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Cracks in the Corner of the Mouth – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

What are Cracks in the Corner of the Mouth?

Good morning.
I would like to share a short experience report with you. I received the gift of the five biological laws of nature 12 years ago, and I am pleased when I can use it to help my children.

The other day my son (5yrs) showed me that the corners of his mouth were cracked. I can be quite nonchalant sometimes, and I waved him off with an “it’ll be fine.” The next day, the cracks were deeper and already quite painful for him. So I put my head in gear and thought it through:
Active separation conflict associated with the mouth – the solution was quickly found.

He had gotten into the habit of sucking his finger, with which he had previously picked his nose, and he often forgets that he is doing it in public. I’ve been trying to get him out of this habit for a while now, but he is very stubborn. Two days ago, I told him that if I caught him doing it again I would no longer simply tell him to stop, I would force him to eat another booger from his nose.🙈🤷🏻♀️

I asked him if he remembered what I had said to him. Sure, he remembered! I told him he didn’t have to worry about it anymore; I wouldn’t make him do it and he seemed relieved.

A few hours later, the skin was closed and today, two days later, nothing is left of it.

Comment GHK Academy

Thank you for this testimonial. Short, clear, and easy to understand.
This is precisely how someone acts who has learned to think biologically. Germanische Heilkunde is not always about cancer and spectacular healing successes. We can almost always verify by ourselves in small special programs, which we go through daily, that Dr. Hamer’s discoveries are always correct. But if you have learned and understood the GHK/GNM, you can easily remember happenings that were only a few hours or days ago and specifically find a way to solve them.
Weeks or months later, no one will find these conflicts. Therefore, learn the GHK as long as you are healthy; you will benefit from it every day.

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