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I WANT MY BABY BACK! – E-Book + Audiobook



I Want My Baby Back!

This incredible story of little Max outlines perfectly the GHK principles.

It is the most detailed case study of Germanische Heilkunde, as every DHS was accurately recorded and documented based on the brain CTs. In addition a Germanische Heilkunde physician assisted this family with evaluating the brain CTs, and his GHK analysis was recorded in detail as part of the story.

The graphic analysis and illustration of little Max’s brain CTs allow even the GHK layman to comprehend the described events easily. The parents wrote daily what they experienced, giving the reader the opportunity to witness each step of the GHK process.

When Max was nine months old, he had an accident at home; although he was not injured, he became paralyzed on one side of his body. Even though his parents knew the Germansiche Heilkunde perfectly, they panicked and took their son to the emergency room for a full body X-ray and brain CT, which turned out to be a horrible mistake.

The paralysis finally resolved, however, the conventional doctors sensed an opportunity to sell their brain surgery techniques and tried everything they could to force their business against the parents’ will. The medical staff acted in such a cruel and inhumane manner that little Max suffered numerous additional conflicts and constellations. All these additional conflicts were verified and could be assigned in the brain CT.

Of course, the parents understood the conventional doctors’ true intention, and they had to fight day in and day out for little Max’s health and life.

This is a true parent versus the conventional medical system.

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