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Sensible Biological Special Programs

Sensible Biological Special Programs The most challenging thing for the beginner is probably understanding that the various symptoms are not so much the problem. Instead, one must focus attention on the cause of these symptoms: the Biological Conflict (DHS)

Kidney – with its Special Programs in Germanische Heilkunde

Kidney – with its Special Programs in Germanische Heilkunde Germanische Heilkunde® is a coherent set of biological laws that embrace the relationship between psyche, brain, and organs. It also outlines the embryological-ontogenetic explanations in order to understand why the individual relay centres are located in the different locations in the brain. It is always possible to find the brain localisation of each biological conflict in the region of our brain that was “under construction” at the time when this new behaviour pattern was programmed. For example, when “mother/child behaviour” was programmed into us mammals, it was just the cerebellum that was “under construction”. When sexual behaviour was programmed into us, the cerebrum was “under construction.” GHK teaches us that with biological conflicts we will find the corresponding Hamer Focus (HH) in the brain at these “under construction” places at the moment of conflict. This means that each conflict content has

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Pancreas Carcinoma in Germanische Heilkunde®

Pancreas Carcinoma in Germanische Heilkunde® The Greeks, with their Asclepius, had developed a culture of coping with psychological conflicts in ancient times. The priests of Asclepius asked those seeking advice about their dreams of the previous night and deduced from them their psychological problems and physical illnesses. Even if, of course, the statements of earlier times could only be global and, for the most part, vague and lacked systematization, one was already closer to the problem of the connection between the psyche and the development of cancer than our 20th century with its fixation on presumed pathological processes and research into facts of the physical level. Also, the unspecific stress research connected with cancer mostly confuses cause and effect, since all cancer patients have stress (permanent stress) in the ca phase. No one could recognize cancer connections since no distinction was made between the conflict-active stress phase with its symptoms

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Prostate Carcinoma – a Compact Tumour

Prostate Carcinoma – a compact tumor in Germanische Heilkunde® The trigger of every so-called disease is always a biological conflict, a highly dramatic shock experience called a DHS. In the second of the DHS, a responsible relay center in the brain is marked, a circular shooting target configuration (Hamer Focus), which corresponds with a certain organ. The more extensive this Hamer Focus (HH) is, the more extensive the tumor, necrosis, or change of cells in the organ. The DHS is the basic building block of the Iron Rule of Cancer (IRC), the basis of a revolutionary understanding of all Germanische Heilkunde®. Most patients know the exact moment of the DHS because it was always dramatic. In Germanische Heilkunde®, every so-called disease has two phases: the first is cold, and the second is hot if the conflict is solved. However, suppose the conflict cannot be resolved; in this case, the “disease”

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Rectum Carcinoma – not a Tumor, but an Ulcer

Rectum Carcinoma is not a Tumor, but an Ulcer. In conventional medicine, a carcinoma is a malignant tumor that destroys healthy tissue and spreads to other parts of the body through blood and lymph vessels, producing metastases. Based on this understanding, conventional medicine has so far been purely symptomatic. Diseases were diseases of the organ and were treated only purely organically-symptomatically. This ultimately led to our soulless modern medicine, in which the psyche only had a disturbing effect. Germanische Heilkunde®, on the other hand, is a scientific medicine that functions solely according to the five biological laws of nature, and it sets entirely new standards. It is by no means inhumane because it is biologically oriented, but on the contrary, it clears up this soulless medicine. First of all, it states that everything runs like in a modern computer in our organism, only much more grandiose because even animals and

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Thyroid – Biological Conflicts in Germanische Heilkunde

Thyroid – Biological Conflicts in Germanische Heilkunde In Germanische Heilkunde®, the so-called “diseases” which we had considered for thousands of years as “insufficiencies,” “mishaps of nature,” “aberrations,” “malignancies,” “punishments of God,” etc., are sensible biological special programs of nature. We stand today before a miracle work of divine nature. It may provide insight into how mother nature arranged everything in the most meaningful because not nature was insufficiencies. But we dogmatically blinded physicians were ignorant. From now on, our task changes: With every symptom, every conflict, we must first ask for the special program’s Biological Sense. Through this, we then understand whether the event is still in the active phase or already in the healing phase and whether – depending on the germ layer affiliation – the Biological Meaning is already fulfilled in the active phase (ca-phase) or will only be fulfilled in the healing phase (pcl-phase). Also, the so-called

