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Tinnitus – an active hearing conflict in Germanische Heilkunde

Tinnitus – an active hearing conflict in Germanische Heilkunde

At all times, people felt that there is a connection between psychological conflicts, emotions, and drastic experiences and shocks in people’s lives. Our German language gives eloquent testimony to this in countless idioms and expressions concerning the biological shock experience, the DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome), e.g., “not trusting one’s ears” or “that still rings in my ears.”

The DHS is the basis of Germanische Heilkunde, the beginning of every so-called disease – in reality, a Sensible Biological Special Program of Nature. Every “Sensible Cancer or Cancer Equivalent Special Program” originates with a DHS, i.e., a very severe, highly acute dramatic, and isolative conflict experience shock simultaneously or quasi-simultaneously on all three levels: In the psyche, in the brain, and at the organ.

It determines the conflict’s content, the localization of the Hamer Focus (HH) in the brain (so-called target configuration), and the localization of the cell proliferation, necrosis, or change in the organ. It is an overdetermined system, i.e., if you know one level, you can conclusively find others.

Every so-called disease of the whole medicine runs two-phased if it comes to a conflict resolution, i.e., with a conflict-active, cold, sympathicotonic phase from the DHS (ca-phase) and a conflict-resolved or healing phase (pcl-phase). Now we know in embryonic development, three different germ layers formed from the first development of the embryo. And from which all organs can be derived: The inner germ layer (endoderm), the middle one (mesoderm), and the outer germ layer (ectoderm). Each organ of the body can be assigned not only to one of these germ layers. But to each of these germ layers belongs development-historically, a special brain part (brainstem, cerebellum, cerebrum), a certain kind of conflict content, a particular localization in the brain, completely certain histology, specific germ layer-related microbes, and beyond that also still another special biological sense.

Middle ear

Tinnitus belongs to the organs of the outer germ layer, controlled by the cerebral cortex. This means, among other things, that handedness plays a role here. Because the left and right-handedness start in the brain, from the cerebellum. From the cerebellum on, everything is defined laterally. In the brainstem, it plays practically still no role. Every person is left-handed or right-handed. Left-handedness is always when the left hand is on top during the clapping test (applause). Left-handedness, for example, transfers the conflict to the opposite side of the brain, i.e., the right cerebellum and cerebrum are mainly responsible for the left side of the body, and the left cerebellum and cerebrum for the right side of the body. A distinction must be made, especially in the cerebral cortex’s conflicts, between the fixedly assigned brain relays for partner/mother-child side and the variably assigned brain relays in the territorial area.

In the case of tinnitus, however, the left ear of the right-handed person does not necessarily have to be the “mother/child ear” or the “father/child ear.” Since the hearing conflict can also belong to the territorial area, whereby one hears, e.g., the voice of the territorial rival, but does not believe in trusting one’s ears (the deer hears the rival’s roaring). The tinnitus or hearing relay in the brain is located directly below (caudal) the territorial conflict relay (periinsular). We can, therefore, also call it a “half territory conflict” or a facultative territory conflict. Moreover, this often has a positive side effect because, in the case of left ear tinnitus, a right-handed person cannot suffer a right-cerebral territory conflict for the conflict activity. Similarly, the hearing conflict can be optional according to the handedness as well for the child/mother or -/partner.

Tinnitus is always based on an active hearing conflict in which one does not want to hear something. Conflict content: “I didn’t trust my ears, that can’t be true, what I heard there.” From the DHS, the patient has tinnitus, depending on whether it is in the right or left ear, i.e., a hissing, buzzing, ringing, whistling, and, in the case of speech, also hearing voices, but only if he has a “speech tinnitus” in both ears. The associated Hamer’s focus is located in the middle left or right cranial fossa temporal-cortical, corresponding to the associated tinnitus relay. In the case of double tinnitus, i.e., if the patient has tinnitus in both ears simultaneously, he does not only suffer from unbearable noises, but he is also in a so-called schizophrenic constellation, with and without hearing voices.

