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Identity Conflict of a left-handed Boy: Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Identity conflict of a left-handed boy affects the whole family.

Something happened to our son that can only be compared to a fairy tale. The Frog Prince and the pretty princess who kisses the frog whereupon he turns into a prince. This is exactly what happened to our almost 11 year old, left-handed boy.

Our son must have suffered a territorial anger conflict very early in life. Being left-handed, the Hamer focus didn’t hit the right male territorial area of the stomach, but ‘knight-hop’ (referring to the knight in chess – the left-handedness transfers the conflict to the opposite side of the brain compared to the usual right-handedness) on the left side, in the relay of the rectal mucosa (identity conflict). His brain CT shows that he was continuously triggering this track in this relay.

From early childhood, he was constantly manic and in primary psychosis. This one conflict deprived him of any natural part of feminine perception, he was always doubly male, and everything was his territory, which he fought for and constantly tried to mark with his toys. He could not share toys with other children, but guarded them so that no one would touch them. He always had to be the leader and didn’t care about those who didn’t follow him.

He has always loved girls, but only the female ones. If a tomboyish girl came around him, it consistently resulted in trouble.
When my wife was pregnant again, he desperately wanted a sister. To his horror, he got a brother, and from the beginning he perceived him as a competitor in his territory (family), and behaved towards him in the same way. He could not play with his little brother, forbade him everything, and took away all his toys. It was exhausting for us parents to consistently protect the little one from his big brother.

But worst of all, we parents had no way to educate him or teach him anything; he did the exact opposite, on principle, consistently. Whatever we told him, the exact opposite was his truth.  Even at school, classmates and teachers had a hard time with him. There were few teachers only who could connect with him and he could only tolerate near him the hormonally feminine boys and girls.

Because of this conflict that made him manic and doubly masculine, he had a very masculine appearance and demeanour, which magically attracts the hormonally female girls to him. Visually, he is one of the 20% of boys for whom 100% of girls are attracted to.

The other day he explained to us that he didn’t want to return to school because the girls had kissed another boy, not him. We tried explaining how he needed to behave toward the girls so they would kiss him.

A few days later a miracle happened. It was usually my wife who brought and picked him up from school. A few weeks ago, he suddenly came out of school entirely changed. His posture was upright, and his head was high. He proudly announced that the girls had kissed him, not just one, but four of the five girls in his class. The fifth girl thinks kissing is bäääh, but she’s manic and tomboyish, and he’s not interested in her. There were 12 boys and five girls in his class, and he kissed four of those girls in one day, and properly, not just on the cheek.

This experience has done something to him; it has solved his identity conflict. Suddenly he can sit with his little brother and play with him. Now they both run around outside together, and finally we can talk to him in a real way, and he hears what we say.

The teachers at school also told us enthusiastically how advantageously he had suddenly changed, also in his interaction with the other children.

That was four weeks ago, and now we have a son as we had hoped for, and our little son has a big, friendly brother.
Only parents of problem children can empathize with what this sudden change of nature through the resolution of his identity conflict means for us. Whatever we did as parents to help him solve this conflict, nothing worked. Girls had to come and kiss him to turn a frog into a prince, like in a fairy tale.

Note GHK Academy

Thank you for this valuable testimonial.
This report shows clearly that one conflict in the territorial areas is enough to turn a child into a problem child. Unfortunately, resolving such early conflicts again is usually almost impossible since the track is usually the parents. If a second territorial area conflict is added, it is a constellation, maturity stops, and the first conflict can no longer be solved.

What this testimonial also shows very clearly is the power that the topic of sexuality has on children or pubescent; you can not overstate it at all. It is an unrecoverable crime against children to force on them the subject of sexuality when they are not yet mature enough for it. Adults do not have to and must not “educate” children about sex. Very quickly, this can result in sexual conflicts.

Children introduce themselves to this topic as it is right for them when they are ready, but not before, and never with adults. Because this miraculous transformation from a problem child, a frog, into a prince can also happen in the other way. Namely, when a sexual education is attempted to children without them being ready for it, or when adults are involved. A prince or princess can also quickly become a frog. That is precisely what the pedophile gender ideologues want for our children.

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