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Metastases are secondary conflicts in Germanische Heilkunde


By “metastases,” conventional medicine understands: “Settlements of cancer cells of the primary tumor (usually first diagnosed cancer) elsewhere in the body.”

For this theory, conventional medicine needs three unprovable hypotheses!

Example of prostate cancer

Conventional medicine explains that prostate cancer likes to “metastasize” to the pelvis because the cancer cells do not have far to go there …

But how do cancer cells get from the prostate to the pelvis?

1.) the path!

There are two possible paths:

a.) via the lymphatic channels

But this path is not possible because anatomically, there are no lymphatic channels in the bone. Incidentally, there are also no lymphatic channels in the lungs or brain. Therefore, “settlements” in these organs cannot occur purely anatomically via the lymphatic channels.

However, it is possible that cancer cells can be found in lymphatic channels in the drainage area of the carcinoma during the healing phase, cleared by microbes. However, the lymphatic path is a one-way street because all lymphatic channels flow into the venous angles, and the lymph fluid thus enters the venous blood and directly into the right heart. From there, this floating cancer cell would have to travel via the lungs back to the left heart and via the arterial blood to the periphery of the body.

b.) via the blood

But no cancer cell has ever been found in the blood!

(otherwise, donor blood would also have to be examined for cancer cells, which is not done precisely because one could never discover a cancer cell in it).

This way, which this “migrating cancer cell” would have to take, could not be proved so far! One only assumes that it functions in such a way.

2.) the metamorphosis

As you know, the prostate is glandular tissue, and the bone is connective tissue.

How could the glandular tissue cancer cell transform into a connective tissue cancer cell? No medical scientist can explain that either! This metamorphosis was raised to dogma in conventional medicine.

3.) First cell division and sudden cell shrinkage?

The prostate cancer cell divides, and the tumor grows larger. But what does the “metastasis” suddenly do in the bone? It makes HOLES there! Yes, how?

What devastates me as a technician is that every oncologist pretends to have understood this!

And why do they give these poisonous gases (chemo)? To kill those evil cancer cells in the blood that no one has ever seen!

According to Germanische Heilkunde®, “metastasis” is nothing else than a follow-up conflict and follow-up cancer. Another conflict shock must have happened (mostly iatrogenic: you have cancer!), another Hamer Focus in the brain, only then another cancer can develop on the organ level.

Dr. Hamer’s explanation is reproducible or verifiable. The explanation of conventional medicine, on the other hand, is neither reproducible nor logical.

Conventional medical prostate therapy usually ends in impotence. As a result, the patient suffers a sexual self-devaluation conflict, which affects the small pelvis like any sexual self-value collapse: “I’m no good in bed.”


Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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