Example: A professional soldier who was about to get married wanted to buy a condominium and withdrew DM 150,000 in cash from his account for this purpose. He gave the sum to his bride “in trust,” who held the money until the contract was signed. But before the purchase contract was signed, a heated argument ensued. His bride then called him at his office, canceling the engagement and claiming that the patient had given her the 150,000 DM as a gift. At this, the patient suffered a tremendous DHS, a double hearing conflict “that can’t be true what I heard.” Two hours later, he had to go to a shooting exercise. He had been shooting without hearing protection as usual, but this time everything was different because he found the shooting to be unbearably loud. After the shooting practice, he had multiple tinnitus, i.e., he had been in a special schizo-constellation since then. However, the tinnitus made him so “crazy” that he was not only allergic to every noise, but he also always heard his ex-wife’s voice. Such patients can then suffer what we call “insanity.”

“Vox” means voice and refers to a patient who hears voices. “Hearing voices,” e.g., a particular sentence, means paranoid schizophrenia in conventional medicine. For the poor patients, this always meant a moral death sentence because once schizophrenic – forever schizophrenic. This meant that the patients were ruined for the rest of their lives, a case for the psychiatric institution because they could not get rid of this diagnosis for the rest of their lives. Once crazy – forever crazy!

Mostly the voice-hearers are considered harmless paranoiacs, but their schizophrenic constellation can also be combined with another, e.g., aggressive-biomanic constellation. However, the patients are no longer harmless because they firmly believe the voices and orders they give them. Many religious fanatics are “voice hearers.” Even if we hear voices in dreams, we suffer a short-term recurrence, e.g., in case of a hanging auditory conflict (so-called bank). However, such a recurrence is usually only a concise term because the affected person knows immediately upon awakening: A dream!

In Germanische Heilkunde®, schizophrenia does not exist as a characteristic or trait in the previous understanding. There is only a schizophrenic constellation, i.e., a simultaneity of conflict activity in different brain hemispheres. And this is, in principle, temporary and resolvable at any time. After resolving only one of the two conflicts, the patient is “normal” again. So, when a patient “hears voices,” he is always in such a schizophrenic constellation. Hearing voices is nothing else than double tinnitus, only that instead of one or two tinnitus, one or two voices are continuously heard or more frequently. It is always the voice or sound that he had heard at the DHS of the auditory conflict when he did not trust his ears. If the auditory DHS’s sound was a bang, crash, hiss, buzz, or engine noise, then that is what he hears.

However, the DHS determines the conflict content of the biological conflict, but the subsequent conflict also continues on this track. Tracks are additional conflict aspects or additional perceptions at the moment of the DHS. If the patient later comes to such a track (allergy), then a recurrence of the overall conflict may result. However, any recurrence of conflict does not come insidiously, but only with renewed DHS. Of course, the recurrence DHS that puts us back on the conflict track does not require the same emotional strength as the first time. One could also call it a “powerful reminder.”

Example: A patient was driving on the highway at night and fell asleep at the wheel. He must have been driving ½ km at 120 km/h with his eyes closed when the speed slowed down to below 100 km/h. He was not aware of the engine noise. He was startled by the change in engine noise. He had suffered a DHS with tinnitus in his left ear. This probably saved his life. From then on, he had a double track on which the tinnitus was now running: Subsequently, he got tinnitus whenever he was tired at the wheel, and the speed of his car dropped below 120 km/h, and when he woke up in the morning. Later, he could get tinnitus just because the car with a particular engine noise decreased its speed. When the patient could not drive the car for a more extended time (1 year), he did not have tinnitus anymore.

Another patient suffered a hearing conflict when, after a tax audit, the tax official finally told him: “You have to pay 100,000 DM in arrears. The patient couldn’t believe his ears: “That can’t be true, I don’t think I hear right!” Every time something happened with the tax office in the future, the patient got back on the old track and immediately got tinnitus again.

