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Therapy in Conventional Medicine – GHK Seminar Tutorial

Basic bundle therapy conventional medicine


with Ing. Helmut Pilhar (Olivia’s father)

the lecturer appointed by Dr. Hamer, MD.


Conventional medicine admits that it does not know the cause of any disease. Its therapy is, therefore, inevitably experimental.
Can cancer be inherited? Are there carcinogenic substances?
Can diet, not smoking, and exercise protect us against cancer?
Has conventional medicine really increased our life expectancy?
How does conventional medicine think about metastases?
What does conventional medicine know about the causes of cancer? Where does it get its “knowledge?” – From statistics and animal experiments!
Is it a science at all? Where does chemo come from?
The fatal effect of morphine?
What causes the diagnosis shock in the patient?


The objective is to understand where conventional medicine gets its “knowledge” from and from which considerations they act.

I am not a therapist! At the moment, the motto is: GET IT YOURSELF OR STAY IN CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE!


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1:50 hour / 141 Pages


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