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Hidden in plain sight – Medicine

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Hidden in plain sight: What do everyday medical words mean? And what is the consequence for us if we do not understand them?
After this video, you will see medicine differently.

Hidden in plain sight – and what we still do not recognize

The truth will always find a way to leak out, you can never hide or keep it secret. It is much more effective to reveal the truth openly, but to explain that the meaning is different from what it appears to be.

This is a proven practice that has existed since humans allowed other humans to rule and determine over them. We encounter these methods every minute of our lives, everywhere, no matter the subject. We see one thing, but we see something completely different. The methods that have been used for thousands of years are still used today.

One of these methods is using the artificial language Latin. As in religion, so in medicine, everything is derived from this language. We are always told the truth, but we bear the responsibility and the consequences if we do not recognize what is actually openly shown to us.

Just one clear example of what some words mean. In this short video, I demonstrate what we are actually being told.

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