Scientific Diagnostic Chart


Cerebellum = Old Brain = Middle Germ Layer = Mesoderm

Histological Formation:

Cerebellum-Mesoderm: Crossed from cerebellum to organ.

Compact, adenoid cauliflower-like tumors of secretory type.
Areal growing tumors of the absorptive type.


The fungi and mycobacteria (e.g., TBC) proliferate according to the germ line in the conflict-active phase (ca-phase). Fungi and mycobacteria degrade the tumors of the cerebellar mesodermal organs. (e.g., TBC) During the vagotonic healing phase (pcl-phase), in a caseating necrotizing way, with the help of bacteria (adjuvant microbes). What has not been eliminated by the end of the healing phase remains.

Cerebellum organ graphic
Diagnosis Chart Cerebellum