1st Biological Natural Law

The 1st Biological Law of Nature describes the causes of those diseases that arise by themselves. So for cancer, chronic diseases, allergies, and psychoses. It does not apply to poisoning, injury, and extreme malnutrition.

The Iron Rule of Cancer

it has three criteria

1st Criterion

Each Sensible Biological Special Program (SBS) arises with a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), i.e., with a very severe, highly acute-dramatic, and isolative conflict-experience shock, simultaneously on the three levels:
The DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) is a severe, highly acute-dramatic, and isolative conflict shock that “surprises” the individual on the wrong foot. Still, at the same time, it is also a chance of nature to make up for the glitch. Because at this moment, a particular program is switched on, practically synchronously: In the psyche, in the brain and at the organ, and is also detectable, visible and measurable there! The unsuspected impact is more important than the “psychological content evaluation” of the conflict.
It is also always a conflictive experience, not a stroke of destiny or an event in which the affected person could not have changed anything anyway.
The patient opens his mouth, eyes, and ears with the DHS. He is instantly wide awake and has cold extremities. Precisely from the DHS, the patient has permanent stress, i.e., he has quite cold hands and feet, thinks about his conflict day and night, and tries to solve it. He can no longer sleep at night, and if he does, then only in the first half of the night, half-hourly, he no longer has an appetite, he loses weight.

2nd Criterion

At the moment of DHS, the biological conflict determines both the localization of SBS in the brain as a so-called Hamer Focus (HH) and the localization at the organ as cancer or cancer equivalent.
There is no conflict per se, but every conflict has specific content defined in the second of the DHS. The conflict content arises associative, i.e., involuntary thought assignment and mostly past the filter of our mind. One thinks that one thinks, in reality, the conflict has already hit in seconds before one starts to think. This unexpected shock leaves traces in the brain that can be photographed using computed tomography (CT) of the brain. Such a structure in the brain relay is called a Hamer Focus (HH). These HH look like concentric rings of a shooting target, or like a water surface’s image into which one has plopped a stone.
So that means content belongs to each conflict, concrete cancer, and a particular place in the brain. But the fascinating thing in Germanische Heilkunde® is that we can immediately determine the type of biological conflict or the conflict content from the CT of the brain or which organ is affected. Whether cell proliferation or cell reduction occurs. We can also find out, as they were criminals, whether the conflicts are in the conflict-active phase (ca-phase) or already in the healing phase (pcl-phase).

3rd Criterion

The course of SBS on all three levels (psyche – brain – organ), from DHS to conflict resolution (Conflictolysis = CL) and epileptic/epileptoid crisis at the peak of the pcl-healing phase and return to normalization (normotonia), is synchronous!
Due to the permanent stress (sympathicotonia), which in principle is something planned, now the communication lines of the cranial nerves get damaged to an increasing extent, i.e., an increasingly larger area is affected or the once affected area is more intensively altered. At the same time, cancer in the organ also progresses. The body organ is enlarged, reduced in size, or any case, changed by cancer.
This means: If the conflict becomes more severe, the effects on the organ also become more severe; if the conflict weakens, this also weakens on the other levels. If the conflict is resolved, then there is also conflict resolution on all three levels. If there is a recurrence, i.e., if the conflict comes back, there is a recurrence again on all three levels.
But more can happen in the second of the DHS because in this second also, the tracks are laid. Tracks are additional conflict aspects or additional perceptions in the moment of the DHS. Because humans and animals “notice” in the second of the DHS – without being aware of it – also the accompanying circumstances as with a flashlight snapshot, in addition also tones, or sounds, smells, sensations of all kinds and taste sensations, and they keep these records practically lifelong. If the patient later comes to such a track, then a recurrence of the total conflict can result.
If the patient successfully resolves his biological conflict, he enters the second phase of the special program, the healing phase. Because precisely with the beginning of the healing phase, the organism begins with the repair of the damages – be it a cell proliferation or a cell reduction at the body organ and, of course, also of the affected brain relay. And the longer the conflict has lasted, the greater are, or the longer the repairs last.
With the beginning of conflict resolution, the organism switches again from the stress phase to the rest phase, called vagotonia.
On the organ level, we now see what was previously considered the most important thing: the cancer stops! And on the brain level, we see parallel to it that the Hamer Focus now gets edema.

Computed Tomography (CT) of the Brain

Hamer Focus (HH) in CT

Clearly recognizable even to the layman: a shooting target configuration (in the beginning solution phase) with oedematized rings