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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Breast Cancer left

Cerebellum = Old Brain = Middle Germ Layer = Mesoderm

Hamer compass

Breast Cancer left


  • Mother/child care/dispute conflict,
  • Partner care/dispute conflict,
  • Nest conflict (depending on nest content left or right).


Hamer Focus:

HH in cerebellum lateral right

Active phase:

Compact node, which is larger the longer the conflict has lasted.


In the healing phase, the node encapsulates (non-biologic healing = without TB) or becomes tuberculous due to mycobacteria, under the closed intact skin, makes no more mitoses, gets some edema during the healing phase, hurts only in the final phase of healing (scarring shrinkage). Extreme fatigue.


Centralization (become pale), so-called “cold days” (1-3 days).

Biological Sense:

Active phase
Get more milk during worry conflict with child or partner; due to the increase of milk-producing glands (mammary tumor), the injured or sick child or partner gets more milk and can recover faster.


Graphic Organ Breast
Graphic Organ Breast

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