I WANT MY BABY BACK! – E-Book + Audiobook



A Case Study in Germanische Heilkunde: I WANT MY BABY BACK!

After falling down the stairs, a baby is paralyzed on one side.

Suddenly he was gone … one single moment of carelessness, and the whole family found themselves in a dramatic situation that resulted in a series of conflicts.

Although the parents had known Germanische Heilkunde in great detail for many years, they had to take their baby Max to a public hospital to have X-rays, and brain CT scans done.

All the results showed an uninjured child, and the paralysis resolved again. Nevertheless, some doctors tried everything in their power to force a brain operation.

A merciless – and for all involved conflicting – struggle for the life of little Max developed. It was the parents against the medical system.

The father and the mother narrate the story in real time, letting the reader empathize with what they experienced.

For example, as a fully breastfeeding and, therefore, hormonally male mother, Astrid suffered a territorial loss conflict about her baby. A coronary heart attack as an epi-crisis was only one of this story’s numerous and well-documented crises.

Each conflict is described accurately in real-time with a look at the essentials, and the brain CTs are clearly presented in graphics for documentation. Starting with the Dirk Hamer Syndrome, the course of the conflict, constellations, psychoses, conflict resolution, symptoms of the healing phases, tracks, and the various crises are all described.

This comprehensive case study was completed through the expertise of a doctor of Germanische Heilkunde. He is not only a conventional medicine doctor but, for his part, learned Germanische Heilkunde in many years of clinical work alongside Dr. Hamer and knows how to apply it like hardly any other doctor alive today. That’s how he was able to give the family all the necessary information about the state of health of their child. Through his contribution, this story contains comprehensive medical documentation unlike anything we’ve seen since Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the Hamer Focus.

And so, this tragedy may have become one of the most instructive documentaries about the process and principles of the five biological laws of nature.

Exciting, like a thriller. Shattering, like a drama. And educational, like life.

192 pages

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