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What is a Real Hamer Therapist?

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Are there any genuine Hamer-therapists?

The medical establishment has made it impossible for Dr. Hamer to train Hamer therapists.

What criteria would a Hamer therapist have to meet compared to a conventional medical doctor?

You, too, will be able to answer these questions after watching the video.

What Distinguishes a Real Hamer Therapist from a Doctor of Conventional Medicine?

Conventional medicine holds that an individual’s psyche is separate from his organs.

There are organ doctors who are not interested in the patient’s psyche.

And there are the psychiatrists and psychologists, who again have no idea about the organ level. Conventional medicine follows the age-old principle of “divide and conquer.”

In addition, conventional medicine divides the organ level into the specialist fields such as: dermatologist, urologist, neurologist, nephrologist – the specialist for the left nostril, and specialist for the right nostril. Sadly, they can no longer see the forest for the trees.

In Germanische Heilkunde, on the other hand, the therapist must be knowledgeable in all areas. He must be just as familiar with the uterus as with the eye and the teeth. He must master the brain level and be able to distinguish whether the Hamer focus in the brain is old or brand new.

He must therefore be able to assess the load of the conflict. Above all, he must be able to put himself in the psyche of the patient, no matter whether it is a small child, an old man, a betrayed husband, or a prostitute.

The therapist in Germanische Heilkunde must be able to do much more than the specialist in conventional medicine, such as the dermatologist, who, for example, only deals with the organ skin without any exception and yet has no idea of the causes of the various skin symptoms.

Here it is easy to see the problem!

Let’s take an arbitrary case, for example, a prostate patient.

The prostate is the specialty of the urologist.

In the case of prostate cancer, the patient is referred to an oncologist.

His edema in the brain stem is a case for the neurologist.

His bone decalcification in the pelvis would actually be a matter for the orthopedist, but with the diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is now also the responsibility of the oncologist.

A psychiatrist is left out because, in conventional medicine, cancer is not related to the psyche.

Suppose it is now required to review Germanische Heilkunde at a university on a simple prostate patient. In that case, the specialists and experts of conventional medicine declare themselves not to be responsible.

From their point of view, the prostate has nothing to do with the brain and so on. Therefore, one expert cannot interfere with the other expert’s area of expertise. Conventional medicine lacks an overall view of the processes in the living body.

I am asked repeatedly to name a therapist and I find it very difficult to do so. I only know Dr. Hamer, who mastered all three levels. Dr. Hamer was not allowed to train therapists because he ruling system forbade it.

Are there any therapists of Germanische Heilkunde at all?

The answer is, “Yes!” There are plenty of therapists worldwide – if you research the Internet – who claim to be Hamer therapists.

But the question is, how good are they?

Consider, dear patient, you are going to this therapist with the most valuable thing you have, your health.

Is this therapist able to find your conflict and its tracks?

Is he able to assess whether or not you need emergency treatment as an inpatient?

Can he give you wise advice to get out of your conflict? Is he able to read your brain-Ct?

Consider further: No one was present during your conflict; only you can remember and explain your conflict.

No one can resolve your conflict for you; only you can do that. And no one can heal you either; only you can do that.

The best therapist is of no use to you if you have not understood this.

Often, conflict resolution requires that you change your life. And you will do that only if you have understood the necessity.

That’s why I advise you to learn about Germanische Heilkunde yourself while you are still healthy. Because there is no panic or stress when you are healthy, and you can reflect calmly, is Germanische Heilkunde true, or is it not true?

With this knowledge, you can recognize conflict quickly, even before a significant load of conflict has accumulated!

If you understand this teaching, then you know why you have one symptom or another. If you know why, then you also know what to do to get well again.


You have been lying awake in bed for days and have ice-cold extremities. You have not eaten for days. So you’ve been conflict active ever since you heard that your mother-in-law is going to move into your house.

Well? You now know the cause of your symptoms and can act in time and say: Dear mother-in-law, this will not work!

Thus, you have kept the load of conflict small, and thus you have kept the healing phases small, and neither doctor nor medicine stands between you and your health.

The Germanische Heilkunde is the medicine of freedom. You only have to understand it.


Have fun with your continued studies. I wish you many aha experiences.

Until the following video.


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