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Cafe-au-Lait Spot – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

A Cafe-au-Lait spot on the forehead suddenly appeared and then disappeared again months later, just as suddenly.

A Cafe-au-Lait spot originally appeared after a very unpleasant episode at the height of the lockdown in the spring of 2021. We were driving out of town on a day off. In the country where we lived, it was illegal to leave the area without a Covid test. Suddenly, the police stopped the car to check our papers and tests.

I didn’t have a Covid test and felt threatened with a €600 fine. Fortunately, they only asked the driver for the test and did not concern themselves with me as the passenger. It was a very intense shock, with emotional pain and reluctance to have contact. The next day, I noticed a dark streak on my forehead just under my hairline, towards the right side.

No matter what I did cosmetically, the stain would not come off. But it disappeared completely as soon as the Covid, and all Covid measures were officially “abolished,” and the policemen were no longer a track for me.

You may publish my Testimonial; however, I don’t know much about the SBS. I was thinking about why it affected me more on the right side. I guess it is related to the dermis, and handedness is important here. But also, the policemen were standing on the right side of the road and I, as a passenger, was “closer” to them. I still remember very vividly the moment of shock when they raised their hand to stop the car and how I intuitively wanted to hide my face from them, especially the right part of my forehead.

Note by GHK Academy

The Café-au-Lait spot occurs as a result of an intense touch conflict. The nerve sheaths block unpleasant or extremely painful physical contact so that the brain does not perceive the touch. The skin becomes slightly darker in color.

In this case, there was no real touch, but I suspect that the mere anticipation of a particularly unpleasant touch on the face activated this SBS as a precautionary measure. Just remember the pictures of people having long sticks stuck up their noses, or where laser pointers were used to measure the temperature of people’s foreheads.

The description of the DHS moment is unmistakable, as is the fact that the discoloration only dissipated once the threat of police officers who willingly went along with this crime against humanity had finally dissipated. These mandates are already bad enough if you believe in their meaningfulness and the threat of viruses.

However, anyone who has learned and understood Germanische Heilkunde knows that viruses do not exist and that every word of this C-staging is a blatant lie. A reluctance to submit to this idiotic chicanery builds up over time and can generate additional conflict potential.

Thank you for your story.

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