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The Secret Of Spontaneous Healing

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Spontaneous healing is considered a miracle by conventional medicine, which says it happens about once out of every 10,000 cases.

In Germanische Heilkunde, spontaneous healing is the declared goal in each case. Spontaneous healing by solving the cause.

After watching this video, you will understand why spontaneous healing is good for the patient, but not for the doctor.

The Secret of Spontaneous Healing

To the point, one can say: Germanische Heilkunde concerns itself with the cause of illness as opposed to the current medical monopoly which fights and suppresses only the symptoms. This means that GHK is a causal therapy which sums up the totality of GHK.

When people hear this, they should jump up and down, shouting, “this is the greatest discovery of mankind!”

However, this is not the case because only very few grasp the meaning of this concept.

For the vast majority, conventional medicine is sacrosanct, and people’s ability to be open to learning and integrating this great discovery of Dr Hamer is almost nil.

Rainer Mausfeld a retired German professor of psychology who wrote extensively about the manipulation in media and politics sums it up perfectly with the title of his book, “The Silence of the Lambs.”

Personally I long for the little child from the fairy tale who cried out: “The emperor is naked,” because conventional medicine stands proudly in its ignorance shouting, “We don’t concern ourselves with causes, we spend globs of money on medical experiments that find ways to suppress, cut out and hide symptoms.”

In the Germanische Heilkunde the so-called spontaneous healing is the declared objective, and its therapy costs nothing and has no side effects. Therapy that costs nothing is a waste of time for conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine, on the other hand, declares cancer incurable, confines itself to the symptoms, and justifies the most absurd side effects of its pseudo-therapy. In conventional medicine, chemo itself is suspected of being carcinogenic. To want to cure cancer with carcinogenic agents is crazy, isn’t it?

Many people also just don’t understand the term spontaneous healing because this term has been cleverly transfigured by sacrosanct conventional medicine as a miracle or as wishful thinking.

Conventional medicine defines spontaneous healing as “healing without therapeutic intervention, as healing by one’s own power.” From the view of conventional medicine, a patient with spontaneous healing has become healthy without any therapy.

Now we are at the real core problems that spontaneous healing brings: WHO CAN HEAL?

Only the patient can heal himself! It doesn’t matter if we are talking about an injury, or rhinitis, or cancer.

There is no cure for rhinitis or lung cancer. One can support the patient in his healing by splinting his leg, in case of a broken leg or bone cancer, or by prescribing him symptomatic nose drops. But only the body can heal itself!

And this the body does inevitably if one eliminates the cause, and again no matter whether it is an injury or cancer. If you do not remove the cause of an injury or if you do not remove the cause of cancer, in both cases, the body cannot heal.

In Germanische Heilkunde, we always eliminate the cause first. We work at the level of the psyche. In both cases, the cause is always a biological conflict, a shock (the DHS). So, in the diseases that are not caused by a mechanical injury – in cancer, the chronic diseases, the allergies, and psychoses – the cause is always a conflict.

This conflict is stored in the patient’s memory as a striking experience, like the memory of an accident. Decades later, he can remember it as if it were only yesterday. So this moment of shock in the psyche has to be found, like the iron chip in the wound.

And just as this iron chip is removed, we now try to resolve this conflict so that the patient can finally laugh about it. Only then is the cause solved, and the body switches to healing.

The beauty of it is that the body inevitably does that; it can’t help but switch to healing. This healing phase may again require emergency medical measures but usually proceeds – WITHOUT therapeutic intervention!

We all have experienced spontaneous healings in our own bodies. Conventional medicine does not understand and cannot explain spontaneous healing and would rather rid themselves of this unprofitable occurrence! We are still with conventional medicine, which has not only a medical problem with the term spontaneous healing but even more.


What should conventional medicine be able to earn from a patient who gets well on his own? The business model of “spontaneous healing” is a bad model from a conventional medical point of view. You can understand that, can’t you?


Conventional medicine has a worldview that is more than 100 years old and bursts with dogmas. Emergency medicine excepted because in this type of medicine the physicians are mechanics, they accomplish amazing things, and hopefully it will continue like this.

But in the case of disease that arises by itself – cancer, allergies, chronic diseases, psychoses – they have nothing, know nothing, and can do nothing.

Here they must clear the field and will do so. This is the domain of Germanische Heilkunde!

Conventional medicine has to shrink itself to emergency medicine and will be considered in the future medicine as complementary medicine to the Germanische Heilkunde.


We are facing a paradigm shift in medicine!

Does the sun orbit the earth, or does the earth orbit the sun?

Does the therapy focus on the cause or the symptoms?

Symptom medicine is yesterday’s medicine! And those who do not move with the times, end up being removed by the time;-)


Perhaps the major problem is the loss of power to control the population through psychological fearmongering and somatic suffering.

More specifically, conventional medicine is losing the power to breed its own population.

Basically, we are raised and treated by modern veterinarians like pigs on a fattening farm; often violent methods are employed.


When the mother realizes that her child with neurodermatitis will get well when she stays with the child again, then she becomes wise.

When she realizes that separating herself from her child is at odds with our biological code and a potential cause of conflict in her child, then she is responsible.

In nature, where there is no apparent danger, a mother would never separate herself from her child. Knowing GHK would help a mother to avoid such actions.

Consider our present situation, where we have more daycare centers for children and where there is a lot of pressure on women to be employed.

If modern medicine were to declare this unhealthy, politics would have to adjust, and the social fabric of society would have to change.

But this does not happen because our current conventional medicine declares that the psyche has nothing to do with it.

If you lock up a wild animal, it gets sick and does not reproduce. You have to release it so that it can get well again. It is similar with us humans. We are increasingly forced to live against our biological code and become sicker and sicker.

Dr. Hamer says all these diseases in our civilization are caused, because we are not living in a species-appropriate way.

If we had a society that allowed us to live biologically healthy, then we would not need this conventional medicine at all; it would become superfluous. For this, we just need our freedom back!

Practicing the Germanische Heilkunde is only possible if people are free and cannot exist on the fattening farm.


In retrospect, future generations will only shake their heads at the fact that we allowed conventional medicine to suppress Germanische Heilkunde.

The mass media and even the judiciary helped suppress knowledge under the guise of “science.”

Precisely this “scientificity” was denied for decades by the University of Tübingen. How could the masses of people ignore this fraud against themselves? How could they not recognize this fattening operation as such?

Why did they keep silent like sheep?

Extremely powerful and well organized structures are necessary for such mass manipulation, and their existence was confirmed by Trump and Putin, as the Deep State.

If Germanische Heilkunde offers what conventional medicine calls a miracle, then everything is fine. Then we have a wonderful medicine!

Goodbye, until the following video.

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