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Esophageal Carcinoma (Esophagus) in Germanische Heilkunde

Esophageal Carcinoma (Esophagus) in Germanische Heilkunde The cause of esophageal cancer In the past, it was believed that the so-called diseases were determined by coincidences, aberrations, insufficiencies, and degeneration. However, Germanische Heilkunde found a clear correlation and systematic between our organs and specific conflicts or conflict groups. This system can also be found in the brain – our organism’s computer – as a so-called Hamer Focus (HH). It was strange that complicated industrial machines worked according to this model in the computer age. Still, the much more complicated human organism without brain and psyche, i.e., without programmer and computer, should produce so-called diseases. Furthermore, Germanische Heilkunde® found that every disease or Biological Special Program in all medicine is biphasic, i.e., has a conflict-active sympathicotonic phase and a conflict-resolved vagotonic or healing phase, if there is conflict resolution. And every “disease” with conflict resolution also has a ca-phase and a pcl-phase

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Tinnitus – an active hearing conflict in Germanische Heilkunde

Tinnitus – an active hearing conflict in Germanische Heilkunde At all times, people felt that there is a connection between psychological conflicts, emotions, and drastic experiences and shocks in people’s lives. Our German language gives eloquent testimony to this in countless idioms and expressions concerning the biological shock experience, the DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), e.g., “not trusting one’s ears” or “that still rings in my ears.” The DHS is the basis of Germanische Heilkunde, the beginning of every so-called disease – in reality, a Sensible Biological Special Program of Nature. Every “Sensible Cancer or Cancer Equivalent Special Program” originates with a DHS, i.e., a very severe, highly acute dramatic, and isolative conflict experience shock simultaneously or quasi-simultaneously on all three levels: In the psyche, in the brain, and at the organ. It determines the conflict’s content, the localization of the Hamer Focus (HH) in the brain (so-called target configuration), and

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Leukemia in Germanische Heilkunde

Leukemia in Germanische Heilkunde In Germanische Heilkunde® Leukemia is not a disease, but a healing phase after a bone marrow disease responsible for blood formation. The good fortune of Leukemia In principle, there are two possibilities of bone marrow damage: One is general toxicity or due to radioactive irradiation (Chernobyl). The bone marrow’s healing reaction is called a leukemic reaction. The bone marrow produces many immature cells both the red and white, i.e., immature erythrocytes and immature leukocytes. The most immature of the leukocytes are called (leuko)blasts. In conventional medicine one of their delusional belief states that these blasts are malignant because large quantities of these blasts are produced. However, they are by no means malignant. No one has ever observed their division. On the contrary, they are discarded after a few days (degraded in the liver), so they are almost immediately retaken out of circulation and, therefore cannot harm.

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Lymph Nodes, what it is all about in Germanische Heilkunde

How does it actually work with lymph nodes? Conventional doctors always operate on women’s axillary lymph nodes in relation to breast cancer. What is this all about? Basically, it must be said that there are two types of lymph nodes. The axillary lymph nodes, for example, are currently one of the most critical chapters in connection with cancer of the female breast from conventional medicine’s perspective. In Germanische Heilkunde®, they are a harmless marginal chapter. But we want to treat them nevertheless in detail enough. In principle, the lymph nodes are located in the drainage area of the female breast, but of course, just as much in the arm’s drainage area, for example. If major metabolic processes are underway due to a healing process in the breast or arm, then the responsible lymph nodes usually swell. This is what conventional doctors call a benign swelling. There is no cell proliferation within the

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Melanoma – Skin Cancer under the Skin

Melanoma – Skin Cancer under the Skin. Around our evolutionary history, our primitive “ancestors” began to exchange the milieu of water for that of land. At the time when the cerebellum was under construction, the individual needed a skin that not only gave stability but could also shield against excessive sunlight, prevent desiccation, etc. This organ I will call the mesodermal cerebellar skin. I will call this organ the mesodermal cerebellar skin. This skin did not have to withstand great mechanical stress. However, the individual could already move forward, crawling like a worm. The skin had the unspecific, so-called “protopathic sensitivity.” i.e., it possessed sensation for extreme pressure and temperature, and was thus already adaptable and reactive if the environmental conditions changed significantly. This skin stored the melanophores, which could shield with their pigment, particularly the sun’s UV light. Besides, this skin had the possibility by the sweat glands to

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