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Mesothelioma in Germanische Heilkunde

Mesothelioma in Germanische Heilkunde

The IRON RULE OF CANCER states that every so-called disease, i.e., a special program of nature, is triggered by a very specific, biological conflict shock – called DHS – which causes in the same second in the computed tomogram of the brain a detectable HAMER’S HERD in the brain relay responsible for the organ and causes corresponding changes in the organ: tumors, motor/sensory paralyzes, functional disturbances, etc.

The ontogenetic system of tumors now classifies all cancer and cancer equivalent diseases according to germ layers affiliation, i.e., according to the three germ layers endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm, which are already formed in the first weeks of embryonic development. Each of these germ layers belongs development-historically, a particular brain part, a certain kind of conflict content, and an entirely particular histological cell formation. Beyond that, each special biological program still has an entirely certain biological sense.

The ontogenetically conditioned system of the microbes assigns now again also the microbes to the three germ layers because each of these germ layers also belong quite specific germ layers-related microbes.

An exception makes only the “border area” of the mesodermal, cerebellum-controlled organs, which are “processed” both (predominantly) by the mycoses and the mycobacteria and (less frequently) by the bacteria, which usually are responsible for the organs of the middle germ layers (mesoderm) controlled by the medullary camp of the cerebrum.

From when on the microbes, the “point in time” is allowed to “work,” does not depend on external factors, as we all had wrongly assumed so far, but is instead determined exclusively by our computer brain. So the microbes do not work against us, but for us, as our faithful helpers through tens of millions of years of our evolutionary history. They are the surgeons of Mother Nature, the optimizers of the healing phase.

The mesothelioma belongs to the middle germ layers (mesoderm).

The organs belonging to this middle germ layer, mind you all precisely documented in developmental history; we must divide them into two large groups: One group belongs to the old brain, which are the organs controlled by the cerebellar relays, such as corium skin, pericardium, pleura and peritoneum, and the group of organs controlled by the cerebral medulla and belonging to the cerebrum.

We know that all organs controlled by the alto-brain make cell proliferation in the conflict-active phase from the ontogenetic system of tumors and cancer equivalents. All organs controlled by the cerebrum make cell reduction, i.e., necroses, ulcers, holes, and the like, in the conflict-active phase.

The cerebellum also includes the “inner skin” of the body, e.g., In the abdomen, the peritoneum, the thoracic cavity, the pleura, and the mediastinal cavity, the pericardium.

We distinguish here the peritoneum parietal and viscerally, likewise with the pleura and the pericardium. Their cancers are therefore called mesothelioma.

This cerebellum is also responsible for the oedemas, in this case for the so-called effusions in the healing phase: Peritoneal effusion or ascites, pleural effusion, and the so feared pericardial effusion with pericardial tamponade! In principle, something very good, nevertheless feared as a complication of the healing phase.

However, it is essential to know that all these cerebellar tumors form fluid in the pcl-phase during tuberculous degradation and without tuberculosis, consequently without tumor degradation. For example, the ascites have the sense that the intestine floats and cannot fuse in the healing phase.

These mesodermal old-brain controlled organs all contain a conflict of integrity:

An attack

  • against the thoracic cavity -> pleural mesothelioma
  • against the abdominal cavity -> peritoneal mesothelioma
  • against the heart cavity -> pericardial mesothelioma
  • against the outer skin, a so-called disfigurement or defilement conflict -> melanoma of the corium skin.

Their tumors grow partly nodular, for example, in the peritoneum, when a patient has received a kick against the abdomen in a single place and thus suffered an attack against the abdomen as a biological conflict; for example, an apprentice kicks his apprentice in the abdomen. So, a conflict of an attack on the integrity of the inside of the body. On the other hand, the tumors can also grow locally, when a patient has felt an attack in general.


A radiologist showed the patient a tumor on the right side of her X-ray and said to her, “We have to operate on that.” In that second, the patient suffered a DHS, an attack against the thorax, and later, in the healing phase, a pleural effusion on the right side, which nobody could imagine because she had her “tumor” on the left side after all. But we doctors look at X-rays in such a way that we imagine the patient facing us. For the patient, who did not know this, the thorax’s right side was affected at that moment of the DHS.

