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Why do Beer Bellies Happen? – German New Medicine Explanation

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With the Beer Belly, we speak of the SYNDROME. With the SYNDROME, the kidney collecting tubules are always active (refugee conflict, one feels left alone), and an x-any SDC in healing. With the beer belly, this is the lumbar spine (bone) in healing; thus, a solved “central self-devaluation conflict (SDC)”

Today’s topic: Why do Beer Bellies Happen?

Which man does not know this typical male problem? And, there is beer belly also in women. Or which young man is not afraid to get a beer belly? Because it does not look nice.

But what is a beer belly? We talk about a syndrome in GNM. Syndrome means more than one at the same time. And when we talk about the syndrome, we always mean the kidney collection tubes actively. That is, the patient feels left alone and stores water. This conflict is active, and depending on which program comes into the healing – in our case, with a beer belly, it is just the bones – then we speak of the syndrome. So the kidney collection tubes are active and something else – that can be the liver or anything – in healing.

When there is a beer belly, the patient has an active refugee conflict (I feel left alone). It’s about the existential, and it can also be financially. Then you store urea. So the beer belly carrier has this conflict active. He feels left alone, and he has the bone in healing. Lumbago, the lumbar spine, has the sexual self-esteem burglary, so when you’re thrown out of bed as a man.

Case example:

It was that I visited a man of my age, and he had a beer belly. I ask him if he has back pain?

He said, not so often, but occasionally, and he pointed as right-handed on his right side, so on his partner’s side. Thus he had a sexual self-esteem conflict regarding a partner.

A few sentences later, he said to his 20-year-old daughter, “When I met your mother, I had a very bad lumbago.”

What does that mean? He had solved a sexual self-esteem conflict with his daughter’s mother. That’s where it started. Since then, he has been chronic.

So we are looking for a sexual self-value burglary with a partner before that time he could solve with his daughter’s mother. We are looking for such a conflict.

Typically, if the woman is unfaithful or if you are thrown out of bed. So I asked him specifically. He must have experienced something like this with a partner before.

And he told me he was gone for about a month, and when he got home, his girlfriend confessed that she had gone astray with a mutual friend—the classic sexual self-esteem. The solution was the mother of his daughter.

Do you see how accurate the GHK is?

Dear beer belly carrier, you have several options.

Solve your conflicts. Solves the “left alone conflict” with the kidney collection tubes.

When did the beer belly start? That was just lumbago. So the back is in the healing phase, and “I feel left alone,” then I get to the beer belly. So the sexual self-esteem in hanging healing, occasionally active, in, out, in, out, that’s the beer belly.

So, these two conflicts. Solve the one, and the beer belly is gone. And I can speak from my own experience. The beer belly was suddenly there and was suddenly gone again.

So, have fun studying GHK, and see you next time.


John Holledauer

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