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Doctor Hamer, in Germany 1500 Patient die of Cancer Every Day. Why?

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Doctor Hamer, in Germany, 1500 Patients die of cancer every day. Why?

Doctor Hamer, in Germany 1500 Patients die of cancer every day. Why?

The 1500 patients are killed every day in Germany. And the hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide are killed daily, with chemo and morphine.
And absolutely unnecessary, because, according to the Germanic new medicine, they almost all could survive.

We used to think in this pre, or university medicine, the way the Jews and Christians think of their religion. Everything was divided into benign and malignant.

And so we also had medicine divided into benign and malignant cells. And benign and malignant microbes. And everything with a fever was malignant.

That was all nonsense, my friends, because there is nothing benign or malignant in nature, but everything has a biological meaning. And this is what the fifth biological law of nature says.

And if we now see our so-called diseases with the new understanding,
my friends, then one can no longer understand why one should actually die of cancer.

Of course, there are extreme cases, and if there are complications, a few patients can die. But 98% stay alive.

As strange as it sounds, one survives better with cancer than without cancer. Because mother nature has thought of something, with this sensible biological special program, which are initiated with the DHS, the Dirk Hamer Syndrome, when we are caught on the wrong foot.
Mother Nature has thought of something.

The fantastic thing is, that with these being caught on the wrong foot immediately, a special program switches on, and ensures that we can survive this biological breakdown, and compensate for it.
And that is nothing malicious at all, my friends, but that is a special gift of nature, that helps us to survive.
And we didn’t know that before, but now we know that. And now our patients are not afraid of it either.
Because they now know that these are sensible biological programs that do not kill us. They help us to survive. And we are no longer afraid of them.

We now know why it happened that way, and how it will continue to happen,
and when we will be healthy again, from this special program.

My friends, this is a fantastic thing. It is the most beautiful gift from God, that has ever been given to us humans. That is what many people are now saying.

It is a terrible thing, a tragic thing, that of all things, this wonderful gift from God has been misused for 25 years, to kill people. Only in our nation, Germany, 1500 people are killed daily, with cancer.

And the legal advisor of the University of Tübingen, Schwarzkopf, he told me confidentially already in 1986.
Dr. Hamer, I can tell you this confidentially: your New Medicine is correct.

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