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Dr. Hamer’s Top 7 Requirements for Practice German New Medicine

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Only if the following seven basic requirements are fulfilled, you will be able to successfully apply GNM/GHK.

These are Dr. Hamer’s top 7 requirements for practicing German New Medicine

Many people believe Dr. Hamer proclaimed that if a disease is not treated, it will disappear by itself. Therefore, they don’t treat their disease, however, the disease doesn’t disappear.

So is Dr. Hamer telling the truth? Or is Dr. Hamer wrong?

You also often hear statements like the following :

“She didn’t go to the doctors or the hospital, and she died anyway.”

She watched all the Hamer videos on YouTube and still died…

You don’t have to do anything, it will go away…

Many people who have only heard about GNM or GHK will say silly things like this, however, they really have not understood anything about Dr. Hamer and his work. They think that someone will heal miraculously without doing anything and this is a typical misunderstanding about Germanische Heilkunde.

Some very important conditions must be met for the disease to “disappear by itself.”

It is just that those who have been spontaneously healed “by themselves” have fulfilled these requirements unconsciously or in the conscious application of their knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde.

Or the circumstances have developed in such a way that the requirements have been fulfilled by themselves, as it is more often the case.

Have you ever had a fever? Then you had successfully resolved a conflict.

How have you done that? You resolved your conflict instinctively.

If you just do nothing, you can consult Dr. Hamer himself or make a saint out of him, but you will not experience any improvement in your symptoms.

Just watching some videos does not mean studying Germanische Heilkunde, so you can apply it yourself.

So what exactly do you have to do to get well on your own, without any therapeutic intervention?

There are a number of preconditions that must be met that will allow the body to heal itself.

1st. You must know or find out the conflict shock, the DHS, that set the process in motion. To identify this triggering conflict shock, you must know the symptoms according to the diagnostic chart and the germ layers involved in the process. And you have to know the tissue with its specific conflicts and how they behave in the affected germ layer in case of conflict or after conflict resolution.

2. You have to make sure that you’re not constantly on track. That is that you don’t put yourself in continuously repeating situations in which the conflict has taken place, and thus experience recurrences, and thus be chronically ill.

3. You have to find the tracks, that is, the memory tracks that remind your brain of what happened, and these have to be resolved.

4. you have to support your body in the healing phase so that you don’t die from protein deficiency, bleeding, or swelling.

5. You must be free of fear and doubt so you do not suffer additional follow-up conflicts, which can quickly overwhelm the body and thus lead to death. This requires either a good understanding of Germanische Heilkunde and the processes taking place in the body, which is achieved by studying the available seminar tutorials in self-study or a study group. Or you can find the moral and physical support of those around you so that you do not have to face your problems alone.

6. You need to create ideal conditions for the healing phase, where no one puts pressure on you but supports and cares for you if necessary, where you don’t have to go to work and can rest and sleep as much as you want, or as much as your body needs, where you can lie in a salt bath for hours, etc.

7. You have to avoid follow-up conflicts that inevitably occur with diagnoses, examinations, and the targeted scaremongering by doctors. But also by your environment, by what the “good-meaning-people,” that is, friends and family tell you.

You must never underestimate the danger that comes from well-meaning people who often try to bring you into conventional medicine with scary statements. Because they have not understood GHK, or do not want to understand.

The mere fact that someone keeps going to the hospital and is examined regularly by the well-meaning doctor, shows that he has not fulfilled point 5. And this is just one precondition that needs to be fulfilled.

For some people it appears that Germanische Heilkunde enables you to get well without doing anything.

As you can see, there is still something to do, and the most important thing is to think with your head because almost all the work takes place in the head – awareness, understanding, decision-making, but not panic.

Sometimes you have to change your environment, make radical decisions, and act accordingly. Sometimes it is not necessary; it’s all individual.

One person will “just lie down on the sofa,” and everything will be fine again because he has fulfilled all the requirements, and another person will “just lie down on the sofa” and die.

Both of them, on the surface, have only “lain down on the sofa”, however they lay down in a different state inside. They think differently and are therefore in different conscious states.

That is why one recovers completely, and the other dies.

But what if I can’t remember the conflict…? And I have been chronically ill for 20 years?

If you know the germ layers and the corresponding conflicts, you can identify long-term conflicts. If not, you should bring possible conflict situations in your life to consciousness and analyse and work with them.

When did these symptoms first appear? That’s when you need to start looking for your conflict.

And even if you don’t find the conflict, skipping the first two points and doing the rest will always give you results, since you are probably already in the healing phase.

But what about a symptom that occurs in a small baby, or a newborn? If the baby is born with symptoms, it had a conflict while still in the mother’s womb. If it occurs after birth, it had suffered a conflict after birth, or resolved after birth.

As you can see, it is not enough for most people to just watch my videos or Dr. Hamer online. Everyone has to personally look into the subject attentively. Germanische Heilkunde, or German New Medicine must be learned and understood by each and every person.

Germanische Heilkunde is like mathematics. 3×3 always results in 9, and whether you want to believe in it or not does not change the result. 3×3 always results in 9.

There is no double interpretation, no other opinion, no esotericism, no need to develop special qualifications, and so on.

You just have to learn mathematics and understand how it works. If you put the correct values into the formula at the beginning, the result will always be correct.

This is how not only mathematics works but also the biological laws of nature.

Learn Germanische Heilkunde as long as you are healthy and make it your hobby. Only through repeated minor confirmations that you experience in your own life and with your own body will you let go of the belief that Germanische Heilkunde is true, and move into knowing it is true.

Only your knowledge, gained through your own experience in repeated situations, can keep you from panicking should severe symptoms or diagnoses occur one day.

I wish you success in your further studies of Germanische Heilkunde.

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