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What’s Prostate Cancer? German New Medicine Explanation

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For many men, a prostate diagnosis is one of the most feared, since after conventional medical therapy—if the patient survives it—impotence and incontinence are inevitable. But this doesn’t have to be like that. Those who are familiar with Germanische Heilkunde are not required to endure all this; they can be healthy and potent even in old age.
After watching the video, you will have a better understanding of the SBS of the prostate.

What’s Prostate Cancer, and Why do so many Men Fear the Prostate?

The prostate is glandular tissue. You will find the description in the scientific diagnosis chart, yellow group, endoderm.

We find the corresponding brain relay in the brain stem. The conflict content is an ugly, semi-genital conflict. Ugly is clear as far as what it means.

Semi-genital means sexuality resonates but is not the core problem.

A typical example would be the older man, who has no more territorial behavior because he is changing and moving towards being hormonally female.
If a younger woman runs away from this older man in favor of a younger man this can cause prostate conflict.

But it can also be an ugly argument between the older father and the younger daughter or when the father learns that his son is gay. The more conflicts one studies in prostate patients, the more precise one understands what semi-genital means.

If you have experienced something like this, and since then, you have had problems with your prostate, for example, when peeing, there is no reason to panic.
After all, it is about a sensible biological special program that helps you to solve the cause of the conflict.

I am going to explain this special program:

In the active phase, the prostate tissue increases and produces more secretion, which increases ejaculation. This is also the biological sense in the conflict-active phase, and that is to impress the female!

We must learn to understand the whole of medicine from the history of development. The yellow group is the endoderm or the glandular tissue, together with the associated brain stem, which controls this tissue, and together with the associated conflict potential “eat and reproduce,”

These programs originate from gray prehistoric times; there was only this ring-shaped worm, which still lived in the primeval sea, from which all life originated.

Our ancestor was, so to speak, the fish in the water! And if now this fish-man delivers a much bigger sperm cloud than every other, this impresses the female, and she returns to the male so that he can solve his conflict again.

It does not have to be the female that runs away from him. It could also be two or three new females who are impressed by our male and want to join him.
He thus can resolve this conflict, and the cell division in the prostate stops immediately.
Now the brain switches on the associated microbes, the fungi, and the fungal bacteria, and the now no longer needed cell plus of the prostate becomes tubercularlos and cleared again under the swelling.

So in the healing phase A, this swelling can compress the urinary tubes so that a catheter will be needed to get rid of the urine.

With the inconspicuous crisis – you’re cold, that’s all it is – the swelling goes down again, and by the end of the healing, all is well again.

As with any tuberculous healing phase, the healing proceeds with night sweats, which is always a good sign.

Case example.

A father studied Germanische Heilkunde for ten years and attended many seminars with Dr. Hamer.

His son worked in a bank branch, which was robbed one day. The robber pointed the gun at the son’s chest, and the son suffered a terrible scare fright conflict.

When this son went on vacation six months later, he came off the track of his scare fright conflict, and edema developed in the involved brain relay, causing corresponding brain symptoms.

The young man had brain surgery. And that was the conflict for the prostate cancer in his father. The father thought that if his son had brain surgery, he would not be able to have grandchildren.
The ugly component of this was the extreme difference between what should be done to the son according to his knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde and what this son allowed conventional medicine to do to him.

Biologically seen here, the father stepped in for the son to be able to impregnate the daughter-in-law, nevertheless. Pragmatically, this would have kept everything in the family.

In Upper Austria, the following happened in a farmer’s family, which later became public knowledge.
The son of the old farmer was incapable of procreation. However, the old farmer insisted on grandchildren. Now the old farmer copulated with his daughter-in-law and ensured the continuation of his genetic line. Thus, everything remains in the family.

Anyway, our poor patient started having problems with urination and contacted Dr. Hamer. The conflict was quickly found, but what is the solution?

The patient cannot force his daughter-in-law to have sex with him, for the purpose of therapy until she becomes pregnant and a photo of the fetus can be shown to him.

Despite brain surgery, the son managed to impregnate his wife, and now there was a grandchild. This was the solution for our patient.

The very next day, he did not get a drop of urine from the bladder. The healing swelling on the prostate completely squeezed off his urethra.

He ran to the urologist. The urologist diagnosed him with a tumor marker of more than 50, shook his head, and inserted the desired catheter. He was walking around with this tube for 14 days when he noticed that the urine had already flowed out from beside the tube, he had the tube pulled out again, and today he already has two grandchildren.
This patient is not impotent and not incontinent.

This is what I call healing and not what conventional medicine tries to sell us.

So, continue to study the Germanische Heilkunde. Tomorrow you might need this knowledge.
If you, dear student, have understood this teaching, then you know why you have one symptom or another.
If you know why, then you also know what to do to get well again.

Goodbye, until the next video

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