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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Shingles left

Cerebellum = Old Brain = Middle Germ Layer = Mesoderm

Hamer compass

Shingles left – Diagnostic Chart


Belt or semi-belt defilement or disfigurement conflict.
Example: Mother learns that her daughter is a lesbian; she then feels sullied by the embrace.

  • for the right-handed person concerning mother or child
  • with the left-handed person concerning partner
  • there are also always local – i.e. person-independent – besmirching conflicts (local, at the place)


Hamer Focus:

HH in the dorsal (backward) and lateral (inferior) cerebellar area on the right side.

Active phase:

Shingles with small, amelanotic tumors under the epidermis (upper skin) grows along one or more segments.


In the pcl-phase very painful healing. When opening the epidermis (upper skin), so-called open shingles, the process can stink, so-called skin tuberculosis.



Biological Sense:

Active phase
Reinforcement of the old corium skin (dermis), developmentally, when there was not yet the overlying squamous epithelial layer.


Outer Skin Organ Graphic
Outer Skin Organ Graphic

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