Peritoneum Carcinoma right – Diagnostic Chart

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Peritoneum Carcinoma right


Ugly abdominal conflict

  • for the right-handed person concerning partner
  • for the left-handed person concerning mother or child


Hamer Focus:

HH in cerebellum lateral (lower) left

Active phase:

Compact cauliflower-like growing adenoid so-called mesothelioma of secretory grade or flat growing adeno-ca of absorptive grade in the greater peritoneum area.


Tumorous caseating necrotizing degradation, often accompanied by adhesions (fusions, stickings).



Biological Sense:

Active phase

  • Secretory type: secretion of fluids for the abdominal viscera (in extreme cases ascites); see peritoneal dialysis.
  • A tactile mechanism whereby it wraps around and encapsulates an inflamed area (cold abscess).


A part of the peritoneum is the so-called greater Peritoneum, which also has an exudative and absorptive function (peritoneal dialysis) and motility so that it wraps explicitly around a focus of inflammation (perforated appendix) to seal it off (bulkheads: local abscess).


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