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Plantar Wart on big Toe – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Plantar Wart on big Toe – due to driving.

Localization of DHS
Localization of DHS

This story is about my inward-growing plantar wart which began 12 years ago when I was training for my driver’s license.
One day before the test, at the traffic police office, my driving instructor made a scandal during the driving lesson. He hysterically shouted that I could not feel the car, that I constantly let the clutch slip, and that I would not pass the test. This was unexpected and made me angry.

The next day, I passed the test and was the only one of his five students to get a driver’s license. Maybe it was the driving instructor’s anger that got me so mobilised.
Within a few days after receiving my driver’s license, I got a small corn callus on the plantar surface of the big toe of my left foot. Then I bought a family car and continued learning to drive with my father-in-law (in his youth, he was a driving examiner).

One day, my father-in-law behaved the same way as my driving instructor did, and he scolded me for riding the clutch.

Plantar Wart
Plantar Wart

I became so angry and told him that I would no longer get behind the wheel of the car we had bought together. Let him teach his daughter (my wife), and I will walk from now on, I thought to myself. I just had no more desire or the will to drive a car. However, my wife insisted on getting her license and buying a car.
From then on, the cornea of the wart grew and stayed with me for the next 12 years. It did not bother me, so it was not inflamed and was in a place that did not interfere with wearing shoes.

Twelve years later, my wife’s pregnancy and subsequent childbirth forced me to remember my driving skills and get behind the wheel again. I deliberately chose a private driving instructor and learned to drive with my old license in three weeks






Plantar Wart in healing phase
Plantar Wart in healing phase

In those three weeks, my corneas grew so much that by the end of the course, it was uncomfortable to wear shoes. At the end of the course, when I started driving independently, my corn blister became inflamed and eventually ruptured.









Plantar Wart scarring phase
Plantar Wart scarring phase

The healing phase lasted three weeks, one week of which I was on crutches, and I had a fever because it was impossible to step on my foot, even with shoes.

Thanks to my knowledge of German New Medicine, I had enough strength and patience to get through the healing phase using only Ichthyol ointment in the healing phase, local Cold Packs at the peak of swelling, and collagen in the scarring phase. The wart resolved to the base of the stalk, which almost reached the bone, and finally healed.







Comment of the GHK Academy

Thank you very much for your testimonial and the pictures.

This report shows well that one can transform an active and unresolved conflict, but remain hanging active without resolving it.
Your SBS was when your driving instructor announced that you would not pass the test, because you were riding the clutch. You associated the separation conflict with the driving instructor at the point of your body that you were in contact with the clutch. The foot on the clutch pedal.
At that point, you wanted to be separated from the driving instructor.

Your father-in-law then went down the same path, and driving was the track for you. You did the biologically correct thing and avoided the track by simply refusing to get behind the wheel of a car. That didn’t resolve the conflict, but it made it lose its drama and you hardly built up any further conflict load for 12 years.

Maybe you could have achieved the same or even solved the conflict if you had bought a car with automatic transmission. Because there is no clutch, this problem would not have appeared there.
You only solved the conflict when, after 12 years, you were forced to deal with your SBS again. Then you learn how to deal with it properly, with a driving instructor who didn’t put you on the track, but taught you how it really works.
In most cases, plantar warts just disappear if the conflict can be resolved. One day you realise it’s not even there anymore.
But as in your case, even if your conflict was transformed down, it was still active and accumulated a conflict load for 12 years. This must be relieved in the healing phase, hence your very intense healing phase for a wart, which you also illustrated impressively with the photos.
Thanks again for this.

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