Organ outer Skin

outer skin

The organ outer skin has an outer skin (squamous epithelium, separation conflict), and it has the underlying dermis (glandular-like tissue, disfigurement conflict). In the active phase of a separation conflict, the outer skin is dry, and it scales. These ulcers are replenished with swelling and inflammation in the healing phase, and it is hot and itchy. In the crisis, one has the absence.

Organ Dermis

The Organ Dermis is gland-like tissue and is controlled by the cerebellum. Evolutionarily, the dermis dates back to when our ancestor (worm) left the sea

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Syndrome in Germanische Heilkunde

The Syndrome is another significant discovery. The Germanische Heilkunde® has developed stormily in the past years, especially in the field of the so-called psychoses (constellations)

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