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Sudden Strong Salivation – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

A mother reacts with Intense Salivation, vicariously, for her son.

I would like to share my latest experience of how I reacted, on behalf of my son, with very strong salivation and mucus production.

My son is 3.5 years old, and he wants to explore the world and discover everything around him. For some time now, he has insisted on having a coin to put in his shirt pocket whenever I have change. Recently, we were traveling by car, and I always sat with him in the back seat. At a toll booth, my husband handed me some coins, and my son asked for one to put in his shirt pocket, so I gave him a 5-cent coin. Suddenly, my son choked strangely and said excitedly, “Mom, there’s a coin in my tummy.”
Me: “What do you mean in your tummy? Where in your tummy? That can’t be! Where is the coin I gave you? Did you drop it?”
My son: “It’s in my tummy.”
Me: “You swallowed it?! How did you do that? That’s not possible, it’s much too big.”

My imagination ran wild about how this coin was stuck somewhere in my son’s esophagus or somewhere else blocking something!! I immediately panicked and told my husband that the little one had just swallowed a coin. My husband calmly replied, “It’s okay, it’ll get out, he’ll poop it out.”

“How is he supposed to poop out the coin? It’s far too big for such a small child,” I declared. My son was calm, and I also tried to stay calm so as not to scare him. I pointed to his tummy like a snake, imitating the path the coin would have to take to get out, and said it’s okay, “it will fall into the toilet”.

We knew it would take a few days. My son drank and swallowed calmly, breathed smoothly, and ate normally. I tried to think biologically. A coin like that went in without a problem, so it should come out without a problem. Thanks to Doctor Hamer, we know the mechanisms that our body uses to deal with such indigestible morsels and to get rid of them.

My body, or rather the sublingual salivary gland, started to produce more saliva on the left side to get rid of the coin in my son’s stomach faster. I went through the whole process in my head. In the active phase, secretions are produced to better excrete the morsel you want to get rid of. In my case, in addition to the sublingual salivary glands (yellow group), the excretory ducts on the left side (red group squamous epithelium) also reacted. The DHS is when you cannot, must not, or do not want to swallow (salivate) something. The ducts follow the gullet mucosa pattern and hurt both in the active and the crisis phases.

In my motherly concern, I even texted a doctor friend.
On the way home, I visualized how the smooth muscles would move this indigestible morsel through the entire gastrointestinal tract and back to the daylight. I imagined how much mucus would form to coat this coin so it could slide better. At the same time, I started swallowing involuntarily and suddenly had an incredibly intense flow of saliva. When I got home, my child was tired, and I put him to sleep. As always, I slept with him. I realized that I was tired from the constant stress about this coin. The child behaved naturally and calmly for the whole time; he had no conflict with it.

At night, I went back to the car to search everything, hoping that the coin might be somewhere in the back and that he might not have swallowed it, in vain.
I lay down exhausted with my sleeping son, but the extreme salivation from my left side did not stop. I was producing so much saliva that I had to swallow continuously, and I felt a pulling pain on the left side of my throat where the saliva was forming. Eventually, I put a towel on my pillow to avoid soaking it.
I woke up several times because of the saliva and the pain.

If the conflict only lasts for a short time, the hyperesthesia (extreme sensitivity) is not noticeable in the active phase, but it cannot be overlooked in the crisis. The hyperesthesia is the healing phase of the squamous epithelium (red group), the strong mucus formation at night is the tuberculous healing phase of the yellow group.

The following morning, I was again symptom-free. It is always fascinating to experience on my own body how the biological laws of nature, discovered by Doctor Hamer, work in a biologically sensible way.

Comment by GHK Academy

Perfectly explained, and I don’t have much to add.
Yes, in principle, you can also perceive every conflict on behalf of someone else. This is how the mother’s organism reacted to the special programs that were needed for her child to excrete the indigestible morsel.
You paid great attention to your GHK studies; thank you very much.

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