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Pulmonary emphysema is a hanging healing of a fear-of-death conflict triggered via tracks over and over again. In the process, the glandular tissue slowly melts away, and it will not grow back either. Here, the conflict and track must be identified and resolved on time.
After watching this video, you will know what to do.

If the Lung with Emphysema is not Noticed in Time, the Lung Tissue Melts Away.

In conventional medicine, when an organ cannot be cured or is classified as incurable, one does not think about how to cure this organ, but one simply exchanges this organ for an organ donor.

A famous example in Austria is of a former Formula 1 car racer and four-time Formula 1 world champion, Niki Lauda, who had a donor lung transplant a few years ago.

I chose this example because, in Germanische Heilkunde, we have three levels to work with.

The psyche, the brain, and the organ. And in this case, we have the organ level with pulmonary emphysema.

The level of the psyche is not always available to us, but in this case, the psyche is also available to us because he was a really famous person. Therefore, we are also able to derive the psyche of this famous ex-racer.

In Germanische Heilkunde, we know how emphysema develops. It is the pulmonary alveoli. The conflict content is the fear of death.

Highly acute, isolative, and caught unexpectedly on the wrong foot.

And in the active phase, these alveolar lung cells from the yellow group are making cell proliferation, which is also the biological sense. So that every crumb of air can be absorbed better, that is the biological sense of lung round cancer.

If this is found in the active phase, it will be diagnosed as a lung tumor in conventional medicine. And in the healing phase, the lung tumor, which is now no longer needed, is tuberculously degraded.

So if I can resolve the conflict of the fear of death, the healing phase will inevitably begin. And depending on how great the conflict load already is, the more intense and more extended the healing phase will be.

If the conventional physician catches the patient here, he receives the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.

At the end of the healing phase, this tumor is tuberculously degraded, and what remains is an empty cavern strengthened by scar tissue. Typically, the cavern is also strengthened with calcium, which is visible on lung X-rays and remains so.

Calcification is typical after any tuberculous healing phase and remains for the rest of your life. Decades later, you can still see these empty caverns sharply demarcated and reinforced with calcium.

And now, when I have this fear-of-death conflict recurrently active via a track, cellular buildup takes place each time.

But as soon as I get off the track again, this cell growth is again tuberculously cleared. And in the end, it is cured again.

But, in these special programs, we have to give feathers with every recurrence. In the case of glandular tissue, at the end of the healing phase, there are slightly fewer cells than before.

So if this is a one-time run of such a special program, then I don’t have 100% of my lung capacity, but only 99% or 95%. In any case, I have enough to live a good life without restrictions. I don’t even notice these few cells.

But when I get into hanging healing with that, and I run through this program hundreds or thousands of times, what happens is that the initial tissue becomes less and less.

The pulmonary alveoli melt away, the scar tissue becomes more and more, and the caverns can over-expand, and this is then diagnosed as emphysema.

So fear of death conflict activated over and over again via a track. And it usually takes several years before it gets to that point, and during that time, there are frequent recurrences.

So the patient with emphysema must have experienced a fear-of-death conflict, and he must have come into hanging healing with it via tracks.

So, in Austria, everyone knows the story of this famous ex-racer who had a terrible accident with a racing car. And in the moment of shock, our brain clicks, like a photo camera, to warn us of this danger in the future.

As soon as we get into a similar situation again. These are the tracks, and these are the allergies.

If the patient continues to drive a car, an accident could happen again at any time.

So it stands to reason that his track was, continuing to car race, or even driving cars was a track.

Only now, of course, it is much too far advanced to do anything.

We in Germanische Heilkunde would have recognized this 10 or 20 years ago and advised him never to get into a car again; then, at least, it won’t get any worse. It will stay as it is, but if you don’t avoid the track, you will have further recurrences.

So if the patient knows the cause and thinks about what the track could be then he could also behave sensibly and avoid the track.

Even if it means never driving again, which of course, means a massive change in lifestyle. And no one will change his life accordingly if he has not understood Germanische Heilkunde himself.

Suppose he cannot recognize the relation between the cause and the effect. The conventional physician will not explain this to him. For this, everyone must take the initiative and have already learned and understood Germanische Heilkunde.

No one explained this to Niki Lauda, he was then provided with a new lung, but even this “spare part” could only prolong his life by a few months.

The topic of organ donation, organ transplantation, is one I don’t want to delve into here at all. Because first of all, organ donation kills the organ donor because you can’t use organs from dead people, and it’s not a donation if the donor doesn’t survive the donation.

And secondly, conventional doctors have an approach similar to that of a car mechanic; if a part doesn’t work, we replace it.

This replacement mentality of conventional medicine is the bankruptcy of any healing art.

If you, dear student, have understood this teaching, then you know why you have one symptom or another.

If you know why then you also know what to do to get well again.

I thank you for your attention, continue to study Germanic medicine diligently, in your interest, and have fun.


Until the following video.

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