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What is the Cause of Heart Attack

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The Heart Attack is the epi-Crisis of resolved male territorial loss or a resolved female sexual frustration conflict.

The occluded coronary vessel is an associated symptom but not the cause of the heart attack.

Today’s Topic: What is the Cause of Heart Attack

With the heart, we are at the classic heart attack, pulmonary embolism, circulatory failure, palpitations, atrial fibrillation, and pericardial effusion.

Let’s start with the classic heart attack.

The brain relay is located in the right territorial area, and here handedness is decisive, and the hormonal status also plays a significant role. Therefore we have as associated conflict content with the territorial areas always two possibilities: either male, or female perceived!

The handedness determines whether the Hamer focus strikes in the right or left brain hemispheres.

The male perceived conflict is the male loss of territory; for example, the man loses his job, or house and yard, or if the woman runs away from him.

However, the boy can also react with this loss of territory conflict, for example, if the mother divorces him and leaves the family. For the boy, the mother is part of his territory.

If the man is right-handed, the Hamer focus strikes on the right in the territorial area, in the relay for the coronary arteries.

The female counterpart is the female sexual frustration conflict, for example, when the man says to the woman: I don’t want a child from you at all. So, frustrated in her sexuality.

Or if the woman catches her husband in flagrantly: “Why does he sleep with her, and not with me?”

Of course, the rape would also be a sexual conflict.

But also the girl can suffer sexual conflicts, for example, if she catches her parents making love, or the exhibitionist. Or the children playing doctor, if they are caught and confronted by the adult: You piglets! Who started this?

If the woman or the girl is left-handed, then the Hamer focus with the so-called “knigh- hop” also strikes this brain relay. In both the right-handed man and the left-handed woman, the same SBS of the coronary arteries now starts.

Although in the male and the female conflict, the same relay and the same SBS of the coronary arteries now starts, there is an essential difference between the male and the female, which is in the crisis itself!

This SBS is actually only crucial for the man. Because in nature, the man who has lost his territory is no longer responsible for reproduction. However, he no longer even desires anymore.

With this active conflict, the libido of the right-handed man is in the basement, and he has no more sex drive. On the other hand, the left-handed woman becomes depressed with this active conflict, and thus she becomes super-feminine!

Now we come to the “special program.”

In the active phase, the squamous epithelium of the coronary arteries ulcerates, which is also the biological sense.

By ulcerative extension, now more blood comes to the heart muscle. One gets, so to speak, the turbo kicks in. In order to reconquer the territory easier.

The squamous epithelium of the coronary arteries belongs to the so-called “gullet-mucous pattern,” which hurts in the active phase.

So, here you have angina pectoris, heart stabbing.

If I can solve this territory loss, angina pectoris will be gone immediately, and the coronary vessel will be repaired under the swelling.

It is even possible that the coronary arteries close. But this is not the cause of heart failure!

In the crisis, as always in the squamous epithelium programs, you have the absence.

The crisis in the gullet-mucosa pattern is extremely painful!

So in the crisis, one has again very intense angina pectoris.

From the brain relay, fewer signals reach the heart, and therefore we have arrhythmias.

Now, there is a difference between a man and a woman.

With the right-handed man, with a conflict, active for more than nine months, no signal gets from the brain to the heart, and that is the heart failure, the cardiac arrest. The right-handed man will die.

The left-handed woman, Even with a conflict load of many years, the left-handed woman survives the crisis, which is the heart attack.

The reason is:

If the man needed longer than nine months to reconquer his territory, in nature, Mother Nature says: You are no longer the best, so for reproduction, you drop out.

In nature, only the best of men, only the alpha is allowed to provide offspring. And before you make trouble in the pack, Mother Nature takes you out of the race.

But all women are supposed to have children!

So the woman does not die of a heart attack.

After the crisis, the swelling on the coronary vessel subsides, and the blood vessels open again.

If it remains stuck, natural bypasses will form.

Attention: The assumption that the occluded coronary vessel causes necrosis of the heart muscle, which prevents the impulse from reaching the heart, is wrong!

The heart muscle, also called the myocardium, has its special program, which I will explain in a separate video.

To summarize:

Thus, the heart attack is purely a brain symptom and has nothing to do with the coronary arteries. I explain this in more detail in the seminar tutorial about the heart.

In the epi-crisis you have the absence, severe angina pectoris, and arrhythmias.

The conflict may not be resolved in a man with a conflict load of more than nine months.

Case study:

Dr. Hamer shared the following patient case with severe angina pectoris at his seminars:

A real estate agent purchased his dream house. Now all that was missing was the perfect dream woman, who he soon found.

But this dream woman did not and would not get pregnant.

The doctors said it would be because of her ovarian cyst, which of course, was nonsense.

Women with ovarian cysts are more feminine and look much younger than women without ovarian cysts; therefore also dream women.

However, the broker wanted children at all costs, so he divorced this dream woman.

The neighbor had already had an eye on this dream woman for quite some time. And indeed, the dream woman moved in with the neighbor.

But this was not the conflict for the broker!

But one day, he saw his extra dream woman pregnant! Boom!

That was his loss of territory conflict five years ago.

The broker desperately says to Dr. Hamer: What should I do? In the meantime, she even has two children!

Says Dr. Hamer: I advise you to walk by the neighbor’s house every day, and get annoyed!

Stay active with this conflict. If you solve this conflict, you will die of a heart attack.

You see, dear students, sometimes therapy in Germanische Heilkunde also means not solving a conflict!

The patient has nothing to benefit from resolving his conflict but then not surviving the crisis.

A final suggestion:

If possible, study Hamer always in the original.

Have fun with your studies; I’ll see you in the following video.

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