Syndrome in Germanische Heilkunde

The Syndrome is another significant discovery.

The Germanische Heilkunde® has developed stormily in the past years, especially in the field of the so-called psychoses (constellations) and syndromes – where THE SYNDROME plays a very decisive role.

That the Germanische Heilkunde® could develop at all is astonishing since the suppression of knowledge is still quasi-total:

  • despite 27 public review conferences,
  • despite official verification at the University of Düsseldorf,
  • despite verification at the University of Tyrnau (Trnava) – on September 8th and 9th, 1998 – although in the meantime, more and more physicians everywhere confirm behind closed doors that Germanische Heilkunde® is correct.


  • We still do not have a hospital where patients with healing complications can be treated appropriately, according to Germanische Heilkunde®.
  • We have no doctors who dare to profess Germanische Heilkunde® openly or who can work according to Germanische Heilkunde® in peace or without fear of discovery, even though Germanische Heilkunde® encompasses all of medicine – and not just cancer.


SYNDROME – Water retention

I had only guessed that at the beginning is THE SYNDROME, namely a Sensible Biological Special Program (SBS) in the healing phase. And an active SBS = Refugee, Existence, Alone Conflict with Collecting Pipe Water Retention, would have great importance, became an absolute certainty to me in the last years.

Because everywhere we meet THE SYNDROME:

  • no pleural effusion without SYNDROME,
  • no ascites of significant extent without SYNDROME,
  • no hepatomegaly (large liver) without SYNDROME,
  • no gout without SYNDROME, which includes the formerly so-called acute articular rheumatism cases (e.g., very thick-knee),
  • no severe cerebral edema without SYNDROME.

This gives THE SYNDROME decisive importance clinically. We encounter SYNDROME at every turn, e.g., when we suddenly gain 5 or 10 kg in weight: SYNDROME, or water retention.

With this archaic special program, especially when it is double-sided, it becomes evident how far our civilization has moved away from the control circuits of nature and our instincts.

The objection, yes, we must just change the biological programs, is utterly nonsensical because we can only change civilization and our economic system. Mother Nature does not ask whether we observe her control circuits. She punishes us cruelly if we disregard her natural laws. Therefore, we must become humble again and try to live according to these regulatory circuits of nature.

The refugee conflict

For example, if someone is transferred twice a year from his company to another place in the country (with family or without), he is sent (archaically) 2 times into the desert. A wife and children likewise, and part of the family members become fat, because they lost all friends, and feel all alone in the foreign country.

For humans or animals in danger of dying of thirst in the desert, every drop of water is vital. This necessity seems to have absolute priority with the land creatures because, without water, no metabolism (metabolism) runs more.

So, suppose in the course of any healing phase in our organism, edema is stored, e.g., in case of hepatitis, kidney cyst, ovarian cyst, bone osteolysis in recalcification, or swelling of the breast in the pcl-phase of ductal mammary ulcer-Ca (milk duct carcinoma). In that case, if a collecting tube-Ca inactive phase is added, water is stored excessively.

We could not explain this until now because we tried to relate the extent of swelling to the conflict load. This was only conditionally correct. Conditionally means: as long as no water retention program was running, i.e., no active collecting tube-Ca existed.

This means that the preceding conflict load was decisive for the extent of swelling of an organ or its surroundings (in the so-called transsudative effusion) and a simultaneous concomitant refugee conflict with collecting tube-Ca in the active phase.

Examples of SYNDROME

Until now, an increase in liver transaminases, for example, was considered a sign of hepatitis. Apart from the fact that this was not true, the laboratory facts were not disputed. Because the higher the transaminases rose, the greater the conflict load seemed to have been. The stronger the healing process, the greater the danger of the epileptoid crisis (called coma hepaticum) with biliary congestion or without biliary congestion (anicteric hepatitis).

Now a whole new point of view is added:

In the case of hepatitis, which should be harmless according to the conflict load, the transaminases, especially the sensitive gamma-GT, can skyrocket. In an additional active refugee conflict, the liver makes huge hepatomegaly (enlargement) (as in Olivia Pilhar).

