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1st Biological Natural Law

The 1st Biological Law of Nature describes the causes of those diseases that arise by themselves like cancer, chronic diseases, allergies, and psychoses. It does not apply to poisoning, injury, and extreme malnutrition.

The Iron Rule of Cancer has three criteria

1st Criterion

Each Sensible Biological Special Program (SBS) arises with a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), i.e., with a very severe, highly acute-dramatic, and isolative conflict-experience shock, simultaneously on the three levels:

1. Psyche
2. Brain
3. Organ

The DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) is a severe, highly acute-dramatic, and isolative conflict shock that ‘surprises’ the individual on the wrong foot (unbalanced). Fortunately nature has a self correcting program that is immediately initiated. At the moment of shock, a particular program is switched on synchronistically in the psyche, in the brain and at the corresponding organ. This program is also detectable, visible and measurable in these 3 levels! The unsuspected impact is more important than the ‘psychological content evaluation’ of the conflict.

The DHS is also always a conflictive experience, not a stroke of fate or an event in which the affected person could not have changed anything. The person’s mouth, eyes, and ears are opened from the impact of the DHS. He is instantly wide awake, has cold extremities (quite cold hands and feet), has permanent stress, he no longer has an appetite, he loses weight, and he thinks about his conflict day and night in order to solve it. He can no longer sleep at night, and if he does, then only in the first half of the night.

2nd Criterion

At the moment of the DHS, the biological conflict determines both the localisation of SBS in the brain which we call the Hamer Focus (HH). In addition the biological conflict determines the localisation on/in the organ as cancer or cancer equivalent (cell development that is not yet considered cancer by conventional medicine).
There is no objective conflict per se, however, every conflict is personal and individual and has specific content defined in the second of the DHS. The conflict content arises through involuntary thought assignment and mainly bypasses the filter of the mind. At the moment of the DHS the conflict has been defined seconds before the person starts to think, any thought process occurs afterwards.

This unexpected shock leaves traces in the brain that can be photographed using computed tomography (CT) of the brain. Such traces in the brain relay is called a Hamer Focus (HH). These HH look like concentric rings like a shooting target, or like the ripple effect after a stone drops in water.
So this means that each conflict content (meaning defined by the conflict) corresponds to a specific cancer, and a specific location in the brain. The fascinating work of Germanische Heilkunde® is that we can immediately determine the type of biological conflict, the conflict content from the CT of the brain, which organ is affected and whether cell proliferation or cell reduction occurs. We can also establish whether the person is in the conflict-active phase (ca-phase) or already in the healing phase (pcl-phase).

3rd Criterion

The development of the SBS is on all three levels (psyche, brain and organ), from the DHS to the conflict resolution (Conflictolysis = CL), to the epileptic/epileptoid crisis at the peak of the pcl-healing phase and return to normalization (normotonia). All of this happens  synchronistically!

Due to the permanent stress (sympathicotonia), which in principle happens in order to resolve the conflict, the communication lines of the cranial nerves, at the brain level, are damaged and an increasingly larger area is affected or the affected area is more intensively altered. Simultaneously, at the organ level, the cancer also progresses. The organ is changed by the cancer, either it is enlarged, or reduced in size.

This means that if the conflict becomes more severe, the effects on the organ will also become more severe. If the conflict weakens, then the effects on the other levels also weakens. If the conflict is resolved, then there is also conflict resolution on all three levels. If there is a recurrence, i.e., if the conflict comes back, there is a recurrence again on all three levels.

Additional information is recorded in the second of the DHS and it is in this second that the tracks are laid. Tracks are additional conflict aspects or additional perceptions in the moment of the DHS. Humans and animals notice and store additional information in the second of the DHS, without being aware of it. The tones, sounds, smells, sensations and taste sensations that are present at the moment of DHS are like a snapshot that can last a lifetime. A recurrence of the total conflict can result if a person encounters something from the snapshot which we refer to as a track.

If a person successfully resolves his biological conflict, he enters the second phase of the special program, the healing phase. With the beginning of the healing phase, the organism begins repairing the damages. This can be cell proliferation or a cell reduction at the organ level and, of course, also of the affected brain relay. The longer the conflict, the greater or the longer the healing phase.

With the beginning of conflict resolution, the organism switches again from the stress phase to the rest phase, called vagotonia. At the organ level the cancer stops! Previously this was considered the most important thing! At the same time at the brain level an edema is created at the Hamer Focus.

Computed Tomography (CT) of the Brain
Hamer Focus (HH) in CT – Clearly recognisable even to a layman: a shooting target configuration (in the beginning solution phase) with oedematized rings

Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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