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Introductory Lecture – GHK Seminar Tutorial

GHK Introductory-Lecture


with Ing. Helmut Pilhar (Olivia’s father)

the lecturer appointed by Dr. Hamer, MD.

Description Introductory Lecture

Whether cancer, chronic disease, allergy, psychosis, etc. (except accidents, poisoning, and extreme malnutrition), every disease begins monocausal with a Biological Conflict Shock, the so-called Dirk Hamer Syndrome or DHS. This Biological Conflict starts a Sensible Biological Special Program, which helps us solve the disease’s cause. These Sensible Biological Special Programs (SBSe), which we partly perceive as “disease,” but in fact are “nature’s therapy” and nothing evil, run simultaneously and synchronously in the psyche, brain, and organ and have been developed by Mother Nature for millions of years. Through the knowledge of the cause of disease, the Germanische Heilkunde also has the therapy par excellence, namely the causal! As it is well known, only the body can heal itself. One can also say that the Germanische Heilkunde explains how our body works, in which we are stuck all our lives. Actually, this knowledge belongs to general education.

The objective

To get an idea of what Germanische Heilkunde is actually about.


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Target audience

Beginners, advanced and experts


2 hours / 148 Pages


Video on Demand (VOD) + downloadable MP3-file + downloadable PDF-file

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