling them GNM so that people could not tell the difference, he changed the name to GHK. GHK concerns only Dr. Hamer’s work.

JL: John, I am very grateful for your time and I appreciate you giving us a fuller picture of GHK and how it can help mankind. I wish you great fortune in making it a reality!

JH: Thank you José for your questions, it has been a pleasure to respond to them and I do hope that we will have the opportunity to talk more in depth with the People’s Health Alliance.

José Lacey

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