The organism now tries to protect itself against the attack by building a reinforcement internally at the pleura, pleural mesothelioma, which is also the biological sense. Likewise, the message “breast cancer” or the announcement of a breast operation, lung cancer, and the like can be perceived as an attack against the thorax. Or the diagnosis, “Your ECG is not okay. Something is wrong with the heart.” In this case, the patient suffers a DHS with a mental attack against the heart. For example, he imagines heart surgery with a bypass at that moment. Again, the organism develops pericardial mesothelioma as a protection against the attack. Not infrequently, however, the patients now panic into a new heart attack because of the cardiac diagnosis of “heart failure.” Then they usually cannot get out of this vicious circle. A vicious circle is always a dangerous thing that can escalate at any time and lead to the death of the patient.

Similarly, the announcement of an operation, which seems necessary because of the intestine or some process in the abdomen, produces peritoneal mesothelioma in the vast majority of patients. i.e., a peritoneum cancer, a mental attack against the abdomen to be cut open. If the patient then thinks after the intestinal operation that he is now freed from his evil, and as a sign of the resolution of his abdominal attack, the conflict now gets ascites as a sign of healing, then he comes from the frying pan into the fire with conventional medicine. The diagnosis of “cancer of the peritoneum” (in conventional medicine now: “metastasis”) certainly triggers the next conflict, which at present, the surgeon and oncologist regard as the beginning of the end because they both do not know about the biological connections.

But also, the healing phase, e.g., ascites, can, in turn, cause a vicious circle and connect with the first conflict (that something should be operated on). Then ascites itself can become the starting point of a vicious circle of automatism. Whenever the patient enters the healing phase, i.e., has ascites, he panics, and the panic causes the ascites to recede. However, if the panic is relieved again, the ascites come back as a sign of renewed healing, so this goes back and forth all the time, and there is a danger of escalation. Such a vicious circle is, for example, also the puncturing of ascites. When the doctor announces that he has to puncture the ascites, the patient perceives this puncture as a renewed attack against the abdomen, which it literally is. He suffers a recurrence, which is not visible because a few liters are drained from the ascites anyway. Still, if this had not been done, one would now see that the ascites is less and the abdomen is smaller, however, not by healing, but by a new conflict recurrence. If the patient calms down again afterward, then this recurrence also gets a solution again, and as a result of the solution, the ascites now increase enormously.

This bad game can go on for months until the patient eventually dies in this vicious circle, e.g., by getting a very low serum protein level because he first replaces this ascites fluid from the blood serum each time virtually starves to death from the ascites punctures.

In Germanische Heilkunde, one would examine a patient very carefully clinically, psychically, and cerebrally. One would make the same diagnosis with much less effort but would teach it to the patient very gently and at the same time explain to him that it is not a “leg break.” One would prepare him for ascites to come once he has resolved his attack conflict against the abdomen. The patient can prepare for his ascites as if it were a significant task he has to accomplish. He would not panic.
On the contrary, he would welcome the ascites as a good sign and, if he happens to have TB bacteria, the obligatory night sweats, and subfebrile temperature, and he would calmly await the healing. Suppose, with the help of Germanische Heilkunde. A patient can understand what and why something is happening in his body. In that case, he needs no longer panic before this frightening set of hypotheses about incomprehensible, senseless, or unstoppable processes. Thus, in most cases, he will not suffer second cancer and survive these special programs of nature. All these processes and dangers, which are very logical, require physicians with common sense, tact and empathy, and a high degree of clinical knowledge. In the system of Germanische Heilkunde®, both the doctor and the patient have an entirely new role. The patient is no longer the passive one, who immaturely hands over the responsibility for his organism’s processes to doctors, who cannot bear this responsibility at all, but now rather the chief director of the stage of the disease and healing process.

The way of thinking of Germanische Heilkunde® is diametrically opposed to conventional medicine. The fascinating thing is that we now, for the first time, learn to understand a disease process causally and can understand it on all levels (psyche – brain – organ) simultaneously. And have to realize with amazement that Mother Nature has developed an incredible, breathtaking system, which preserved each species for itself and the diversity of species side by side and with each other … until the super-smart man came, who thought himself to be the crown of creation.

Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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