4th Biological Law Of Nature

The 4th biological law of nature describes that the microbes, without exception, only in the healing phase as “nature’s surgeons” break down the old-brain-controlled tumors tuberculously. And fill up the new-brain-controlled necroses again under the swelling. At the end of the healing phase, the microbes withdraw again (become pathogenic).

The ontogenetic-conditional system of microbes

We had understood the microbes so far only in such a way as if they would cause the so-called infectious diseases. This view seemed to be evident because we also found these microbes with the so-called infectious diseases. But this was not true. Because these alleged infectious diseases were always preceded by a conflict-active phase. And only with the conflict solution, these microbes may become active.
They are directed and activated by our brain. And they help us in the sense that they clear the consequences of superfluous cancer, that is, the tumor (fungi), which after fulfilling its task is no longer needed, or in which the bacteria help rebuild the holes, necroses, tissue destruction of the cerebrum group. So they are our faithful helpers, our guest workers. The immune system’s idea as the army that fights against the evil microbes had been merely wrong. Because the microbes are not causers of “diseases,” they are optimizers of the healing phase.
The 4th Natural Law of Germanischen Heilkunde – the microbes’ ontogenetic-conditional system – now assigns the microbes again to the three germ layers. Because to each germ layer-related organ group also belongs specific germ layer-related microbes.
Together with our organs’ programming in the different brain relays of our computer brain, our faithful special workers, the microbes, have been programmed in at the same time.
From this, it follows that:

  • the oldest microbesFungi, and fungal bacteria (mycobacteria) are responsible for the endoderm, and to a limited extent for the cerebellum-mesoderm, but in any case, only for the old-brain-controlled organs,
  • the old microbes, namely the bacteria, responsible for the mesoderm and all the organs formed by it.
  • (the viruses do not exist)

In this sense, responsible means that each of the microbial groups only “processes” certain organ groups that have the same germ layer affiliation, i.e., originate from the same germ layer.
From when the microbes are allowed to “process” does not depend on external factors, we all had wrongly assumed so far. But is instead determined exclusively by our computer brain.
We also regarded microbes as something “evil” that we had to eradicate. That was pure nonsense! We need the microbes urgently, and indeed the whole range, which is usual in our latitude. If, for example, “for hygienic reasons,” we lack the mycobacteria (TBC), we cannot break down our tumors in the healing phase. This has catastrophic consequences for a whole range of tumors: In the case of a thyroid Ca, for example, it means that even though the conflict is resolved, it cannot be degraded and will continue to produce large amounts of thyroxine. This is precisely, because the mycobacteria that normally break down the tumor and allow the thyroxine level to drop back to normal are missing. Also, a Colon-Ca can cause significant complications and must then be surgically removed if mycobacteria are not present.

The old-brain controlled microbes

Mycobacteria have been around as long or almost as long as single-celled organisms had existed, i.e., long before there were animals or humans. They have a straightforward task: to caseate and degrade the old brain’s tumors from the beginning of the healing phase. But like the tumors themselves, which they have to break down when they’ve done their job when they’ve done their function, the mycobacteria also multiply in the conflict-active phase.
So now we know that we have to have the mycobacteria (TBC), also called ” acid-proof rods” – because they don’t mind the stomach acid – so we have to have these mycobacteria from the DHS on! Suppose we get them after the conflict solution, in the healing phase. In that case, they are of no use to us for this sensible biological special program because they multiply only in the conflict-active phase. Obviously, our organism – in interaction with its friend, the mycobacterium – let’s produce only exactly so many acid-proof rods, as are needed later for the caseation of the Tumor. And we fools had believed that we had to eradicate tuberculosis.

Every tuberculous healing phase is accompanied by night sweats!

The cerebrum-controlled microbes

In contrast, the bacteria belong to the cerebrum group. Like all organs controlled by the cerebrum – here especially by the cerebral medulla – make cell proliferation in the healing phase. That is why the bacteria multiply only with the Conflictolysis (conflict resolution).
We see now that the microbes insert themselves sensibly and development-historically understandably into the biological process of the sensible biological special programs. They have grown, as it were, with us and for us. In each case, they are a member of a control loop, which we had not known. The control circuits of nature cannot function. However, if we magic apprentices arbitrarily take out any factors. Pretty much everything that we “modern conventional physicians” had done was nonsense.


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