The biological sense of what happened is clearly to be found in the ca-phase. It is in the warning function, i.e., the warning of a danger connected with the acoustic information. It is always essential that we remember, even when the tinnitus disturbs us, that it is part of a sensible biological special program, namely always a warning: “Be careful, with this sound of the engine you fell asleep or were sleeping at that time! Be careful that you don’t fall asleep, you must wake up immediately, the speed of the car decreases”.

This means that we should not regard tinnitus as a “disease symptom” that must be “treated away” but should try to stop the cause, quasi as a necessity to be warned. Therefore, it is essential always to find the DHS as soon as possible (at the onset of tinnitus) and resolve the conflict.

However, if a patient has permanent tinnitus and has had it for several years, we speak of a hanging conflict. This means that the biological conflict is continuously active but transformed down. The patient can become very old with such a conflict.

The conflict load is always calculated as the product of conflict intensity and conflict duration. But there is also a phenomenon that ensures that hardly any conflict load builds up: this is the so-called schizophrenic constellation. A patient in the schizophrenic constellation can have active hanging conflicts on both sides for 15 years and survive, e.g., a heart attack if the conflicts are resolved. However, suppose a solo territorial conflict has lasted more than nine months at average conflict intensity or six months at very high conflict intensity. In that case, the heart attack not detected in time is fatal. Incidentally, in the case of old-brain-driven conflicts, the conflict load is always in direct proportion to the tumor’s size.

The therapy of tinnitus consists of finding out at which DHS the patient has suffered the hearing conflict. Only then can a possible solution be worked out together with the patient. In doing so, it is essential to point out to the patient that once the conflict has been resolved in the healing phase, he or she will no longer hear the affected frequencies – at least not for the duration of the healing phase. This is called “hearing loss” (temporary deafness on the affected frequencies). Previous conventional medical therapy consisted of then giving the patient infusions. Precisely the opposite of what one should do because with the onset of conflict resolution and as a sign of the healing phase, the Hamer Focus gets edema, i.e., the brain swells and is sheerly flooded by the additional infusion, which additionally artificially prolongs the healing phase. Also, organically, the whole relay swells excessively. Typically, the rule also applies here: the healing phase lasts as long as the conflict has lasted. Of course, it is not so rare that this healing phase is often interrupted by recurrences, i.e., the patient has tinnitus repeatedly in between. However, if the recurrences are minor, the patient will only experience minor hearing loss, which is usually not tragic. However, infrequent recurrences with a subsequent hearing drop and tissue rupture with cyst formation can sometimes occur. Such a hearing fall can sometimes even last for years, so-called hearing loss (“hanging cure”) so that one can then temporarily use a hearing aid. That is why it is crucial to find the DHS as soon as possible and solve the conflict.

Germanische Heilkunde®, which is closely oriented to biological behavior and conflicts, sets entirely new standards. It is by no means inhuman because it is biologically oriented, but on the contrary, it clears up this soulless medicine. First of all, it states that everything runs like in a modern computer in our organism, only much more grandiose, because even in the program, a large part of the other animal and plant species is included.

Until now, the whole of medicine has been purely symptomatic. Diseases were diseases of the organ and, as such, were to be treated purely organically-symptomatically. This has led to our soulless modern medicine, in which the psyche was only a disturbance. Everything was treated with infusions or poisoning, chemo, or scalpel. The psyche was considered “unscientific.” It was only for “weirdos.” Serum parameters, X-rays, and organ CT images were considered “facts.” The psyche and the brain, by which everything in our organism is controlled, were utterly uninteresting. But it is so simple. Our organism works just like a modern machine:

  • The psyche is the programmer.
  • The brain is the computer.
  • The body is the machine.

However the system is built even more fascinating because the computer also builds itself, the programmer, the psyche, which then programs it.

If our brain is the computer of our organism, then it is also for everything. It makes no sense to imagine that some processes of this organism would happen “past the computer.” Therefore, the whole medicine must change fundamentally! It was strange that nobody once thought that the brain, as the computer of our organism, could also be responsible for all so-called illnesses.


Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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