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Papillomas – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Papillomas in the armpits disappear spontaneously after years. How does this work?

This is my first conscious experience with the 5 Biological Laws of Nature on my own body. For about ten or fifteen years, I had papillomas in my armpits, which are small skin growths about one millimeter long. The first time I discovered them was when I decided to shave under my armpits, which caused bleeding in several places. The papillomas then grew in precisely these places.

I began shaving with an electric razor, which reduced the risk of injury, and generally, they no longer bothered me.

At a polyclinic, they suggested a treatment, and they prescribed a cream and drops, which were not cheap. After the second session, I searched the internet for information on this expensive miracle cure, and it turned out to be just diluted potato juice. I immediately stopped the treatment, and I mentally spat on the prescribing doctor.

In 2021, I went to see another polyclinic, where the dermatologist told me that it was nothing serious, that it wasn’t contagious, and that he could remove the papillomas. But I didn’t have that done either and just forgot about it.

Papillomas: GHK Testimonial
Papillomas: GHK Testimonial

However, a few months ago, papillomas were suddenly a topic in a chat for Germanische Heilkunde, and a separation conflict was mentioned as the cause, or alternatively, as a reaction to an attack conflict, a violation of integrity. On reflection, I concluded that the cause of my papillomas could be my mother’s or my wife’s comments about me smelling bad or that too much armpit hair wasn’t pleasant.

The second option was the fear of injuring myself while shaving. I realized that I didn’t need to be afraid of the electric razor because I could safely shave myself with my 3mm trimmer. So, I decided not to care about the opinions of others.
I continue to shave and wash to make everyone around me feel good, but I’m no longer mentally affected by the opinions of others. I like the way I smell, and I don’t sweat much.

Once I had decided this, I rubbed one of my papillomas with my fingers, plucked at it with a grin, and decided not to worry anymore. A few days later, I felt something hard in my right armpit. I examined my armpit and found a papilloma, hard and dried out. When I touched it the next day, it just fell off!

Without thinking twice, I rubbed and twisted two more papillomas, and they also fell off all by themselves within a few days. Now everything feels completely smooth, and I can’t even remember how many papillomas there actually were, maybe 4 or 5. I only examined three papillomas, and I couldn’t even find the others because they had all disappeared by themselves.

Comment by GHK Academy

Papillomas are basically nothing more than warts. A separation conflict in hanging healing, a constant build-up of squamous epithelium.

The DHS is kept running daily via a track. It is possible that the DHS was with the mother or the partner. A comment about the armpit hair or odor is enough. The content of the conflict: leave me alone, that’s my armpit hair or smell, it’s none of your business. Just stay at a safe distance.

The fact that diluted potato juice is sold as a therapy is ludicrous. However, at least it has no side effects. This is an eye-opener for anyone who still believes in the scientific approach of conventional medicine.

Of course, a doctor or razor can also easily remove papillomas. But as this example proves, as long as the DHS has not been resolved, the tracks are active, and the papillomas will come back until the spell is broken once and for all.

A DHS takes place in a second, but such conflicts can cause effect for decades via tracks, as this testimonial shows. We continue to remind you that if you understand Germanische Heilkunde and recognize the conflict, the spell is often broken immediately, the tracks are deleted, and the organ symptom disappears spontaneously. A spontaneous healing that is unexplainable from a conventional medical point of view.

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