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What is Dr. Hamer’s GHK all about?

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Welcome to International Academy Germanische Heilkunde, by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, MD.
My name is John Holledauer.
GHK International Academy has appointed me to translate and represent Dr. Hamer’s original seminar program into English, and carry out the GHK International Academy webinar training program.

What is the Germanische Heilkunde by Dr. Hamer all about?

Germanische Heilkunde, (GHK), represents a brand new perspective on biology, life, and self responsibility.
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer established the foundation of this revolutionary discipline in 1981 with the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, yet the scope of his work has been ignored, suppressed and has been unavailable for decades. Especially in the non-German speaking world.
GHK gives back to the individual the capacity to take responsibility for not only his or her health, but the responsibility to think outside of the current trend of dumbing down human beings worldwide.

We are, and will always be, responsible for our own lives. Main stream society has bought into the illusion that it is possible to delegate this self-responsibility to others. Germanische Heilkunde is the medicine of freedom, because there is no freedom without self-responsibility. The doctor or therapist of the Germanische Heilkunde can only be a consultant and companion, and only the patient can heal him or herself.

The scope of Dr. Hamer’s work is enormous, and so the objective of this video is to give you just a glimpse of his work so that you may decide to continue your research and learning.

Dr. Hamer was a practicing physician and in 1979 he fell ill with testicular cancer due to the loss of his son. He concluded that the tragic death of his son Dirk was connected to his own testicular cancer. At the University Hospital in Tübingen, he had the opportunity to verify his theory by questioning many other testicular cancer patients. And this was the starting point to his discovery of the truth behind what the medical institution calls cancer.

On October 4th, 1981, Dr. Hamer published his discovery, which he called the “Iron Rule of Cancer,” at the University in Tübingen in the form of a post-doctoral thesis. The professors of the university realised very quickly that these irrefutable laws of nature would initiate the end of their business model, and everything they had taught and practiced over the years would be ridiculed and seen as archaic!

The University of Tübingen refused to conduct an official verification of his discovery, even though this could have been done within three days. Two court verdicts obligated the University of Tübingen to carry out this simple verification. Yet the University of Tübingen and other universities worldwide have refused for 42 years to officially verify the five simple biological laws of nature that Dr. Hamer outlined in his post-doctoral thesis. The only exception was in September 1999, when the official verification was conducted at the University of Trnava (Slovakia). This verification positions Germanische Heilkunde as the state of the art of science worldwide, however, this verification is consistently ignored and the medical industry pretends that it never happened.

You may be wondering why and how this could happen! So lets take a closer look at what Dr. Hamer had discovered.

He found that the cause of everything we call disease including cancer, allergies, psychoses, etc., always stems from or is a reaction to a biological conflict shock (a very severe, highly acute-dramatic, and isolative experience). Each conflict shock initiates a special biological program that redirects the whole organism toward resolving the initial conflict and this happens simultaneously on three levels, the psyche, the organ, and the brain. This biological conflict has to be understood in the context of our evolution as a species.

Dr. Hamer analysed thousands of brain computer tomograms (CT) of his patients and discovered that at the moment of the conflict shock there is an impact in a specific, predetermined area in the brain. He also discovered that as long as an individual finds a resolution to the shock conflict, then every ‘disease’ proceeds in two phases – the conflict active phase and the healing phase. At the moment the individual resolves the conflict this initiates the beginning of the second phase of the biological program – the healing phase.

Dr. Hamer’s research proved the role of microbes during the development of ‘disease’. His 4th biological law explains that microbes, fungi, and bacteria are only active during the healing phase and their job is to optimize healing, and this active role is consistent with evolutionary logic. Microbes do not cause disease, our body employs microbes only in the healing phase.

The revolutionary work of Dr. Hamer provides us with a reliable system that allows everyone, not just doctors, to understand the development and predict the symptoms of all diseases. Anyone can learn and understand the 5 Biological Laws of Nature and in doing so, we can find the cause of any disease and determine the symptoms that will take place in the healing phase. This knowledge frees an individual from the fear and panic of not knowing, and frees them from turning to the medical industry in the hope for answers.

As you may notice that all the above flies in direct conflict with conventional medicine that affirms that the body is at war with diseases that are constantly attacking the body. This is the reason why GHK has not been allow to become common knowledge because the medical and pharmaceutical industry would no longer have any clients. Can you imagine what would happen to the global economy! If GHK was common knowledge? Universities, the media, the courts, the government and the church would be faced with individuals who were responsible for their own lives and who no longer needed someone else to govern them. It would be the collapse of the current mainstream society that aims to control individuals and mentally enslave them.

For anyone who wants to learn Dr. Hamer’s legacy, the totality of it is available in German. And after years of translating the original work of Dr. Hamer a webinar training program of the GHK International Academy is now available in English.
However, GHK is not about training therapists because to do so we would need access to university clinics, and this is just not possible yet.

The GHK Academy website has everything necessary to study and understand biological knowledge for you and all your family members. There are seminars, tutorials and webinars for all levels from introductory to advanced.

My greatest hope and my motivation is to make Dr. Hamer’s knowledge available to as many people as possible. As this knowledge becomes known throughout the world our society will have to change, because people will take more responsibility for their own well-being, and will not be fooled by the lies and deception of the ruling elite.

We spend a lifetime living in our bodies and yet we know very little about how it functions. My primary objective is to change this by getting Germanische Heilkunde legal, globally. We will be able to achieve this goal when people actively choose self responsibility, and choose to receive this knowledge.

Learn Germanische Heilkunde as long as you are healthy.
Thank you for your time and attention; I appreciate your interest.

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