The same is true for all pcl-phase of other SBS, e.g., renal or ovarian or splenic cysts, which then reach enormous proportions and not infrequently burst. Even the edematization of the Hamer Focus in the brain, i.e., the intra- and perifocal edema in the Hamer Focus, is excessive with simultaneous active refugee conflict.

But how elegantly and effectively Mother Nature can regulate this herself, i.e., knows how to deal with her own sensible biological special programs, almost leaves every physician of conventional genres speechless. This is to be clarified by a small example:

Concrete animal case study

We gave away two males from our boxer dog litter to Spain 7 years ago. One of them (Rainer) to a then nine-year-old boy, Pablo, very close to us now. Pablo and Rainer were one heart and soul from the first moment. That Rainer was allowed to sleep at the foot of Pablo’s bed was almost a matter of course.

In the last two years, Pablo went to England for the first time for three weeks each. Rainer stayed at home with his parents and suffered as only a boxer dog can suffer. The one time he suffered alopecia at the spot on the left side of his forehead (left paw), where he always used to say goodbye to Pablo. The other time a motor paralysis of the left hind leg because he was not allowed to go.

Things were much worse this year when Pablo went to England for six weeks because Rainer had severely injured both eyes on a thorn hedge shortly before.

A week after Pablo, his parents also wanted to go on vacation for a week. Rainer, whom they brought to us in care, was hardly recognizable. He was disoriented, passed only a little urine (oliguria), was dazed, and could only stumble. The left eye was blind and badly swollen, the right only severely swollen. It was a picture of misery. Our friends were almost desperate. Rainer had stored 5 kg of water, and had a double refugee/mother-soul-left-alone conflict.

I calmed them down and said they had to learn to think biologically. Besides, I had a secret weapon, namely his mother, Maus. (Mouse because she looked like a fat white mouse when she was a little boxer puppy).

As soon as Rainer was with his mother Maus and – initially separated from her by a pane of glass – also with his father Rolf and brother Rocky. Although they had not seen each other for at least four years, his condition began normalizing. He excreted large amounts of urine and was also cared for quite lovingly by mother Maus.

After a week, our friends picked up their boxers from us again.

But the next morning, they called us again in despair: Rainer did not let a drop of urine, did not eat a bite, drank again only a lot of water, did not make any more poops, was disoriented entirely, swayed only with difficulty and bumped his head disoriented. Both eyes were swollen shut.

In conventional medicine: acute renal failure – uremia – a case for dialysis – disinformity – brain edema.

I told them to take him back to Mother Mouse in care immediately. And lo and behold, just one hour after he was with Mother Mouse, he was already able to excrete ½ liter of urine. After that, he excreted 7 liters of water and was – except for his eyes, and despite them – almost entirely normal again.

Of course, Rainer stayed with his mother until Pablo was back. And even then, to be on the safe side, Mother Mouse first moved with him for a few days to Pablo’s parents’ house to bridge the gap.

Quite apart from the fact that in any veterinary practice, a dog in such a condition would be put to sleep immediately because of the veterinarian’s helplessness. We now have to realize that our entire medicine up to now is thoroughly turned upside down.

Because transferred to a human being, such a patient would be put on dialysis all over Europe. Of course, initially, as an inpatient. In doing so, the refugee conflict would, of course, be intensified and solidified.

However, the idea that a mother can resolve an early so-called kidney failure by her mere presence has been unimaginable in conventional medicine until now. On the contrary, by bringing the patients to a hospital – with all the fear-inducing apparatus and the terrible and soulless atmosphere – we have considerably strengthened this feeling of being left alone (being in the desert).

Astonishing is: Also, the healing of a wound, e.g., an injured eye heals likewise with SYNDROME, i.e., the eye swells thereby gigantically. However, the so-called gigantic inflammation was considered in school medicine as a particularly malicious course of wound infection, e.g., that the malicious microbes would eat up the whole organ.

Big mistake! We had done everything wrong in conventional medicine! Admittedly, we had not known THE SYNDROME and the five biological laws of nature also not. But now, we can easily differentiate everything theoretically and have to use our therapeutic leverage somewhere else instead of antibiotics: by giving these patients the feeling of security.