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Breeding Docile and Obedient Humans

Obedient Humans: For thousands of years, it has been known how to make people docile.

The ruling powers have understood for thousands of years how deliberately traumatizing young humans and animals makes them docile and obedient. Today everyone is able to understand this mechanism for the first time thanks to Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s discovery of the Five Biological laws of nature in Germaniche Heilkunde.

The Greek word trauma means wound, both physical and mental wound. Dr. Hamer discovered, and was able to prove scientifically with the use of CT scans, how trauma affects humans. Using CT scans of the human brain, he discovered that there were ring formations of varying density, which he named the Hamer Foci, which corresponded to various traumas. In a territorial loss conflict, this Hamer foci is visible in the heart relay of the cerebral cortex. In GHK (previously GNM) we understand and can explain the circumstances leading to such a conflict and the resultant physical, as well as psychological changes. In this article, I will be focusing on the psychological effects and peculiarities that accompany the use of trauma to render humans and animals obedient.

If we look at nature, we can see how this mechanism works. When a young wolf becomes sexually mature, the pack leader (the alpha) will attack the young wolf as brutally and unexpectedly as possible in order to create a sense of isolation in the young wolf. Because of this unexpected attack, the young wolf suffers a territorial loss conflict trauma, thereby closing his male territorial relays in the brain. This means that the young wolf will no longer have dominant territorial behaviors. He will no longer walk with his tail raised, he will urinate like the female wolves do without raising the hind leg, he will become quasi homosexual, he will be subservient to and dote on the pack leader (who inflicted this trauma). The Alpha is now secure in his knowledge that this young wolf will never challenge his authority, he will be loyal and fight to the death for the Alpha. This mechanism works exactly the same for humans.

The horsemen of the Asian savannas broke in young horses by smashing a jug of vodka on the horse’s head at the first sign of resistance. The pain and burning of the vodka in the eyes of the horse, traumatized the animal so much that it never resisted again and all its attention was focused solely on the rider.

Survival is the absolute priority in nature. Children who are afraid of their own parents and run away, will not survive and will die without their protectors/parents. Therefore, the fear and trauma experienced by a child is often shifted into the subconscious. The child cannot consciously remember the event at all, instead he/she shows a pronounced behavior that arouses sympathy for the instigator, for their lifetime as outlined in the Stockholm Syndrome.

The core problem is fraud

Jennifer J. Freyd* of the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute talks about the suppression of memories, states of confusion, and other cognitive processes involved in the repetition of childhood trauma in adults.

“…the core problem is fraud. A fraud of trust that produces a conflict between external reality and the necessary system of social dependence. Of course, a trauma can be both a fraud trauma and a life-threatening event. Rape is such an event. Perhaps all childhood traumas are such events.”
“The fraud trauma theory explains that the psychological pain of discovering fraud creates a developing motivator to change social agreements. In general, it is not to our advantage, neither for our survival nor for our reproduction, to return to further interaction with the one who betrayed us. But if the person who deceived us is someone with whom we must continue social interaction, then it is not to our advantage to answer the deception in a normal way. Instead, we must essentially ignore the scam/fraud. If the cheated person is a child and the cheater is a parent, it is especially important for the child not to stop behaving in a way that encourages affection. For the child, a retreat from the parent on whom it depends would be even more life-threatening, both physically and mentally.
Therefore, it is precisely in the nature of fraud trauma that information about abuse is blocked by mental mechanisms that control affection and affection behaviors. There is no need to presuppose psychic avoidance behavior over psychic pain, instead the control of social behavior is of functional importance.”

A blood ritual known to every culture is the male circumcision of the foreskin without anesthesia. In certain “holy books” it says: “Without circumcision the world could not exist.” This is not the case, the world would exist perfectly, but the hierarchy of power, on which all religions depend, would not exist. The oldest documented mentions of male circumcision come from the ancient Egyptians. When they captured male slaves they were immediately circumcised with the argument: “Be circumcised and no longer resist”! The act of circumcising a man causes a deliberate psychological change through a traumatizing procedure. The Egyptians knew how to effectively enslave people long ago.

There are two Old Testament religions where the boys are circumcised (traumatized) on the 8th day after birth and the other before puberty. In both cases the boys are always “circumcised” by a religious figure of authority. This act of circumcising by a religious figure can be more appropriately described as traumatizing and just like with the young male wolf, the baby or the young boy become subservient and submissive to the religion inflicting the trauma.
I have questioned many members of various religions and every Muslim can clearly remember his circumcision yet none of them are capable of having even one critical idea against his religion. In this way the men are deliberately enslaved and thus become willing tools of this power hierarchy. Every decision of the respective religious authorities is equated with God’s word and is carried out without question. Thus, for thousands of years a pyramid of power has been maintained, with the caste of priests comfortably at the top. These priests know that all their commands will be carried out by those at the very bottom of the pyramid, and that their authority will never be questioned.

It is evident that the powers that govern the world today are aware of and use these mechanisms without hesitation. The methods of traumatisation have been significantly refined in order to apply them specifically to control the unconscious masses.

There are mass psychological phenomena that cannot be explained by logical reason and objective assessment. Cognitive dissonance is the medical term used to describe this mass phenomenon. How can it be that people repeatedly choose the same power structures that have always cheated them for decades and centuries? Humans are blind and deaf to the most obvious contradictions in economic, medical and educational organizations. They repeat the lies of the mass media every day, without questioning the validity of it. These same people attack those who prove without a doubt that the mass media is a propaganda machine.
For example, the Catholic Church, which always preaches the New Testament but consistently lives the Old Testament and thus sells two opposing and irreconcilable poles as one and the same religion. Everyone feels the deception, but hardly anyone can name it.

How is it possible that certain regimes massacred large portions of their population? Mao Zedong 65 million, Lenin 22 million, Stalin approx. 20 million. Pol Pot wanted to have all Cambodians murdered except for 100,000 and Che Guevara was proud to have shot 17,000 people personally with his own hand. These tragic characters are paid homage to in almost all universities worldwide.

The survivors of these mass genocides were the most loyal supporters of their perpetrators. They became fervent supporters of the regime and ideology responsible for these mass murders and misery. Only when this traumatized generation grew too old and died out, making room for the younger generation who had not suffered these targeted traumas, did all these socialist regimes disintegrate from within. I remember a map of the Eurasian continent from the 1950s, on which the territory of the Soviet Union was named the “Territory for Social Experiments.”

With the advance of technical possibilities and the understanding of psychological mechanisms in humans, the means of mass traumatisation have been refined to such an extent that they are usually not perceived as such by those affected. Today, cognitive dissonance is the most determining principle in our lives.

George Orwell called it “new speech”. War is a synonym for Peace! Freedom is the new Slavery! Ignorance is now a Strength!

This socio-political phenomenon can only be explained logically if you understand George Orwell’s “new speech” or if you understand how our body and soul function through GHK. Without understanding the mechanisms of mass control, we as a society have no chance to regain our freedom.

We should no longer leave this knowledge to the elites, who have used it against us without exception for thousands of years. Knowledge is power, but that also means that ignorance is powerlessness.

Study GHK while you are healthy. Share this knowledge with all your friends and acquaintances. Let us free ourselves through knowledge.

A first to learn the biological language of your body would be to study of Germanische Heilkunde. You can watch all the videos on the Video Blog carefully, many more will follow.

* Jennifer J. Freyd – Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. Second Annual Conference on Psychodynamics Cognitive since Interface Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute, University of California San Francisco. (Langley = home of the CIA)

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