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Vaccines – These are the Side Effects – German New Medicine Explanation

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With this video, I offer you, dear vaccination opponent, solid, scientifically reproducible arguments which go far beyond the mere topic of “poisoning.”

Thanks to Dr. Hamer, we know the mechanism of how and why many children react with epilepsy, autism, and other symptoms after vaccinations.

Vaccines – these are the side effects – German New Medicine Explanation.

One can only guess what is contained in such a Vaccination serum. In any case, they allegedly contain carcinogenic substances as carrier substances. But I’m talking about today that the vaccination process – especially for the child – can become a conflict with epilepsy, autism, and other programs. And the doctor becomes the track.

I want to provide the vaccination opponents with another solid argument.

From the point of view of GHK, vaccination is pure nonsense. So from now on, we speak of the so-called vaccine damage.

Right out in front, which side effects these vehicles have precisely, that, for example, nerve cells die off by the mercury, and the child is poisoned and dulled. For this, the GHK does not apply.

But by the vaccination process itself – try to put yourself in such a small child. The mother gives her baby to the doctor; she gives her baby out of her arms, and she does not protect her child. A stranger man (or several) holds the child and pecks it.

What could be in the head of such a child?

It’s definitely “highly traumatic, isolative (mom is gone), and caught on the wrong foot. It is a conflict with the child.

Must not be, can be. But it is very likely. And in the moment of shock, the brain snaps like a camera, and the child remembers the doctor, the clinic, and the needle. Photographically.

And from now on, he’s allergic with the same program the child associated at that very moment of the DHS.

Suppose the child is held, it wants to mom. It defends itself and cannot defend itself.

A motoric conflict with paralysis. When this conflict is resolved, with the mother at home, away from the doctor, the child resolves his motoric conflict and has an epileptic seizure during the crisis.

This is a typical consequence of vaccination in the child, the epilepsy.

And the parents; for heaven’s sake, our child is cramping. We have to go to the doctor.

And now the child is on track again. The sicker it gets, the more often it has to go to the doctor, and the firmer the program is firmly cemented from the vaccination.

If you had only stung the child with a needle, completely without Serum, the same would have happened.

So as I said, for the poisoning itself, the GHK is not responsible. But the process itself can lead to epilepsy. Very strong, very likely. Or to autism. Autism is a territory constellation. One conflict is the “Scare fright,” and the other is the “territorial anger conflict.”

And autism is another typical Consequence of vaccination. As I said, it works even if the vaccine is without Serum. Only the needle can pass the same thing.

So, this circumstance, that the vaccination process is probably conflicting for the child and that leads to chronic diseases from the vaccination process, that’s what I wanted to point out.

And remember, dear vaccine opponents, Dr. Hamer can be reproduced at the next best case. With Dr. Hamer you argue scientifically, and do not let yourself dazzle, “Dr. Hamer would allegedly be a faith healer – charlatan.”

So, I wish you a lot of fun while studying the Germanische Heilkunde.

Stay critical, turn on your brain and


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