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The Therapy in GHk – GHK Seminar Tutorial

Basic bundle therapy germanische heilkunde


with Ing. Helmut Pilhar (Olivia’s father)

the lecturer appointed by Dr. Hamer, MD.

Description; Therapy in Germanische Heilkunde

The therapy of the Germanische Heilkunde is a CAUSATIVE THERAPY.
As is well known, the individual can only heal himself — by eliminating the CAUSE. A (conventional medical) emergency intervention is necessary from case to case.
The linchpin is the Biological Conflict Shock, the DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome) – thus THE MONOCAUSAL CAUSE!
We are working with the three levels Psyche-Brain-Organ to “pinpoint” the DHS. Only when we know what the cause is can we proceed causally.
How significant would be the successes of Germanische Heilkunde? Mein Studentenmaedchen — the 2nd pillar (therapy) of Germanische Heilkunde.


There are 1000 different therapies worldwide. Everybody has “his” therapy! But nobody knows the causes of the disease!
The goal is to learn to understand what “therapy” actually means.

I am not a therapist! At the moment, the motto is: GET IT YOURSELF, OR STAY IN CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE


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1:25 hour / 103 Pages


Video on Demand (VOD) + downloadable MP3-file + downloadable PDF-file

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